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  1. I’m booked on Encore June 6th 2021.🤞
  2. I have 4 cruises booked on Empress, a b2b in May, a 7 day Canada/New England in August and the 15 day Snowbird Migration from Montreal in October.
  3. Excellent points, I wasn’t thinking about how difficult it might be to refit an older ship to meet the new requirements.
  4. They should keep Empress for those of us who love this small beautiful calm ship. I’m sure there are lots of people who prefer not to have all of the bells and whistles
  5. I have 4 cruises booked on her next year, I’m following this closely too
  6. I tried to L & S my May 17 Empress to Bermuda using the online form and it said it didn’t qualify because there was no other ship with that itinerary. Perhaps if I had asked my TA to call there would have been something that could have been done, but I’ve decided to just take the FCC if it cancels as I have other booked cruises to pay for.
  7. I’ve had 15 cruises canceled, 4 of them were on Empress in June. I sailed Empress to Cuba in December 2018. Love that ship.
  8. I’m also supposed to be on the Snowbird Migration Cruise out of Montreal, plus another 3 cruises on Empress in 2021. Sadly not going to happen😕
  9. November 2nd, 4 day Mariner out of Port Canaveral. It was supposed to be a b2b but the 10/30 3 day was canceled. I’m hopeful because it goes to CocoCay twice with Nassau in between. I’ve had 15 cruises canceled so far😕
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