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  1. Agree, that went out a couple of years ago, wonder if that is one of the web sites not being updated. When I read the post I immediately went to see the date it was written as this is so old. I remember a few years ago when they went from 3 types of dress codes to two, it took about five years for the UK web site to catch up.
  2. There is an old saying on this board relative to the Butler. The Butler takes care of you, the steward takes care of the room. Don't want any confusion, you will have both.
  3. Celebrity's best specialty restaurant is only found now on the S class ships, Murano. They had Murano or an equivalent on all the M class ships but they took them out in one of Celebrity's biggest bonehead moves.
  4. Many lines still require parents to sign which does make no sense since they are adults. always thought it was funny that they can gamble in the casino but can’t drink.
  5. One thing that is fun and a way to meet people is a slot pull. Usually you lose a few bucks but once we got lucky when one of our players got a hand pay.
  6. Agree Victoria is a beautiful city, its too bad you only get a few hours there. We saw the Victoria Clipper while we were there and it does look interesting. I have also read on this board that the train trip from Seattle to Vancouver is quite nice.
  7. Nice article on Captain Kate.... https://www.insider.com/luminaries-female-cruise-ship-captain-kate-mccue-2020-10
  8. Believe meeting in a closed room in the COVID era will be safer. They usually make it a large room and people can easily move around. The meetings at the bars I’ve seen used have dozens and dozens of people walking by and many joining just to see what’s going on,
  9. I have found the CC parties to be very dependent on how much effort the cruise director puts into it. I have been on cruises where the CD treats the gatherings as an annoyance and something that they just want to get over ASAP. Just an opinion. We had a great gathering on the Summit a few years back which Captain Kate attended and made everyone feel welcome. We had once on another ship where the CD introduced a woman who spent a lot of time setting up Cabin Crawls and other activities. She spoke for a few minutes about the logistics of meeting times, etc and then turned it back over to the CD to finish. Guess what, the whole crew had disappeared. Also, I have recommended a number of times that at the start of the party when name tags are given out they mention to put CC screen names on them. They have never done it and the name tags remain with just our real names. Nobody knows us by our real names so UpwardUK is absolutely correct, put your screen names on the tags. Finally, last couple of cruises the meeting was not held in a closed room, been held in an open bar and lots of people join in who have no clue what's going on because they just passed by and joined the group.
  10. Its the last Seattle to Seattle Alaska trip of the season on the Solstice where the last stop is Victoria. That's the one I am aware of most because we were looking at it. The people would then meet the ship in Seattle and go on the next cruise going usually over to Hawaii. A B2B Seattle to Seattle and then Seattle to wherever. I know also they also involve some of the Vancouver trips at the end of the season. Here's one such discussion but there are others from past years, this one is recent.
  11. I am usually on the Celebrity board and yearly there is a discussion of this. A few dozen people usually depart in Victoria and get to Seattle by various means. If I remember correctly they leave their things on board.
  12. Buffet attendees on cruise are polite and neat compared to those in land based casino buffets. I've been to many mostly in AC and also Vegas, unreal behavior.
  13. Probably just my cop instinct, she would do the same.. You should see us going into a restaurant we both rush to get the seat that's facing the door.
  14. I have a similar situation, wife still likes to snorkel and enjoy the water sports on excursions while I enjoy the ship and its amenities because I physically can't do things now that she still can. I go with her because I just don't like her in foreign countries or islands without me.
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