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  1. Host Grandma Cruising

    AzAmazing Evenings: general question

    I just had a look at your cruise on Azamara.co.uk and there it shows the Azamazing evening as the one in the Teatro Heredia - here’s a link to the page https://www.azamaraclubcruises.co.uk/voyage/jr15l003/15-night-cuba-caribbean-holiday-voyage
  2. Host Grandma Cruising

    First time Azamara cruiser, advice please.

    Regarding embarkation in Venice, you need to ask Azamara. Try an email to Richard Twynam, UK MD at RTwynam@azamaraclubcruises.com
  3. Host Grandma Cruising

    Venice embarkation when overnight

    I think you need to ask Azamara. As you are in the UK you will get the response if you write to Richard Twynam, UK MD. Here’s his email address RTwynam@azamaraclubcruises.com
  4. Host Grandma Cruising

    Celebrity Cruisers Thinking About Trying Azamara

    James - have you had a look at the sticky thread ‘Tips for Azamara Newbies’ in this forum, As a first time Azamara cruiser, you may find it helpful.
  5. Host Grandma Cruising

    Celebrity Cruisers Thinking About Trying Azamara

    As Uktog says there’s a link in the bottom menu of the web-page. It takes you to a page that lists all the packages. Right at the top there’s a link to the Experience More packages, which takes you to this page https://www.azamaraclubcruises.co.uk/booked-guests/onboard-packages/experience-more-packages
  6. Host Grandma Cruising

    Celebrity Cruisers Thinking About Trying Azamara

    It’s also worth looking at the Experience More packages, depending on the length of the cruise. Of course those are for two, but they can represent some good savings if you use WiFi a lot and book ships excursions. We’ve just bought the essentials package for our 16 day Norway cruise. For $600 we get $320 worth of WiFi and $300 to spend on excursions, as well as the premium drinks package for us both. I’ve just found out that if we want to go on the Flam railway we’ll have to do the ship’s excursion, because all the tickets for 3 July next year are sold out (3 ships in Flam that day), so the $300 will pay for that.
  7. Host Grandma Cruising

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    You’re welcome. I’m glad you’ve found the thread helpful - it’s the accumulated wisdom of many enthusiastic Azamara cruisers.
  8. Host Grandma Cruising

    Tips for Azamara Newbies

    Your travel agent is wrong. Azamara has reciprocal arrangements with Celebrity and with Royal Caribbean. If you are elite on Celebrity you will be Discoverer on Azamara. You (or your travel agent) should let Azamara know your Celebrity Captains Club number which will become your Le Club Voyage number. You can find information about the reciprocal arrangements on Azamara’s website. Look for the ‘Le Club Voyage’ link in the menu at the very bottom of the page, then click on ‘Member Benefits’ and scroll down to the bottom. Here’s the link to the page. https://www.azamaraclubcruises.co.uk/le-club-voyage/le-club-voyage-programme/member-benefits Azamazing nights are free excursions. There is one on every cruise of a week or more, except for transatlantic cruises. They are often some type of performance held in an exceptional setting - for example a 3 tenors concert in a beautiful old theatre. Although they are free, Azamara ask passengers to sign up for them so they know the numbers.
  9. Host Grandma Cruising


    It seems to depend who you book it through. If you book it through the Visit Flam site it looks as if there’s a cancellation insurance you can buy which provides a refund as long as you can cancel the day before the booking. I don’t know how much it costs because I couldn’t progress the booking because it was sold out. if you book it direct through the railway company, then I couldn’t see any mention of cancellation insurance, but they only sell tickets 90 days before the booking.
  10. Host Grandma Cruising


    I’m thinking we might do that. Just had a look at the Flam railway site and they now have July dates available and they’re all sold out for the times we’re in port. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised as I think that as well as the Journey the Pullmantur Zenith and the Crystal Serenity are in port that day too.
  11. Host Grandma Cruising


    Thanks for the information - very helpful indeed. Olden is fine because we’re doing a ship’s excursion there. The reason I wanted to book Flam ourselves was because I heard if you wait until you get there it’ll be all booked up, as you said, but I hadn’t thought about ports being changed. I guess we’ll have to give it some more thought. The private tours I’ve booked all have a refund policy if we don’t get into port, and will, I’m sure, allow us to switch dates if port dates are changed
  12. Host Grandma Cruising

    Portugal (Funchal, Maderia)

    Thanks for that - we’re doing a transatlantic in November 2019 which stops at Funchal - we’ll definitely try the toboggan ride having seen your video.
  13. Host Grandma Cruising


    Thanks for that - that’s what I was hoping. The cruise we’re doing is the North Cape on Journey in July. The other ports are Bergen, Alesund, Geiranger, Flam, Svolvaer, Honningsvag, Bodo, Trondheim, Molde & Olden. We’ve booked a ships tour in Olden (Lake & Glacier), and private tours in Honningsvag (Blue Puffin Tour) & Svolvaer (RIB tour With Sea Eagles) & have booked the Geiranger Panoramic Bus Tour. We aim to book the Flam railway ourselves. Any information about whether we’re likely to be docked in town in any of these would be appreciated.
  14. Host Grandma Cruising


    Anyone got any experience of shuttles in Norway, especially Tromsø.
  15. Host Grandma Cruising

    Norway (Geirangerfjord)

    As someone who is going on cruise to Norway for the first time next year, I’d like to say thanks to you Cruzer Two for your 6 videos - they’ve really whet my appetite!