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  1. Just to add my twopennyworth to the discussion about interactions with senior officers, we found that from our first cruise senior officers talked to us, but a few times it was us that initiated the conversation by saying hi, or asking a question. Once they got to know our faces, officers stopped to talk to us after that.
  2. These are your e-documents. This is a several page document which includes things like a page giving details of the embarkation point & it’s address & the full itinerary plus printable luggage labels. You don’t need it, but some of the information in it is useful. I usually print off the pages I find useful, including the luggage labels. It will become available nearer your cruise.
  3. You’re absolutely right, you don’t have to register to attend, however it does help Azamara to judge how many to cater for and where to hold the event. On our last two cruises the numbers were very different - well over 100 at the event on one cruise and under 20 on the other. The one with the larger number was held in the Caberet lounge, the other in the Drawing Room. On our 8 cruises we have always had an invitation in our cabin.
  4. I just picked up from a Roll Call (thanks amp-qld) that Royal Caribbean have had a computer glitch that has ‘wiped’ the Meet & Mingle (Cruise Critic Social) guest lists across all their brands, including Azamara. I looked at my November cruise and found that when I entered the cruise details in ‘Search for a Party’ I was told no-one had registered, so it certainly seems to be true for our cruise.
  5. I love the speciality restaurants, but I don’t think I could eat there every night - too much food! I’d have to miss courses and not eat all day.
  6. In Norway the fresh berries were served with waffles and cream near the Living Room. The initial plan had been to serve them up on the jogging track, but it proved too cold for folk to queue up for them, so they served in the hall just outside the entrance to the Living Room.
  7. It’s just that I can imagine a scenario where I knocked something in the loo and in my rush to grab it out, knocked the lid against the flush button. I have knocked the lid and given myself a shock with the noise when it flushes. It’s quite easy to pull two towels off the rail, when you only meant to get one. Maybe it’s just me knowing that I can be clumsy in small spaces. Totally agree, though, that an immediate call to Guest Relations would be essential.
  8. It’s not special to us UK folks, but is a very typical snack example for others. Sausage rolls are so different from country to country.
  9. He hosted our dinner table in July but I can’t remember his name either.
  10. That’s interesting. We got a heck of a lot in our 2 bags last cruise, but I didn’t add up how much it would have cost individually. I’ll do that next time.
  11. They brought goats cheese and raspberries & strawberries on board in Norway, but I think getting Greggs sausage rolls is a master stroke!
  12. To make sure things like hand towels don’t get knocked into the toilet & flushed, blocking the whole ship’s toilet systems!🤭
  13. Seems to me we all need to make sure the toilet lid is down unless it’s being used!
  14. Our Colosseum tour included the Forum and we managed a quick look around the Victor Emmanuel monument (the wedding cake). We walked between that area and the Vatican, but it is a good walk & I’d probably recommend a taxi unless you are a strong walker. We grabbed a sandwich en route between the two.
  15. The tour we did from Ushuaia was a tour to Martillo Island to see penguins. It was wonderful. Can’t remember the company we used but here’s a link to a company offering it.
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