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  1. We have been on many Ocean cruises all over the world. Next time we are thinking of a European river cruise. What is the best value company to look at and best areas to cruise ? Many thanks..:)
  2. Anyone booked on this one....:)
  3. Smee

    P&O Floats Out Newest Cruise Ship in Italy

    Its Huge and far to big for us.....:eek:
  4. Smee

    Booking more than 12 months ahead

    We always used to book well in advance but some of the late deals over the last 12 months of so has made us think again. The fact that we are both now retired means we can go anytime........:)
  5. Smee

    Cruise Show - B'ham 20/21st Oct 2012

    We will be there on Saturday..............:cool:
  6. [quote name='Smee']Lets hope Cunard read Cruise Critic..........:D:D[/quote] They should. 1276 people have looked at this thread....:cool:
  7. Lets hope Cunard read Cruise Critic..........:D:D
  8. [quote name='paulista1950']I'm looking forward to read it. I was on this cruise and, as far as I know the bad experience on tendering ashore was due to the local authorities.[/quote] I have so far had a reply acknowledging receipt of the letter and saying my complaint will be investigated by the appropriate manager..:cool:
  9. [quote name='Aussieflyer']It sounds that if you were on a ship's excursion or had priority tendering for some reason it was not too bad (which explains why some posters say it was fine). I know that if you are independent it can be a real pain getting tender transfers as they take the ship excursions first and the rest can wait. Luckily we did not have tender ports on our recent cruise but all lines I have been on seem to have the same policy. It sounds like Cunard were not well organised in this port.[/quote] We have used tenders off P&O ships with no problems whatsoever..:rolleyes:
  10. [quote name='Underwatr']The tours were staggered enough to allow independent guests to go ashore, but the main problem was the Harbor Master not allowing tenders to travel at a sufficient rate to offload passengers quickly. As a result the tours would board a tender at their scheduled time while independent passengers would queue for non-tour tenders. The wait between getting a tender ticket and boarding the tender ran about an[COLOR=red][B] hour and 20 minutes [/B][/COLOR]through the morning, and it appeared to take 20 minutes for a tender to get ashore from the ship including queue time at the harbor channel entrance. It was close to noon before people could just go down and board a tender without waiting with a ticket. IIRC there were 6 tenders running - 2 would be loading passengers at the ship, 2 would be unloading at the pier, and 2 would be waiting at the entrance to the channel. The waiting tenders couldn't enter the channel until the two at the pier had offloaded and exited the channel. I could watch from our balcony but I couldn't see if there was anything special that made it take longer than usualy to unload at the pier.[/quote] We arrived in the Chart room to get a ticket at 09-20 (boat 2 had only just left) we had ticket for boat 12 and actually got ashore at 12-10 ? You do the maths. We were not on our own some waited longer....:eek:
  11. You were very lucky, hundreds of us were stuck in the Chart room for hours...:(
  12. [quote name='Ben-my-Chree']We were on this cruise our 37th with Cunard. We had no problems with the ship or the tendering.The ship and crew were as usual excellent. The tendering went well for us, we were straight into the dock on arrival and did not have to wait for a tender on the return. We went on a tour whale watching which was the highlight of the cruise, and on return we had to wait for about ten minutes to dock. The skipper said that when cruise ships arrive they take the outer jetty for their tenders which only leaves the inner one for local craft, we did not have a problem with this as we had plenty of time to get back to the ship. The real problem for us with the cruise was the weather as we had 3 and a half to 4 and a half metre swells all day every day, coupled with strong winds and thick clouds which only cleared for a few hours on four sea days. We got used to Captain Olsson advising us to make sure to hold the handrails with every noon day broadcast. It did not put us off cruising but we will not cruise to Hawaii again.[/quote] If your experience with the tenders went well you could not have been on the same cruise as us.....:eek:
  13. Smee

    QUeen Victoria - Todd English Menu?

    I agree, the quality of the food in the Britannia restaurant was so good we did not need to look anywhere else and I thought the prices a little steep for what they had to offer.....:cool:
  14. The last Tender port we experienced was On P&Os Oceana at Monte Carlo and everything went with the precision of a military operation. They had obviously spoken to the guy's who ran the port [B][U]before[/U][/B] we got there..:cool:
  15. As you can see from my report, we were very impressed with the ship but we have cruised with other cruise lines and were disappointed with the over all experience. For entertainment and tour office service P&O leave Cunard in the shade. It is very unlikely we will cruise with Cunard again although we may consider a Trans Atlantic as we do have friends in NYC.:)