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  1. We usually use a taxi. Costs about €50.
  2. No it isn’t magnetised, but like others, we haven’t found it to be a problem.
  3. Looks as if they changed the itinerary but forgot to change the title.
  4. Somewhere new again today. We saw a lovely garden on a TV programme called Gardeners World. It was at a stately home called Brodsworth Hall which is less than an hours drive away, so we decided to book to go today, The gardens were beautiful - lots of lovely trees and beautifully cut shrubs. View of the hall across the gardens and croquet lawn. People playing croquet on the croquet lawn. Archery lawn and the Archery hut (with DH having a rest). Magnificent borders - we loved the colour scheme. Family church. Beautiful tree which stands close to the Hall entrance.
  5. No, but we did come to an old mill house that is now a cottage, called Paper Mill Cottage.
  6. We’re still walking 3 days a week and we try to find somewhere new to walk most weeks. This week we decided to walk along the stream in North Cave - a village a few miles from us. We’ve lived in this area all our lives (except for about 3 years when we lived in and near London) and never done this walk before - it was beautiful
  7. Our November cruise which was cancelled by Azamara in the last batch of cancellations is still showing in our account today.
  8. I just did a Google search about this and the only thing I came up with is this article https://www.travelpulse.com/news/cruise/several-cruise-lines-to-consider-mixed-vaccinated-passengers-unvaccinated.html. It seems that cruise lines won’t accept people as being vaccinated if they’ve had two different vaccines, with one of them being AstraZeneca.
  9. In the past cancelled excursions have always been refunded very quickly. Is the cruise still showing up in your online account? If so, then it may be worth cancelling the excursions in the voyage planner for the cruise.
  10. Included whisky was Famous Grouse last time we cruised.
  11. Same here, we transferred deposits on a cancelled 2020 cruise onto an already booked 2021 cruise. That one has now been cancelled and we were told we will get an FCC and can use it against our already booked October 2022 cruise. We were told though that we wouldn’t get 125% on the deposit transferred from the 20 cruise to the 21 cruise, just on the deposit we have made on the 21 cruise. Azamara have also transferred our OBC across.
  12. They seem to be slow removing cancelled cruises from your account - my cancelled Dubai to Singapore cruise is still showing in my account.
  13. Just to add to this, wine is included too - two reds and two whites which change every day (but if you find one you really like you can ask for it on another day and they usually manage to find some for you) plus a rose and a sparkling wine which are always the same. Also the included alcohol is available at any bar, any time - for example you can ask for a mimosa/Buck’s Fizz or Bloody Mary at breakfast. However they are not included in room service or in your stateroom fridge. If you want a ‘free’ drink in your room you have to take it there yourself (with the size of the boat you’re never too far from a bar). Have you looked at the pinned topic ‘Tips for Azamara Newbies’ - some useful information there (with the caveat that this was how things were before COVID, so may not be exactly like this when they start sailing again).
  14. My feeling is that the allowed size for docking in Venice was set to allow the river boats to dock there.
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