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  1. Host Grandma Cruising

    Casinos on Azamara

    If you want to ask Bonnie about the timetable for Casino removal on Quest & Journey, it might be a good idea to start a new thread with her name in it.
  2. Host Grandma Cruising

    Planning my first North Europe cruise

    Azamara is a small ship company and their ships often dock right in town, rather than at remote docks. May be more expensive than other bigger lines, but a lot more is included - Tips, drinks etc.
  3. Host Grandma Cruising

    Booked my first AZAMARA CRUISE!

    Have you looked at the sticky thread ‘Tips for Azamara Newbies’ - lots of information and advice there.
  4. Host Grandma Cruising

    flight time too early??

    Better to have time on your hands than risk missing a flight. Glad you managed to get it changed.
  5. Host Grandma Cruising

    Kudos for communication on Pursuit

    That’s great to hear. Sounds as if Azamara have made a really good choice.
  6. Host Grandma Cruising

    AZ Asks Q37 - Poll: re. Onboard Activities

    We’ve enjoyed the Trivia quizzes onboard.
  7. Host Grandma Cruising

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    I know they have bikes on board and when you look at the shore excursions you can see bike excursions, I have not been on one, so can’t tell you any more about the bikes.
  8. Host Grandma Cruising

    Our new Mediterranean video launching today

    Lovely video. Great views, especially of Venice. It brings back lovely memories of our Redentore cruise in July. I can’t really comment on Azamara being the leader in destination immersion, as the only other proper cruise company I’ve been with is HAL (no comparison, by the way).
  9. Host Grandma Cruising

    New Year’s Eve 2018 In Sydney

    You’re a lot nearer the fireworks than we were in Venice in July for the Redentore festival and we saw a great display in the sky. Looks to me like you’ll have a great view.
  10. Host Grandma Cruising

    Venice port to St Marks to Jewish Ghetto...

    But they don’t have to be in the Jewish Ghetto until 5 for the tour they’ve booked, so if they want to see the Rialto as well, then they have to go there first. As long as they don’t mind a walk, their plan will be fine.
  11. Host Grandma Cruising

    Casinos on Azamara

    The Den is a bar area which has live music at some times of the evening. No art sold there, that’s in a shop area near the Mosaic coffee bar.
  12. Host Grandma Cruising

    Azamara Cabins Thread

    I must admit I couldn’t see it would be that much bigger, but that was the suggestion from CC. When you get home please let me know if I can help with the uploading at all. In the meantime have a great time cruising!
  13. Host Grandma Cruising

    Azamara Cabins Thread

    Thanks for this, it reads fine, but it’s not the latest version as there is no information about the Pursuit, which Uktog had added. It’s still very useful to those going on a Quest or Journey cruise though.
  14. Host Grandma Cruising

    Azamara Cabins Thread

    Just got the answer back from CC. As I expected they can’t do anything about putting the file back to landscape. I was told that it was possible that the file size may have made a difference. One possibility may be to split it into 2 files - say one for Decks 4, 5 & 6 and the other for Decks 7 & 8. Again if you want to send me the file, I can have a go at splitting it - I promise not to change anything else on it!
  15. Host Grandma Cruising

    Azamara Cabins Thread

    I have had a look and seen that older versions earlier on in the thread are still OK. I will ask CC if the change-over could have caused the problem with this one and if so whether anyone there can put it right Probably not, though, as it looks like its a read only file. As you're cruising at present, I would be happy to try and upload it onto the site again for you. If you would like me to do that you could email me the file, as the only up-to-date version I can see is on here.