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  1. Little more info and one suggestion. If you intend on doing any reading in those cabins bring a light, they tend to be very dark especially the deeper they are. Suggestion is to look into Aft cabins in Alaska. Celebrity usually has a naturalist doing a running commentary as you sail into the areas with the best scenery. Often there is wildlife that you might miss only being on one side of the ship and may not be there on return trip. Also, suggest you look at Starboard cabin areas as all of the outdoor smoking areas are port side.
  2. Suites do not get free access to Persian Gardens....
  3. I posted this on a couple other boards but HBO is running a show called THE LAST CRUISE which is a documentary on the Princess ship that was stuck in Asia at the beginning of the pandemic. It’s quite interesting.
  4. Hi Lois Yes I remember, we were on the first cruise on Equinox out of North America. Just got Jeanne back after a month in NJ at our daughters home. We had our first grand daughter on March 6th, daughter had to have a C section and Jeanne was helping out.
  5. Never booked a Blue Chip but are they handled by a separate TA, if so that may be the reason.
  6. Yes, jeans are allowed, I never wear them in the Caribbean or Bermuda but did wear my designers Jeans LeKirkland from Costco on our Alaska cruise. The only thing not allowed most of the time are shorts even on Bermuda cruises.
  7. HBO introduced a show last night called The Last Cruise which depicts life on board Diamond Princess last year when COVID hit. Show is 45 minutes long and is interesting.
  8. HBO introduced a new show yesterday called The Last Cruise. The show depicts life on board Diamond Princess as COVID hit last year, 45 minutes long, interesting.
  9. Charter member of Cruise Critic and have mostly been on Celebrity board over the years. I remember all the people who have cruised and posted on here, some who no longer post and some who are gone. One person who I miss was a poster on Celebrity board named Newt, incredibly funny man who they actually made a moderator for a day. It was a funny day.
  10. This may be simple but try logging out of the web site and log back in. This question has come up in the past and that is one of the solutions.
  11. They never had plans to put a pool there, just a hot tub. I’m sure you could use that for your purposes.
  12. People on this board over the years have said they even offered money to the Maitre'd to no avail. I guess there are always exceptions.
  13. Ditto the remarks on Blu, they have never allowed non AQ passengers to eat in there.
  14. Don’t be confused, all the suites get the same benefits and access except the higher suites mentioned by George.
  15. Royal Caribbean just announced new 7 day cruises starting in Bermuda, since Celebrity has been going to Bermuda since they came into existence, perhaps they will be next. MIAMI, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Vacationers looking to soak up the sun and walk the pink sand beaches of Bermuda and the white sandy beaches of The Bahamas this summer need look no further than Vision of the Seas. Beginning June and through August, Royal Caribbean International will bring more adventure to the tropics with a series of new 7-night cruises from first-time homeport Bermuda. In store for guests
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