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  1. Step 7 in the above link alone will convince anyone that it’s much easier for both parents to go.... hence my advice still is to is to bring both parents if a child is under 16
  2. Statistics are great if you can understand what they aren’t tellingyou so 44% have pp....ok that assumes 100% of Americans travel we know that’s not true. All the 44% is saying is that 44% of americans travel or have traveled to a place that required pp. it’s also saying that 56% of Americans either...can’t wont dont want to can’t afford to are too old are too young etc etc .to ..travel to a place that requires pp. Lots of Americans dont travel so you cant say 100% of Americans regarding a pp because a pp is only for travel and not everyone travels ok so closed loop sailings...50 to 70% not using pp. hmm....let’s back out those that are on “once in a lifetime cruises” and perhaps first time cruisers who dont know any better regarding pp and I’ll bet that the vast majority of savvy repeat cruisers have a pp again statistics on their own are meaningless unless compared to the overall picture and that overall picture means backing out certain things in order understand the statistic fully pp are the best form of Id available and I’ll gladly pay to keep mine updated.
  3. Ok so that clears it up. You were part of a very small percentage of people who could get away without a passport. Why didn’t you post that initially. And no I don’t read signatures but I am one that posts enough info to be clear and concise. also you said you crossed the borders when passports weren't needed. I’m guessing you are talking about Mexico and canada but please enlighten if I’m incorrect you also mentioned you did closed loop cruises not everyone is military and note everyone does closed loop cruises regardless. Passports are the absolute best form of ID a regular person can have and from what I’m reading they may well be required to fly within the USA in short order
  4. Ok well I was just joking but whatever however I’d like to know how you travelled to Europe without a passport? If you area EU member then please clarify that if you aren’t then please clarify how you traveled to Europe without a passport? im guessing there is a way but I not know of any so I’m curious
  5. And just think of all the extra stress that last bit cost you
  6. Their passports also cost less fyi your husband will need to physically be present to get the kids passports due to their ages you can’t do it alone
  7. Something I miss that I've noticed on basically all our cruises regardless of if it's just me and spouse or me and some of the young adult kids or all of us together...and this is for our land trips too...2 day overnights to Disney to 14 days in a beach house..... we never fight and all get along famously and it's great when the real world rears its ugly head not so much. Lol
  8. I use a 21 inch roll on and a small tote but am starting to wonder if I could get away with those underseat roll Ons and a tote. Lol. I hate when im randomly picked for gate checking my non bulging 21 inch roll on when others roll right on. Lol bad luck of the draw I guess and yes I book zone 6/7 tickets. Lol
  9. The issue you are looking to answer is simple...geography if you want a deep Carib itin out of NYC they absolutely exist. Mostly in winter and mostly 10 to 14 day itins check out RCCl and NCL you are not going to find a 7 day itin to the Carib out of NYC no matter how much you complain about it. Lol
  10. I've stopped joining roll calls on my last 4 cruises.
  11. Bye bye cc. I'll miss you but you are now too difficult to use
  12. I'm thinking that cruise critic hired some former Royal programmers for the new and improved cc boards
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