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  1. Host Grandma Cruising

    Competition to win 17 Night cruise on Pursuit.

    Oh heck! ☹️
  2. Host Grandma Cruising

    Once you try Az, you ever go back to Celebrity?

    Thank you for this - great piece of advice and it really chimes with me too!
  3. Host Grandma Cruising

    Meet and Mingle Issues

    Azamara are aware that there is an error with the Meet & Mingle registration and are trying to sort it out. It seems to be intermittent, so it’s always worth trying again after a day or two
  4. Host Grandma Cruising

    Competition to win 17 Night cruise on Pursuit.

    You may well be right Lottie A.😂
  5. Host Grandma Cruising

    LCV upgrade

    Wow, lucky you. Hope you have a great cruise.
  6. Host Grandma Cruising

    LCV upgrade

    I must be a very sad person I think - I did a count up of the number of cabins this afternoon, using the deck plans. I think I have the numbers right, but I could be out by a cabin or two! I make the numbers to be as follows: Journey & Quest Inside - 28 (of which 5 are classed as accessible) Oceanview - 73 (of which 2 are classed as accessible Verandah - 191 De Luxe Verandah - 10 Club Continent Suites - 32 Spa Suites - 2 Club Ocean World Suites - 6 Club Owners Suites - 4 Totals - 348 Pursuit Inside - 26 (of which 5 classed as accessible) Oceanview - 79 Verandah - 191 De Luxe Verandah - 10 Club Continent Suites - 32 Spa Suites - 2 Club Ocean World Suites - 6 Club Owners Suites - 4 Total - 350 These figures are using the 2019 deck-plans. I had a look at the 2020/21 plans and as far as I could see the main difference is that the 36 V1 Verandah Cabins on Deck 8 on all three ships are re-classified as P1 & P2 Verandah Plus cabins along with the front & aft VX Verandah Cabins, which are called category P3 Verandah Plus Cabins from 2020 onwards. I actually did the count by category of cabin ( 04/05/V1/N1 etc) so if anyone wants anymore detail, I can provide it - just ask.
  7. Host Grandma Cruising

    Can you walk around Cuba by yourself?

    I think as cruise has to be at least 7 days to have an Azamazing evening (except for transatlantic which don’t have one)
  8. Host Grandma Cruising

    Cruise Personalization Login Idiocy

    Same for me too. Which bit are you trying to log into Don?
  9. I know that Hurtigruten ships are ferries with a cruise ship experience combined. That sounds as if typically the length of time a ship is in a port will be quite short. If so, that might make sight-seeing or taking tours in a port quite difficult, if not impossible. Is that the case, and if so are there ways in which Hurtigruten can and does facilitate sight-seeing etc.
  10. Host Grandma Cruising

    Competition to win 17 Night cruise on Pursuit.

    Thanks for the link Lottie A - it worked and I entered, I’ve now got all my fingers and toes crossed!
  11. Host Grandma Cruising

    LCV upgrade

    I have always assumed that if you did a mock booking on the Azamara website, the cabins shown as available are the total available in the category you are looking at. I just had a look at the Norway cruise we have booked for July in an ocean-view cabin. It’s showing 50 ocean view cabins available (17 08category; 11 06category; 20 05category; 2 04category) and showing exactly which cabins these are. That seems to me to be a reasonable number to be available now. I thought the OP was asking about the total number of cabins in each category on each ship, not just those available. If I get bored this afternoon I might look at the deck plans and work it out.
  12. Host Grandma Cruising

    Yellow Fever

    Interesting - sounds like a money making scheme to me. The World Health Organistation has now said that the Yellow Fever Vaccine lasts for life, no matter when you were given it.
  13. Host Grandma Cruising

    Help needed with Loyalty Program Benefit

    I agree. We booked a cruise to Norway for 1 July 2019 using our 4 free nights on a cruise in January 2018. I just had a look at the page about it on the UK website and found the wording below - this confirms that it is only book the cruise within a year, NOT take the cruise. Voyages with complimentary nights must be reserved within 1 year from when the loyalty member moves up in tier. (Note: This 1 year expiration date is the book by date, not the sail date. This is on the LCV member benefits page (this is the UK site, but the US site says the same). https://www.azamaraclubcruises.co.uk/le-club-voyage/le-club-voyage-programme/member-benefits
  14. Host Grandma Cruising

    LCV upgrade

    I’ve never seen one on the web-site. The nearest thing would be to look at the deck plans & add them up - here https://www.azamaraclubcruises.com/our-ships/azamara-quest
  15. Host Grandma Cruising

    LCV upgrade

    We too have had an ocean view to Verandah upgrade, but never a Verandah to CC.