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  1. merinski

    Pre cruise hotel in Fort Lauderdale

    I am not sure, we flew in. You would have to check with them.
  2. merinski

    Turtle Farm Questions

    You can take the bus there too, but we thought it would be quicker than finding where to get the bus.
  3. merinski

    Blue Bay Beach

    You can go to their web site, but it seemed to be a better deal to go through the cruiseline, the taxi's are expensive.
  4. merinski

    Blue Bay Beach

    I'm not sure, it was included with the cruiseship tour.
  5. merinski

    Turtle Farm Questions

    I should have said to the right.
  6. merinski

    Blue Bay Beach

    The bar area was shaded and had some comfortable seating and some picnic tables. Lots of trees to sit under. There is also a restaurant with a roof.
  7. merinski

    Turtle Farm Questions

    What would you like to know? We got off the cruise and right in front of us there were people asking where you want to go. We said we wanted a taxi to the Turtle Farm. So they showed us to the left area through a fenced area to some mini vans. On the way back , we saw a bus across the street, we waved and they came and got us.
  8. merinski

    Blue Bay Beach

    We did the ship tour to Blue Bay Beach. It was a nice beach. Not crowded. Lounges were dirty, had to put towel down. We snorkeled there and it was pretty nice. The water was cold though. It was over cast and did rain a bit, but it was still a nice day. 4 hrs was a bit long. The price was better though through the ship , as we got it on a 30% off sale.
  9. merinski

    Turtle Farm Questions

    We took a taxi to the Turtle Farm, $16, we gave him $20, the taxi driver gave us his card and said to show it inside, we did and got it for $11 instead of $18. After we went across the street to the dolphin centre just to watch for a bit, we then caught a bus right away,$2.50 ea. back to 7 mile beach , near Calico Jack's and went for a swim. Then we took the bus back to the port area.
  10. merinski

    Just back - Woodwind tour

    Woodwind does 3 groups, beginners, Mid & Experienced, so not to worry. We were in mid, but we saw pics of the experienced and they looked like they may have been in a bit different area, or they dove some.
  11. merinski

    Food on the Reflection

    We were just on Feb.18th. We were not very happy with the food. We ate in the dinning room, but a few nights there really wasn't anything that sounded good to us. We did eat once in the Lawn Club Grill and it was fairly good. Buffet wasn't great either.
  12. merinski

    Just back - Woodwind tour

    We went on the snorkel trip with Woodwind . I cannot say enough good things about them. It was a short walk to the meeting place from the port. Dee and her team were amazing! She talked to us about safety and fitted us with masks. They gave me a wet suit to wear, but I think I would have been fine without it... They served drinks and raisin buns, then later when we were on our way back they served us a yummy plate of lunch, chicken, noodle dish . They put us in separate groups from beginner to advanced and each group of about 6 people had their own guide. It was a drift snorkel on Klein Bonaire. The fish and coral and turtles were awesome! They also have a photographer that comes and takes pictures and you can buy the downloads for $40.This tour was the highlight of our trip!
  13. merinski

    Delphi and Aruba watersports review

    We just got back from our cruise. In Aruba we booked a snorkel tour through Delphi watersports. We were supposed to go on their Dolphin Catamaran. When we got there, they had tried to email us, but we didn't get it. They had their Cat in to be serviced , so they offered us a few options instead. They were very nice and took us over to Aruba watersports , so we went on their Cat, the Arusun instead. We were disappointed as this cat is not as nice. It was ok, but they played their music loud and didn't even get in the water with us. The 2 spots we went to were the shipwreck and catalina . The water was mirky , not very clear , so the snorkeling was not great. They did serve drinks and wraps to eat as well as some fruit.
  14. We have been on a tour before in Cartagena, so this time we stayed at the port and walked through the free bird sanctuary. It was amazing! So many different birds... Parrots galore, flamingos and so much more! We really enjoyed it.
  15. We just did this tour. We had a later flight, so wanted to do something to fill in the time. I'm sorry to say it was a boring tour. The guide tried to be funny, but it got tiring listening to her. We got on a bus and drove around the Los Olas area, then we stopped and got off in a park and the guide gave a history lesson, then we got back on and went to where the Paddle Wheeler was. We went around and looked at all the rich houses. It was very long, and I think it would have been better to wait at the airport. JMHO