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  1. We originally cancelled our 4/11 transatlantic cruise in the Sky Princess on March 9 under the 50% cancellation policy through our Big Box TA. Then Princess cancelled this cruise on March 12, so we chose Option 2 on the Princess Cancellation Form on March 16. Like a few others posting here, the email compensation receipt received back from Princess on that submittal did not include our Ship, Sale Date or Booking Number. At that time, I was not sure it was properly submitted, and not sure if we needed to go through our Big Box TA to cancel, not Princess directly. Due to call volume issues, we did not get through to the Big Box TA until March 25. But it was beneficial, as the TA got Princess to re-instate our expired Future Cruise Deposits, and they are now good until April 2022 on our online Princess account. We understand this is not the case any longer. We were told by the TA that Princess stated it would take up to 60 days for our refund. This time, our compensation receipt showed all of the correct information. Our 25% Voyage Goodwill FCC under Option 2 showed up on our Princess Online Account(s) a few days after the second cancellation submittal through the TA, although it is dated as being "Earned" on April 23, go figure..... Like many others, we were anxiously waiting on our 100% refund back to the credit card (Costco Visa) and monitoring this thread. We received several of the generic Princess emails asking for patience on the refund. Yesterday, I received another Princess Email stating that our FCC was now available, even though it was posted to our account in March, but dated as April. Of course, that email also included a lot of sales information about booking another cruise. This morning, we were pleasantly surprised to see that our credit card had been credited for the 100% of the correct amount, including EZAir, taxes, etc., minus the reinstated Future Cruise Deposits, This transaction was dated as posting to the card on May 29. Today was 69 days from the second cancellation submitted through the TA. I was going to dispute the charges if we had not received our refund by the end of day tomorrow, which would have been 70 days. I am not sure if the email on the availability of our FCC that we received yesterday was any indication that our refund was also processed to our credit card, or just coincidence. We made no calls in to Princess, but were getting close if needed to support our potential dispute ...... Good Luck to everyone
  2. Interesting. Never thought there might be different policies. To check for my own knowledge and education, I went back into the reservation system again just now and did the same mock reservations. I selected the Platinum coverage (we are elite) and clicked on the "View Details" for the coverage, and it showed the same information as you see for the coverages on an existing reservation, and the first item on the page is the CFAR policy details, which are: Any Reason Cruise Credits Reimbursement provided in the form of future travel credits if cancellation reason doesn't qualify for a cash refund. Always willing to learn, glad I checked it out just to make sure. Seems to be the same coverage unless I missed something. That is what is good about these forums, always learning or verifying information.
  3. Not true at all..... If you book a cruise after the traditional final payment date, you have pay the entire payment when the reservation is made so you have to purchase the insurance as part of the cruise fare now, and pay everything now, there is no separate deposit and then final payment. I did the "mock" reservation today as if I was booking today, and it allowed me to add the insurance in the Options section for putting together the reservation for total pricing since it was a new reservation. Your statement is true for reservations made earlier, where you make a deposit, and then at some time later, make the final payment. After final payment date for a specific cruise, everything on new reservations becomes the "final payment", 100% due upon making the reservation. We do this all the time, we don't typically book until after the traditional final payment date to take advantage of pricing sales trying to fill the cruise. On new reservations, you still always have the opportunity to purchase the protection no matter how close to the cruise you purchase the cabin, as long as the cruise is still open for new reservations. I have attached a screen print of the "mock" reservation I made today as the example, note the Hold Until Date of March 6 for my April 11 cruise, note on the right side the inclusion of the Vacation Protection in the amount of $387.66. Not trying to argue the point, but it was valid and correct, you can add princess Vacation Protection on "new reservations" that are made after the final payment date has passed. You are correct in that you can't add it onto an existing reservation after final payment date on reservations initially made before the final payment date.
  4. The CFAR is something Princess is still offering at the same price I quoted for cabins on my same cruise for anyone who purchases them today, so Princess is obviously willing to take the same liability today for the same cost of benefit on new reservations. If that is the case, not sure why should I pay more than I would if I reserved today and purchased the protection under this extreme situation of a possible pandemic. Ordinarily, I might agree, but not with this situation. We always get travel insurance, just not always CFAR unless we get it through Princess for certain cruises closer to home. I did not cancel my cruise and then now asking for a refund, and my cruise has not yet departed, so my car is not quite wrecked yet........
  5. I don't think that is part of the coverage provided by the Underwriter. The screenshot I attached shows that it is separate, except for NY and Washington State (See numbered footnotes). The Cancellation Fee Waiver Program is shown as a non-insurance benefit provided by Princess Cruises itself.
  6. We are Elite and are on the Sky Princess for a 17 nt. TA in April, but got third party insurance for higher medical and medical evacuation coverages and also for coverage for time we have scheduled in Europe after the cruise. We did not elect to get the CFAR through the third party provider, which was maxed out at 75% benefit. The COVID-19 was not an issue at that time. Just for information, our policy is the same underwriter as the Princess Policies. If I book at this cruise today through the Princess website, for the same perks and cabin class (and cruise fare as I originally paid), I would pay $193.83 pp (roughly 7.25% of the cruise fare) for Platinum coverage through Princess. I would gladly be open to Princess allowing me to purchase Platinum Protection with CFAR now, AFTER we have already made final payment, under these extreme circumstances. Our final payment was in December, before this all escalated. Would that not be more than fair to everyone? In that case, I am not getting off for free, I would have paid the same as everyone for princess CFAR protection, (actually more, I would now have two travel protection policies) but now have the option to make better decisions about this cruise and our health. We are worried that as things develop here with the Grand, and in Europe overall, people with the CFAR for our cruise may cancel last minute, within the cancellation parameters, and the cruise could not go, albeit a low probability. There are quite a few empty cabins for the shorter 14 nt. TA only portion of the cruise as of yesterday, I counted over 100 as being available for reservation through the Princess website.
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