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    Shanghai Cruise Port Terminal Baoshan

    We're on the same cruise and wanted to do something similar. In the end, we booked the ship's city tour / transfer. They do say your flight has to be after 4:30 so that may be an issue for you, May be worth a call to Celebrity if you are interested.
  2. We are on the same cruise and heading directly back to the US as well. However, our flight doesn't leave until about 5pm so we have time to kill in Shanghai (we've been previously). Since we don't want to hassle with our luggage, we did sign up for the ship's transfer with a city "tour" to the airport to help pass the time and revisit the Sky Tower. I had previously believed our itinerary worked for visa free, but was having a hard time getting written confirmation from Celebrity. However, just recently I saw in writing, on the Celebrity site, an apparent confirmation of this. They say you must take their tour to be visa free, but I wouldn't think that's the case. That's just them pushing their tours. We were going to take their tour anyway, so it worked out for us. It was just good to see it in writing by Celebrity.
  3. I'm very much enjoying your trip report as I will be taking the same cruise this year. I really love your photos, and as one who likes to take pictures, I'm impressed how few people there are in many of your pictures. Given the historic nature of the sites I had assumed they would be more crowded. Was it the time of year, time of week, or patience? Anxiously awaiting your Korean adventures.
  4. Taking the same trip this year, anxiously awaiting the rest of your report :)
  5. I referenced chaos on the first night, because as a couple who signs up for anytime dining, it has always felt chaotic to me with no one having a reservation and everyone wanting to eat at the same time :) Glad to hear the last night silliness has been eliminated as that was one of my reasons for booking a specialty for the last night. Again, not having tablemates means no one misses us :)
  6. Thanks CanadaRocks! Tamarind booked for the first night. That was my priority :) We do the anytime dining, so we aren't abandoning any tablemates :)
  7. CanadaRocks - We're on the same cruise as you and have been patiently checking the dining availability for a couple of months. I was first told January would be loaded in September and now I've been told by the end of this week. I was going to book the first night to avoid the chaos of the dining room. I am also tempted to book the last night as well. Admittedly, I had not previously noticed a correlation to quality of food to first and last night :) Will be interesting to see the responses. RenoDuck
  8. OK, I'm just following this review for the sheer entertainment value alone. This comment made my day! It cracked me up so much my office mates wanted to know what was so funny! There just wasn't anyway to explain....... :) Thanks for brightening my day! RenoDuck
  9. Thanks for the feedback on the Photo Permit for Yusupov Palace. I'm leaving shortly and have already picked up my currency for the other countries. Because I was under the mistaken impression I could just pay SPB Tours for the Photo Permint, along with my tour charge, in USD and reading that I really didn't need rubles for anything else, I decided not to order any. I read a later post that someone was able to pay with USD. I think I will wing it and have exact change in USD and if they take it great, if they don't, I'll still have plenty of pictures of my time in SPB :) Thanks again!
  10. RenoDuck

    Oslo - Hlep Please

    Depending on where you dock, you may be able to purchase the Oslo Pass at the cruise terminal. You will also get a 20% discount offered to cruise passengers. That would save you having to purchase transportation to the Tourist Information office at City Hall.
  11. Question on the photography permit - I have been advised by my tour group that the cost is $6USD, however, it must be paid in Rubles and that there would be a stop at the ATM to obtain. Frankly, I don't think I want to pay the $5USD foreign ATM charge to my bank to get $6USD worth of rubles. I had thought I wanted to be able to take pictures here, but after looking at yours (thank you for posting) combined with the payment hassles are making me reconsider. Any thoughts?
  12. Thanks Kaisatsu, that's exactly what I'm intending to do :)
  13. It does look like that would work. That would be much easier if that were the case. Hopefully a local will confirm. Good catch!