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  1. Beds being pushed together is the standard in my experience. I have never requested it and it has always been set up that way (even the one time I did request them to be separate).
  2. These are some pictures of an angled balcony on the Escape: This is a B6 {Large Balcony} on the Escape And this is a M6 (Mini Suite with Large Balcony). It's from the Getaway, but the Escape ones are very similar.
  3. That is what NCL officially said, but they have been grandfathering for cruises which were booked after that date. As far as I can tell, they are using the old tier levels for everyone who was a latitudes member at the time they changed the structure.
  4. Under the old rules, you needed 48 points to be gold. Whilst NCL haven't specifically said so, they have been honouring the old levels, which is why you are now gold. It isn't clear what qualifies people for being grandfathered in to the old tier level points, but it seems that it is applying to most people.
  5. You get two meals for two. One at Moderno or La Cucina and the other at Cagneys or Le Bistro. Bookings opened up 120 days before the cruise, so the good times have probably already filled up. It's probably worth checking on myncl though. You can reserve Cagneys, Le Bistro or La Cucina with no upfront charge, but if you select Moderno then you would have to pay upfront and then try to get your money back onboard, so it's probably best to wait for that. If nothing is available online then don't worry, they hold some places back to book onboard, so just go to the restaurant reservation desk once you get onboard to book them.
  6. AThere is no requirement to book the MDR. You can just turn up when you want. If it is busy then you may have to wait for a while, but I have never had a wait of more than 5 minutes (we eat fairly early). If you have a large group then some people suggest prebooking.
  7. As a rule, aft balconies are my first choice, but on the Away class ships, I go for a M6 in preference. I really like those balconies. It's like having your own sun deck. I don't have any problem with others being able to see me on my balcony. There is still quite a large covered area anyway, if you would like a bit of privacy.
  8. You just book the platinum meals in the usual way. There is nothing different about booking them than any other meals. Either do it online or if you phone then don’t say that you will use your platinum voucher for it. The only problem is if you want to book Moderno. As this has a fixed cover charge then you need to make payment when you book. You can get round that if you have the dining plan, by making it one of the first places you book, but otherwise then it is probably best to wait until obboard for that. The link in my signature has more details
  9. Just to clarify, there is nothing wrong with your reservation. The Platinum meals are never shown on the reservation details.
  10. If you deliberately quoted me then I can only assume you missed my point.
  11. One thing that situations like this can always be relied upon for is a whole thread of judgemental posts from people who have read half a story on the internet and form complete judgements on who is to blame, whilst also bringing completely unrelated things into their judgements. Thanks everyone. Many of you have been very entertaining.
  12. It depends. If they are saying that you are locked into the old rate if paying the DSC onboard then, no, I believe that is incorrect. Certainly previous experience, and the wording of the announcement, suggests otherwise. If they are saying that you are locked into the old rate as long as you prepay at some point before boarding then that is correct, and you win a prize for having been given correct information by NCL phone staff. 🙂
  13. The order doesn’t make any difference in this case. It only matters if you are booking more meals than you have dining credits for.
  14. As long as the person making the reservations has the package then there is no charge whilst booking, regardless of the number of people you are booking for. For example, I have made bookings for three of us on our upcoming cruise with no upfront charge despite only having purchased the dining package for myself so far, so I can use OBC for the other two packages.
  15. I think the point was that the grandfathering works even that far into the future with multiple price increases having happened in the meantime.
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