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  1. Great list, if relevant to you I will add perhaps the best smoking policy in the business. No smoking on any ship indoors including staterooms,, veranda's and casino. Only a couple of outdoor areas where people are allowed to smoke, all on the port side.
  2. Breakfast in luminae is basically the same as MDR, except it is smaller and less rushed.
  3. Just an FYI for those who are missing cruising. Smithsonian Channel produced a series on Mighty Cruise ships a couple of years ago, don't think they are doing any new programs, however they are showing this series on Friday Mornings at 9:00A.M. Today they are doing one of the Viking ships however at some point they will probably show their episodes on the Solstice and Azamara Journey. Smithsonian is channel 570 on Direct TV.
  4. Yes, that can happen, we actually went from an inside to an Aqua class cabin because the price was cheaper. Lower prices are the only reason I would do a Concierge. We also were very proactive when booking a cruise, would check prices for various cabins almost daily.
  5. Cabins on S class ships are the same size, some of the verandas may be bigger. I would just get a regular cabin on the hump since Concierge benefitsare way overrated.
  6. We did Meridian in 92 and I agree completely about the Century. As early CC members we were invited to tour her in New York harbor before her first cruise. Immediately struck by the beautiful wood in the Main Dining Room, sailed on her a few months later.
  7. I've found the beef short ribs to be good in any of the restaurants....Think they have them in Blu and luminae as well as MDR.
  8. I’m Murano, Goat Cheese Soufflé or Grand Marnier Soufflé. Blu used to have lobster tails with a slight tangerine sauce.
  9. We did it in Bayonne and yes it is only for the upper suites.
  10. Also, twenty five years for Cruise Critic....
  11. Everyone in your party has to be either in a suite or Aqua, they will not permit others into Blu. Very strict about this.
  12. You will also have a separate location to drop off your luggage and will be met there by Celebrity personnel. We were on the ship in our suite in less than five minutes.
  13. Celebrity’s dress code is basically pants and a nice shirt. No shorts or t shirts at night.
  14. FYI, I avoid the hand sanitizers and am very respectful to the workers. I am allergic to many of them so don’t take the chance. I know that there are others on this board with the same experience. I have way more than a compromised immune system.
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