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  1. Sailing the Veendam from Boston to Bermuda was my first solo cruise. Docking on Front Street was perfect, everything was so easily accessible. The crew was gracious and I met many enjoyable passengers. She was a special ship and I’m sorry I won’t get to sail her again.
  2. Hello to everyone. It seems that I am the guest who arrives late to the party but I am bringing chocolate cupcakes so I hope I can be forgiven. Thanks for the daily update, it is so interesting to see each ship’s progress. thanks for another Riesling selection, it is my favorite.
  3. Thank you for your time and effort keeping us updated on the locations of the fleet. I loved your wine choice today. Several years ago I attended a wine tasting at the Epcot Food and Wine festival given by Mr Selbach who introduced 4 delicious Rieslings. He was an excellent speaker and told interesting stories about the vineyards located on the steep banks of the Mosel River. I enjoyed it so much I returned the next year!
  4. Thanks For posting the link, I didn’t have any luck trying it.
  5. Headline from Reuters today: At least 40 infected with COVID-19 on Norway cruises amid scramble to trace passengers.
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