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  1. My two assignments were at the 10 day mark.
  2. I am so happy to find out you will be cruising again! I enjoy every post and you always include us in the fun. Bon Voyage and safe travels.
  3. I believe alcohol was involved. No surprise there.
  4. I was Nieuw Statendam over Christmas and there were lots of kids. One place later at night I saw groups of kids playing cards was in the Lido during the late (10:30-11:30) hours. There is a 10:00 movie on the big screen by the Lido pool and kids were playing ping pong on the deck above. Many games were available in the EXC area.
  5. I am so happy to begin another vicarious world adventure with you! Thank you so much for your time and effort in doing this. I have just taken my second Holland America cruise and found your tips so helpful. I am a big fan of breakfast in the dining room! Bon Voyage! 🛩⛴⚓️
  6. So happy (and relieved) to hear your plans. I will be happily following along.
  7. Nine days out and just got my room assignment. I found it on my luggage tag. Thanks CCers!
  8. Thanks so much for all who are providing information. I am excited to board on December 23rd and will be happy to learn from your experiences.
  9. I had a safe with a keypad on the Veendam last May. If I recall correctly it was on a closet shelf around waist height.
  10. Yes, I am seeing them also.
  11. I was a solo cruiser last May on the Veendam to Bermuda and found open seating to be quite enjoyable. I never made a reservation, I ate at a variety of times, and my longest wait was 5 minutes. I was willing to sit with others which makes a difference in the ease of getting seated, I think. I am cruising again in December and will be interested to compare my experiences. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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