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  1. Thank you for the price info ~ That is different than the last pricing I could find. Do you know which water sports booth/side of island is better? And, do you know what can we use for payment--CC, S&S, cash?
  2. I have also read this is available for rent, although I have not yet found any pricing, nor whether it make a difference which rental (side of island) is best for this. Thanks for any info!
  3. Nothing specific. A tad curious though about if there is a reason people do not stay in this area more frequently pre-cruise. Seems like it makes more sense than the Mt. Pleasant or Ashley areas I have seen packages for. I was also surprised not to see a cruise package for the Marriott since I read they have a shuttle. As I said earlier, I am planning to call them and ask if I do not see anything show up in the next couple of months. Just checking to see if I could find out anything before then.
  4. Yes, Meg, that is correct. I think we are going to go with the medical area since it is only 1½ miles from our [historic] post-cruise hotel, which is not too far of a distance or time distraction for us (we walk 3 to 6 miles most days). I also saw that there is a free bus in the area with a stop by the Marriott (in case we really do not want to walk for some reason), and we have used this type of bus service in Savannah, New Orleans, and elsewhere. I had been hoping to find additional info about the medical area or experiences from anyone who has stayed at any of the hotels there. If no one has done this, I guess I will be providing new info after our cruise!
  5. Thank you for the BW info, Bearsthatsail, although that is a bit farther out than we want to stay. For Baltimore info, I would start a new topic thread, or search to see if there is one already.
  6. I am asking about a hotel with parking during the cruise, because that is what we want to do - We are driving from MI and need a place to stay anyway; it would be foolish to book a room where I have to pay for parking or drive to the cruise port and then pay $80 to park while gone.
  7. You are correct, Hillbilly ~ Not much Charles information available! Did you end up cruising from Charleston yet? We are also platinum, and have a cruise booked at the end of November 2019.
  8. Anyone have any new experiences or hotels to share? I am considering the medical area downtown. We are more interested in a place to park the car than in shuttle service. We are staying downtown Charleston after our cruise for a few nights, and it would be nice to be able to walk and pick up our car after getting settled in downtown. I found a couple of hotels with free parking that are about 1½ miles from our post-cruise hotel. The Holiday Inn Express has a park and cruise package, although I would rather stay at the Charleston Marriott. The Marriott has free parking; however, I cannot find a cruise package on their website. I am planning to contact them to ask, if I do not see anything in the next few months (our cruise is not until the end of 2019). I am researching until then to see if anyone has experience staying in this area. Thanks, all!
  9. Thank you, pacruise804! 😊 I appreciate the great info.
  10. Thank you for the better info. No, there are no clamshells listed for my cruise; not even as sold out. All of the others (cabana, villa, oasis) are listed and all sold out, which is why I thought it might be something we could get after arriving. I understand lunch is provided for all; I just was not certain if it is the same lunch provided for all in the same area. Seems like it would be easier that way, but you never know. I thought of another question: What kind of payment do we need for drinks? Cash, credit card, S&S card... I know drink package beverages are not included.
  11. I have been reading about this beautiful port, as this will be our first visit there. I have a few questions about things I cannot find: I see that the BBQ lunch is included like on the ship; however, the only ship port map I can find is from HA and we will be on Carnival. Is lunch served at the same pavilion for both lines? What is the cost to rent a clamshell? I do not see this listed under excursions for my ship, so I do not know if that means they are all rented, or if we need to rent one after arrival. I read a few posts about a quieter area farther down the beach past the private cabanas. Another person wrote to walk to the right end of the beach, and the area past the cabanas looks like it is left of the tender spot. Which is correct? Or, am I misunderstanding what is meant? Are there lounge chairs and clamshells in that quiet area, too? Or, are chairs and clamshells only in the busy area? I read about fitness trail and hiking trails, which sound like they are different trails. Do these begin near the Welcome Center? Are they doable in walking sandals or will we need something more sturdy? Thanks!!
  12. I have a couple more questions about visiting this on our own. We are 2 adults. The $2 coupon has a spot to fill in #adults, #kids. Am I correct assuming we will only need this one $2 coupon for $2 off each our tickets? Has anyone ever purchased tickets online beforehand and gotten the discount that way? What promo code do you use? I see their website has a spot to enter a promo code; however, I could not find a code searching online. Is any public [bus-type] transportation available in Cozumel other than a cab? We have taken the bus on some of the islands, but never in Cozumel. Thanks, all!
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