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  1. I agree, and hope this changes before our 2020 cruise. I will monitor and look for improvements
  2. was told the manifest was closed and to check at the port. I'm happy with what I have but wondered about upgrades at port. Apparently RC doesn't have upgrades on sailing. Thanks for the replies.
  3. Has anyone attempted to change staterooms when you arrive a the pier? Did you have a problem getting your luggage if you changed rooms?
  4. What has puzzled me is that they change the per day price. One day it is $50/pp for deluxe package and later it is $47/pp. I haven't seen other cruise lines change like that. Keep watch.
  5. We looked at South Africa, and waitlisted for January 2019. Finally decided to switch to 2020 after waiting. Wanting to book FF miles in advance to work our favor. Now the 2019 South Africa sailing has plenty of available. I think the practice of booking on board and ability to switch to another booking is working against the cruise line keeping bookings and also keeping away those that would book.. Keeping an eye on those cruises of interest and still of value.
  6. Mary, What site did you find where you could compare different agent offers for the same cruise?
  7. I asked several passengers on last cruise for TA recommendations. They had some good deals, but mostly mentioned that they had a hard time getting in touch with their agent. Still searching... Oceania does have a list of agency, but not agents.
  8. This thread answered several questions I had about the wait list. Unfortunately it doesn't leave me feeling very good about the system in place. I guess having a premier travel agent is most important. How do you find one with that relationship with Oceania?
  9. I agree with those that tried Viking and went back to O, been there and done that. ONE reason to keep those brochures (stacked away) is in the event you decide you want to book a wait listed cruise. Once all categories are wait listed, it is hard to find the prices on line if you decide you do want to wait list. At least having the brochure gives you an estimate...
  10. Yes, I did like the food in GDR on earlier O cruises. I agree that everyone has different tastes, and what one prefers another may not. I ordered Veal Parmesan, and the breading was so thick and hard it was difficult to cut with a knife. Certainly had difficulty chewing it. The other entree was beef steak. I asked which cut of beef and was told a NY Strip. I asked for a more tender cut and the waiter brought over the manager that said the beef would be sirloin, and they would try for a tender cut. I ordered it medium. It was cooked medium but so tough I could not chew it. Others mentioned the same opinion. One lady on a tour said she couldn't cut her fish with a knife at GDR, and another lady made the same comment about beef steak as I did. The appetizers and salad were good. I was just so disappointed with the entrees those 2 nights, but had great meals the rest of the cruise.
  11. Just returned from Marina, Amsterdam to Amsterdam. Must say the GDR was extremely disappointing. Except for 2 below expectations in GDR, we dined in Specialty, La Reserve or Terrace Cafe. The Terrace Cafe was better than GDR. Dining experience was excellent in all venues except for GDR. I left my comment cards.
  12. Thank you for this information and so many options to consider. GG, are you a Travel Insurance broker? Are all Trip Insurance policies transferable?
  13. In the past we were able to purchase trip insurance (medical/cancellation) at the date of final payment. That was fine. The company we used in the past now requires purchase of trip insurance at the time of making a deposit. Are there reputable independent insurance companies that allow you to purchase trip insurance at time of final payment? TIA
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