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  1. I transfer my bookings to my daughter who is a self employed TA with a UK franchise organisation. That way she gets commission on my booking and I pay exactly the same as I would have if I left the booking with Azamara. It’s one way in which I can support her as it’s a pretty tough business, especially at present when she’s having to pay back commission for cancelled holidays, and has had no new bookings for months.
  2. In the UK TAs ask for the money well ahead of the Azamara (or other) final balance date. In many cases (but not all) that money goes into their bank (usually into a client account) then they pay the balance from their bank to Azamara (or other travel company). The interest on the money for those 2-4 weeks can be worth a lot to them if they are a large company - more so in the past when interest rates were higher. In the UK many TAs are large companies, or work on a self employed basis in a sort of ‘franchise’ arrangement, where the franchise operator handles all the payment side of things. There are a few small independent TAs, but increasingly fewer.
  3. I think the FCC is 100% when you cancel and 125% when they cancel, so its best to leave it as long as possible before cancelling, as it’s a better deal when they cancel. That’s why we asked for an extension of our final balance payment date. I agree that you should check the T’s & C’s when you cancel, and can’t expect Azamara to go beyond them especially in the current circumstances.
  4. My TA has just contacted Azamara about the balance payment date for our 24 October cruise. It’s now been moved from 2 July to 19 August. She’s also confirmed with them that if we decide to cancel before then, the deposit we paid can be used as an FCC against our already booked November 2021 cruise, it definitely does not have to be against a new booking.
  5. I’d try contacting Azamara direct to check it’s not your TA being awkward.
  6. Lovely photos, especially nice to see the heron looking out for his dinner to come by!
  7. You could well be right & that’s assuming that one of the more advanced vaccines is successful.
  8. We’re just hoping that one or more of the vaccInes being developed is successful, preferably one of the ones that is well advanced now. One of the UK teams has said that if their trials are successful they may have something available towards the end of the year. Fingers (&toes) crossed! If a successful vaccine is found we will be happy to travel again. The UK government has said that after NHS staff, all over 50s will be able to be vaccinated - that includes us.
  9. In the topic headed A Message from Your Azamara Team this was said “If a final payment extension is granted due to Covid-19 we will not go by the original cancellation guidelines if booking cancels by guest”. This seems to suggest that there will not be a cancellation charge!
  10. The Glasgow Times says she’s been delayed and is now due in Glasgow tomorrow afternoon.
  11. What a load of doom and gloom without any evidence. The Pullmantur ships are in a cold layup, whereas the 3 Azamara ships do not seem to be that way - you wouldn’t leave 40 crew on each ship for a cold layup.
  12. UK COVID-19 numbers seem to be coming down and lockdown is due to be eased again early in July, when hairdressers will be able to open and it looks as if pubs will be able to open too. The government is also reviewing the 2 metre social distancing rule and it looks as if its likely to come down to 1 metre. If it does, we’ll ignore it and stay at 2 metres! I promised to post some photos of all the tubs and pots we filled with annual plants at the beginning of the month, so here they are.
  13. Interesting article. I can see how it could work, but it’s not for me!
  14. Interesting that you are allowed to travel between 2 houses you own in the USA. In the UK this is still not allowed.
  15. I can’t see anyone wanting to cruise from Miami anytime soon, given the horrendous figures in Florida.
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