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  1. And very often on ships they pool cash tips as well. However you tip there is no guarantee that the person you give it to will get it all (or even the majority of it).
  2. I will have spelt it incorrectly, and autocorrect picked Moles. I'm rubbish when typing on the phone.
  3. There are a few specific ports where this could be very handy. For example, In St Petersburg you are usually there for two full days and NCL have a lot of half day excursions there. Theoretically, if you also do an evening visit to the Ballet then you could do 5 excursions there.
  4. There is no paper to sign unless you incur a charge (ie by buying something over the price limit). You don’t need to take loads of one dollars with you. If necessary you can get change from the bill breakers in the casino. Or you can wait and tip larger amounts. If the bill breakers haven’t been available on previous ships then I sometimes give a larger bill to staff after a while. To be honest I’ve never noticed any difference in how I am served before or after the tip. I’ve never even considered tipping up front.
  5. Absolutely. I read on here so often that tipping gives you that extra service, and that is undoubtedly correct, but the way that you treat the staff is equally important. I know people who don't tip a penny extra, but who the staff know by name, serve them quickly and remember them on different cruises. I do tip extra, but when staff remember and greet me as I first walk into a bar at the start of a cruise it isn't because they remember my tipping, but that we got on well the last time. This is probably more applicable on the smaller ships (it's one of the m
  6. One way transatlantic flights are an issue, as they tend to be very expensive (usually costing similar to a return). There are a few options: Book through the cruise line - One way flights don't have a supplement when booked through NCL, so in a situation like this it could outweigh the downsides of booking through them. Us miles - If you have airline miles then this is an ideal opportunity to use them. There is usually good availability between the UK and US and (at least on moles airlines) there is no one way supplement. This is what I do with transatlantics.
  7. Yes. The Epic is our least favourite ship, but we have done the Western Med loop four times and have another one booked. It’s a cheap and fun cruise.
  8. Escape is also a Breakaway Plus class, and it has an extended (2 level) ropes course rather than the race track. The Breakaway/Breakaway plus ships show how a class can progress. Whilst the main differences between the originals and the plus, there are significant differences between the Escape and Encore for example. As for Leonardo, I will be extremely surprised if all 6 of them have the racetrack. My guess would be that only two or three will.
  9. The restriction in places like Cagneys and Le Bistro is that you can only have one entree. There is no restriction on apps, sides and desserts (although sometimes servers apparently say that they are restricted). If you order multiples then you will almost certainly not actually get charged extra.
  10. It is basically immigration, so yes some countries want to see every passport as they would if you arrived by plane. There are various ways of doing it. Sometimes they just want to see the passports when the ship arrives. Sometimes someone will board earlier to spend time going through them. On a couple of occasions we have had immigration board at the previous port and then every passenger has to go through the immigration process on the ship, showing their passport to immigration staff. A pain, but it does mean that you can just disembark in the morning rather than queueing there
  11. I know that there are a variety of itineraries, but I would certainly not describe the Turkish ports that we are visiting on the Jae next Easter (Kusadasi and Istanbul) as technical stops. Istanbul speaks for itself, and Kusadasi has access to Ephesus which is a highlight on the Eastern Med. There may be reasons, such as the VAT, for including a non Greek port, but a stop at Kusadasi adds a lot to a cruise.
  12. Having a second home port could mean a variety of things. Maybe it will be a different ship, that will depart from there in the future. If we have lost Venice as a port in that area then maybe they are looking for alternatives (although I’d have thought Athens could easily take another ship). Alternatively it could mean two embarkation ports on the same cruise (similar to the Barcelona/Rome departures for the Epic). However, as far as I can recall not every Jade cruise goes there, and they seem a bit close for that. Or maybe it’s something else. I doubt it s
  13. I suspect that the system needs some sort of description under “dining type” and someone just decided to put complementary for now. I don’t expect it is any indication as to what they will actually be.
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