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    Infinity drydock

    Yep, what everyone has said. We've had a great time despite the minor inconveniences. All six of us are healthy . The preventive measures put in place incovenced a hardworking staff more than it did us. The casino even washes the gambling chips ! (And with one cruise day left, I don't believe we will get the chance to serve ourselves anything at this point. It's been staff serving everything from around day five of voyage)
  2. XTEACH281

    Infinity drydock

    No kidding ...I have always been...and continue to be grateful for anything given to me...
  3. XTEACH281

    Infinity drydock

    The return rate on the free elite bag of laundry was if it was left in the morning , it was returned the next day in the evening. Friends who paid for laundry got it back a little quicker. Elite breakfast has been held in the Tuscan Grill ( and served to you since the norovirus outbreak) and daily cocktail time was held up in the Constellation lounge .
  4. XTEACH281

    Infinity drydock

    Yes, three elegant nights ....but elegant is stretching it. Been very casual all the time. And...seriously probably too much TMI... but bring extra underwear... it's so hot and humid that you'll go through two sets in a day. ... seriously. That's the kind of packing hints I would appreciate :evilsmile::evilsmile:
  5. XTEACH281

    Infinity drydock

    Currently onboard the Infinity. Got letters in cabin from captain several days ago about norovirus onboard. Much sanitizing of surfaces with strong smell, hand sanitizer everywhere. No self service of anything...not just on buffets , but also drink stations and at dinner , bread and butter placed on your plate along with paper packets of salt and pepper. This morning, the library books were locked up and guests requested to check out books at passenger services (?) not sure how that'll work... lines move slower at buffets, do feel sorry for staff as they are running around nonstop. Do understand it's to keep it from spreading....
  6. XTEACH281

    Viking Rhine Christmas Market Run Down

    Yes, they close Christmas Eve I believe. ...we did them last year, Nuremberg to Frankfurt route. We got a great price on this cruise and thought NYE in Strasbourg, France would be fun !
  7. XTEACH281

    Viking Rhine Christmas Market Run Down

    We are doing this cruise starting in Basel on December 29......but would like to do Colmar on our own...the 4 of us would want to take a taxi over there ....did anyone on your trip do this? We figure the concierge could help arrange this.
  8. Hear you on this... we got canceled on two...what's weird is the one 18 months out is offering us % off another rccl cruise and this Enchantment cancel , 7 months out for us, thus less options to rebook .... is just a bit of OBC ...makes no sense.
  9. Yes, Liberty of the Seas. ......really disappointed they're not offering more than a little OBC for canceling us...we have such a good deal on Enchantment jr suite, we'll never see that on Liberty 😡
  10. Yikes. Double hit for us...several days ago, our Explorer of the seas repo out of Sydney , Australia April, 2019 got cancelled ( we've been offered 20% off future Australian cruise, 10% off any other ) and now our June 23 cruise on Enchantment ( aft jr suite for our 40th anniversary) is cancelled , with perhaps only future OBC offered ? Wow. Opening some red wine and thinking about all inclusive land resorts....
  11. XTEACH281

    Cheers program out of Galveston

    We were on NCL Jade last January, with the drink package...it started as soon as we ordered...still in port...we were just taxed on every "free" adult beverage til we hit open waters....showed up as 76 cents, 53 cents, etc on our shipboard account
  12. XTEACH281

    Gastro bar / premium bev package on equinox

    Since our Classic package only does beer up to $6, can you use it during HH if regular prices come down due to 50% off ? Placing a lot of beer in our price. Thank you.
  13. XTEACH281

    Pics of a B4 open-sided extended balcony

    Thanks so much for the pics :). We just booked same cabin...other end...(7009) for Tahiti cruise .... And it's now classified B3 .....
  14. XTEACH281

    Protests in Egypt

    We were on Oceania's "lands of time" cruise that made all it's ports (including both in Egypt) this past July-August...their next Lands cruise leaves Barcelona tomorrow and Antalya,Turkey and an extra day in Ashdod, Israel have been subbed in for for newly cancelled Egypt ports.....
  15. XTEACH281

    Anyone Recently Used Ramses Tours?

    Not sure how they will do it on a 4 night tour...but on our one day Cairo visit, we visited the museum...did the felucca ride on the Nile, right near the museum, then ate lunch in van on way to pyramids....we really enjoyed the boat ride..nice large, well shaded craft...no motor...just a boatman who looked like he walked out of the old testament!! It broke up the day, gave us a breezy, shady ride and was something different :)
  16. We completed a cruise on Oceania's Riviera that went from Barcelona to Istanbul July 19- august 3.... We stopped in Alexandria, Port Said, Ashdod ,Haifa, Kusadasi and Istanbul (among others). Felt safe at all places....:).
  17. XTEACH281

    Anyone Recently Used Ramses Tours?

    We just did a great one day tour with Ramses from port said to Cairo...did museum, added on felucca ride on Nile , decided to eat a boxed lunch in the van between places to save time...then did the pyramids and sphinx ....back to the port inplenty of time...we tipped our driver and guide (more to guide than driver) and we tipped in US dollars....we had asked at previous ports, and this summer ...dollars were appreciated more than euros and local currency :).
  18. XTEACH281

    Egypt & Israel

    Also on the July 19 cruise.... Six of us did a private tour to Cairo with Ramses Tours...roomy van , with guide and driver....did the museum first, then an add on of a 30 minute felucca (native sailboat) ride on the Nile ....a highlight of the day!!! We elected to get box lunches and ate them on the van on the way to the pyramids area(no down time that way in the restaurant). Got back in plenty of time and got many personal insights from the guide about life in Egypt today ....
  19. XTEACH281

    Time to Sightsee in Barcelona?

    One of our favorite spots (and really crowd free) is the city museum...located behind the cathedral...but go DOWN in the elevator..instead of up...and you wind up wandering on catwalks over Roman ruins !!! Really interesting, with great explanations, and markers that orient you to locations "on the surface above" ....
  20. XTEACH281


    Were there corkscrews in the cabin for DIY ??? :)
  21. Please.....sir...may we have more???? :) Boarding Riviera in a bit over two weeks and can't wait :p
  22. XTEACH281

    Cairo security

    Right there with you :). Cheers :)
  23. XTEACH281

    Riviera Ramblings

    Any updates on the rumored third menu for La Reserve???? :). (thanks in advance)
  24. XTEACH281

    Aboard Riviera

    So excited sitting at home , reading this :) can't July 19 get here quicker :confused:
  25. XTEACH281

    Would like opinions on Le Reserve experiences

    Thanks...maybe we are getting new menu #3, because before and after booking La Reserve for a July Riviera sailing....no set menu for our date appeared. :confused: