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  1. Hi, I called Carnival in March to ask for my refund back for the June 29th sailing out of NY. I am soo glad I did not book the entire trip. I took out a protection policy as well and asked for my $286. refund back. I got a nice lady who did try for me and she told me that I will get it back but it wont be a quick return. I should have asked for a confirmation on it but I didnt. So I guess its a gonna. I am reading how people are having trouble with refunds as well even an email. Should I keep trying?
  2. Hi, a couple of days ago I had cancelled my cruise on the Radiance for June 29th. Now I read that they cancelled all the cruises on the Radiance up until November. I only booked a deposit. Can I get my full refund back even though I cancelled before they did???? Thanks for info.
  3. I just cancelled my Radiance cruise for June 29th before Carnival decided to cancel. I just put down a deposit and they said I will get $50 on my next cruise. However, since they cancelled anyway shouldnt I get the full refund back? Thanks for the info.
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