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  1. We are supposed to stop here on our January cruise and can't find any info on this port.
  2. Anyone have updates on sailing from San Juan? We are on Epic in January and I'm getting anxious about our sailing! I have heard Puerto Rico is getting strict again with COVID rules and thought I saw a ship or 2 recently skipped the port.
  3. I am curious too about the restart from San Juan. I haven't seen San Juan mentioned anywhere by the cruise lines.
  4. Yes I know there are cruises available to book, just wondering if anyone has seen or heard anything regarding the start up of sailing out of San Juan. I can't seem to find anything.
  5. I am curious if anyone has seen or heard any news regarding sailing out of San Juan. We are booked on Epic in January and as I read through all the announcents of ship and port start ups, I haven't seen San Juan mentioned at all! Maybe all the cruise lines are only going to concentrate on other mainland US ports for now and ships won't be sailing anytime soon from this port. Any news would be great!
  6. To know if they applied the 25% correctly take your base cabin fare on your new ncl reservation or new quote and add your bonus fcc that you initially received. To compare, that amount should be the online cruise fare you can see before taxes, fees, etc. If it's not, then something is not right. You kinda have to do backwards math to figure it out. Or at least that's what I had to do to make sense of ours.We received a credit due to cancellation as well and booked a cruise with it then later switched it to another cruise and all of our fcc and bonus fcc carried over. It took me a little figuring out but it was right.
  7. My experience is I've received 2 refunds on 2 different cruises pretty quickly. Submitted form 7/7, refund received 7/16 Submiited form 8/3, refund received 8/14 I feel bad for people who are waiting weeks and months. That's crazy!
  8. Referring more in the USA. Florida numbers are high and that's where major ports are located. I don't foresee them opening soon. Major sports are being changed, no spectators, etc. College sports where I live have all been cancelled this fall. Can't envision them letting us on a ship with 4 or 5,000 people anytime soon.
  9. One major cruise line already cancelled into mid December. Everything just keeps getting cancelled everywhere. I also just feel that they want to hang onto our cash a little longer by giving people more flexible payment and cancellation policies.
  10. Interesting that they have added the flexibility to cancel 15 days before for cruises departing in January thru October 21 and receive FCC. Makes me think that they don't plan to start cruising again anytime soon. 😥
  11. My January Mardi Gras cruise is still showing for me too.
  12. For now, I've been vacationing on my deck and floating in my pool a lot. Here in Wisconsin, we've had a really warm summer, so I can't complain because the winters here are long. If my January cruise gets cancelled, we will look at other warm destinations such as all inclusive in Mexico, Jamaica, or Costa Rica, as long as we're allowed to travel!
  13. Yes, I get your frustration but why start a new thread about the same thing. There are already a dozen threads of covid related topics on this forum.
  14. My January Mardi Gras cruise is still showing up on my cruise manager ..lol We are still deciding if we want to take the fcc or get a refund of our deposit. Did you request a refund? I did manually cancel the Cheers drink package and received the refund yesterday, in less than a week's time after I cancelled it. Also, I submitted a refund request for our March Horizon cruise on July 7 and received our refund yesterday. Looks like they are processing refunds much quicker now.
  15. I am curious too how quick the refunds for fun shop purchases will happen. We were booked for 2 cabins on Mardi Gras in January. I pre-purchased 2 Cheers drink packages for me and husband when they had that 20% off sale, great deal. When I log in on Carnival site, my cruise is still there on my planner. I wonder when it will be removed and how long it will take to get the Cheers package refunded. I wonder if I should just go cancel the Cheers package to speed up the process. I haven't requested a refund or FCC yet for the actual deposit on the cruise because we are still debating on what to do.
  16. My January Mardi Gras cruise is still showing up in my planner. I did however receive an email notifying me of the cancellation and 2 phone calls from Carnival. I'm sure it's a matter of them getting everyone cancelled and processed.
  17. Thanks for sharing. My college age son might not be able to cruise with us next time and he has a bunch of FCC, that I of course paid for. We might do this option!
  18. Regardless if you booked a nonrefundable deposit, you can still get your deposit back because your cruise was cancelled and you cancelled it after the new policy was implemented where you can choose between FCC or 100% refund. You need to go online and fill out the form on their website and request a refund.
  19. If you cancelled on March 16, you can get a refund even with a nonrefundable deposit. Go online and fill out the form and select refund. We were scheduled to sail 3/15/20 and cancelled on 3/8/20. Their initial policy at that time only allowed for FCC which we were okay with. On 3/16/20, I received an updated email from Carnival allowing me to choose between either FCC or refund. You are entitled to an option!
  20. Thank you for sharing. I hope we find something out, good or bad. I just want to know if I'll be sailing in January or not so I can make other plans if I need to.
  21. I don't blame you at all for wanting to cancel. Probably a wise choice.
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