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  1. Doubtful, likely system maintenance going on.
  2. She was at Sunshine bar. Her contract is up in November I believe she said. She will return to Anthem In Jan
  3. ordered at counter and walked out with it.
  4. Only time restriction we have ever noticed was on a free-style machine. Not sure if it was just a glitch since it did not seem to be consistent enough to determine a pattern.
  5. Was on Anthem Oct 5 & was able to get JR milkshakes without food purchase with Deluxe package.
  6. Not as adventurous as an ATV excursion, but we have used http://www.thenfordgreytours.com/
  7. Just off Anthem. When at a bar, if your near the point of sale terminal, they can place the card reader close to you so you can scan your band. I was given a choice of colors when I got mine, the muster station is on them.
  8. If they are denied boarding with you and you want to board together, you could just go back into their group.
  9. Maybe they just washy-washy in the bathroom and didn't want to washy-washy again...
  10. Agree - it should NOT be that difficult. It was only $45 for about 2 hours & then back to $52
  11. More than one person had this scenerio: I cancelled my $52 a day and when I try to purchase the package again it says it’s $45 but charges me $52 still. I called to and they would not honor $45 Guy was a jerk and said that there is an asterisk which means starting at $45. finally got it but had to ask for escalation. They applied $100 credit to my account and then purchased it at $52 but with the credit is $45. Total was $513.60 for 2 people after the $100 credit.
  12. Anthem 10/5/19 had it at $44 last evening for a few hours. Was a major headache to get RCCL to cancel & re-purchase.
  13. Based on some of the chaos I have seen with the host(s), I think it changes nightly πŸ˜‰
  14. Did they state what the criteria is for trip delay? The reason they denied the itinerary is your port of call did not change
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