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  1. In my personal experience I have gone Premier anywhere between 5-14 days and always received the same amount of gifts and special treats. Maybe an extra plate of cookies.
  2. You receive the free cruise offer if you qualify, the last night or morning of your cruise. My cruise ended Dec. 5th and the email about the Premier Cruises came two days ago.
  3. Received an email today from Carnival for 30 available Premier Cruises. Tried booking or even trying to find out prices and it would not let me. Anyone else having this problem?
  4. For the last 3 hours been saying " Under Maintenance" for me. Sorry I missed you, I’m currently on a cruise Sorry I missed you, I’m currently on a cruise for some much needed downtime. Be back soon! Sincerely yours, The Celebrity Website for some much needed downtime. Be back soon! Sincerely yours, The Celebrity Website
  5. Anxious to hear replies on this also. We have the same situation but on Reflection in April.
  6. Haven't cruised Celebrity yet but I have to say Wow and Thank You for the time and effort putting this all together. Will be a big help on my upcoming cruise in April.
  7. To make it short and sweet, I would go with Meraviglia.
  8. Thank you for the laughs! Loved the thread with the exception of "the wet blanket!"
  9. I have the same offers but I am retired and husband still works and busy time for him also. Thinking about going solo!
  10. I have done this twice. As the other cruiser stated it had to be the same cabin category.
  11. someone posted a list of Carnivals maitre d's and their email address. Does anyone have this info for the Dream? I would appreciate it very much.
  12. Love the iconic feature of the Swarovski crystals. At over $12,000 a step, to me they are breathtaking.
  13. Thank you for taking the time to answer me back. The one cruise I had with MSC was so much fun and the food we just loved esp. the italian dishes. All the plates pictured here look so good to me but I understand everyone has different tastes. The part of the snobbery has me the most concerned, being this is the second time I heard this. Nothing worse then starting a conversation with someone and they give you the eye and look away. (Had this happen once) If it happens, I will just have to put my big girl panties on and not let it ruin my day. lol
  14. Hi Beamafar. Would you mind highlighting why you are "one and done?" I will be cruising first time on Celebrity in April. Over the years I have read many of your posts and have agreed with most so would love your input.
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