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  1. Not all airlines are behaving as well as BA, tho’ some are. We were due to be in Greece for a couple of weeks from next weekend. Out Jet2 flight there was cancelled a while ago. Jet2 refunded us without us even having to ask for a refund. On the other hand our internal flight from Thessalonika to Kalamata with Aegean was cancelled by them late last week. The cancellation notice only gave the options of rebooking or a credit voucher. I emailed them saying I wanted a refund. They have emailed me back to say this is not possible. I have told them that if they do not refund me within 14 days of the cancellation, I will claim from my credit card under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit act.
  2. There seem to me to be as many people saying they’ll never cruise with Azamara again as there are on other lines’ boards saying they’ll never cruise with that line again. Very many companies seem to be having very similar problems. All of those people are likely to cruise again with someone. I don’t think Azamara is in a worse position than many other lines.
  3. Thanks for posting the video, it was great, I really enjoyed it.
  4. We got our delivery of summer bedding plants yesterday. We usually go and pick them ourselves, but the little nursery we buy from was happy to deliver them,and some compost, for us. We spent yesterday afternoon planting up 28 tubs and wall pots - hard work, but especially worth it this year when we’re going to be at home all summer. We’re looking forwards to them coming into full flower - I’ll post some photos of them when they do.
  5. That seems the sensible thing to do, until things are clearer.
  6. Not quite sure what that means? If you ‘lift & shift’ a cruise booked using FCC from a cancelled cruise then surely the FCC then becomes the payment for the new cruise, or are they saying you have to pay for the new cruise?
  7. I’m not defending anything, just pointing out that so far it’s one working day past Azamara’s latest date for your FCC.
  8. As Bonnie says, it’s a ‘bank holiday’ weekend in the US, so if it didn’t come on Friday, it won’t arrive until Tuesday - 1 working day later.
  9. That’s gorgeous, Chilcotin. Thanks for posting such a lovely photo.
  10. That’s great news, Diana, I’m delighted for you.
  11. We’ve had some restrictions eased. We can now go out to exercise outside more than once a day and can meet one member of another household in a public place so long as we keep two metres apart. Industries such as manufacturing and construction can open so long as they maintain safe working - social distancing and appropriate PPE. Those who can work from home are encouraged to continue to do so. We’re advised to wear masks in places where social distancing is difficult such as on public transport or in supermarkets. We’re still having our country walks. We went back to North Cave today to walk to Hotham Hall. Here’s a photo of the old ice house on the estate and of some sheep and lambs we saw.
  12. You’re absolutely right, you are entitled to a full refund. Martin Lewis has been making a big thing of this on TV and on the MoneySavingExpert website. We had a similar position with a booking for a cottage through an agent. Initially they said their terms and conditions allowed them to offer us a transfer, but we persisted and got a refund - it took a lot of time on the phone and a lot of emails. Good luck!
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