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  1. First time using the app for YTD for our reservation on Sunrise worked great!!! The app notifies you when your table is ready!! 👍😎
  2. Hi yes going in February I also will be interested in a beach stop to spend $$! I saw on resort for a day the Grand Lucayan Lighthouse Point is open for day passes so guess thats one of the first to open! 🙏😎
  3. Got our letter we are grandfathered in!! kudos to all that fought for this perk!! 👍😎
  4. Well add us to the long list of people getting what they booked for and now being taken away!! being in our early 60's and retired we always look for specials to continue our addiction of cruising. I normally book ocean balconies but wanted to try the BW balcony for something different and being a person that loves soda and also seltzer this package was perfect!! a free burgers never hurt!! I am hoping that Royal will see how this is horrible customer service (haha don't laugh)and reinstate this package for those of us that have booked almost a year out!! While we look for specials to book our cruises we normally do not have a budget while on board but this time we will!! On our Oasis sailing in May we will close our wallets as a response to this 'enhancement of the guest experience'! No drink pkg, no souvenirs, no duty free liquor, no excursions, no specialty dining, spa treatments, photos etc....and most importantly will not spend a dime on COCO CAY!! Additional tips will be given as always to the great crew!! and I truly feel sorry for the customer service reps for all the grief they have to take from this "executive decision"! Off to write my letter to corporate!!🚢😎
  5. yes great pics!! thanks for sharing!! we will be on her soon and cant wait!! 😎
  6. Half Moon Cay the most beautiful!! 😎
  7. thank you so so much for letting me know!! i ended up checking another sailing and booked a balcony yesterday (of course lol)i really wanted to try the promenade interior for something different. i thought maybe those rooms would end up getting booked after so long trying to access them,,,,,best of luck to you hope you can get what you want!!!! 😎
  8. hi yes i have reported two separate times regarding problems and never get a response.i have cleared my computer of the usual recommendations and try on several devices and no luck,,,,i can however access other sailings but none of which i am interested in at this time,,,,,most sailings out of NJ i am unable to price but yes actually i am looking at interiors also!!! very frustrating for sure!! good luck!!
  9. I still cannot access any prices for sailings out of NJ for what seems like weeks now also,,,,hope this gets resolved soon!!😞
  10. Hi 13 cruises here with Carnival and keep coming back! Going with our grandson on his first Carnival cruise soon to start the next generation of cruisers!! Loved Breeze!! Magic is on the to do list!! :cool::cool::cool:
  11. I also had a nice facial on Vista during a journeys cruise it was very relaxing! Never take the time at home so enjoyed it even more and did purchase a couple items to kickstart my new:D routine!! :cool::cool:
  12. Thanks for the review!!! Any chance you have the 4 FUNTIMES to post?? Thx!!:cool:
  13. Hi my hubby and I always enjoy reading your reviews!! we will look forward to meeting you hopefully as we are on the same sailing of the new Sunrise!!
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