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  1. I can only tell you that I have been on a hand full of Premiere Cruises and have never been invited to an Ultra Cruise. I have been told it's based on how much you gamble from cruisers on CC.
  2. Nuts Don't you just love saving money!?
  3. I looked at that list three times...sorry. But thank you for answering. Mary
  4. Would you happen to know Vista?
  5. It states a 16" x 20" canvas is included. Is it just the canvas that you would roll up and take home or is it framed? I am worried about fitting in suitcase. Thanks in advance for replies. Mary
  6. Riddle Thank you I will, I have Lexi. Merry Christmas to all fellow cruisers!
  7. Hi All I have recently signed up for URComped. I can only sign up for RC and HAL. I was wondering why MSC wasn't included. Do they have a higher player limit? I would much perfer MSC then the other two cruise lines.
  8. I am booked on the Vista B2B 02/10/19 and 02/17/19. I booked both at casino rate and had casino cash. Called back and asked if my husband was eligible for the casino cash and they added him. To do that I called the regular Carnival number and asked them to transfer me to the Casino Dept. In fact, the nice lady told me next time I book to ask for the Casino Dept after booking, so they can check if I am eligible for a Casino Rate.
  9. Thank you very much rocklinmom. It's so nice when you are thinking of booking and someone gives you a heads up.
  10. WorkerBee Haha love your humor! Get down with your bad self!
  11. I hope if more people complain they will change their minds. I will, in the cruises that are coming up. I can hardly believe they will give those gifts to their Elite players. Looking forward to what other have to say.
  12. Freshly brewed Ice Tea. Carnival has the worst tasting powdered stuff I have ever had, on land or sea! I know I can make my own, which I do, but what a hassle. A pool in Serenity.
  13. That's great you were able to book now. Have a great time!
  14. Received this today. You can book until better sale is available. You’re invited to sail 2020 Europe, Summer Caribbean or Canada & New England with an exclusive Captain’s Circle early booking offer. Sail the seaside communities of Canada and New England, to enjoy the absolute best of life by the sea — refreshing breezes, fresh seafood and quaint colonial cities. Explore Europe’s astonishing landmarks, welcoming culture and world-class cuisine. Discover the Caribbean’s timeless treasures from the melodic sounds of steel drum bands, to adventures like snorkeling and exploring top-rated beaches. Don’t miss this opportunity to take advantage of your exclusive savings! These sailings open for booking tomorrow, November 8th!
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