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  1. Hello everyone, I thought that people on this forum might be interested in this latest guidance from the UK Government in relation to domestic cruise ship travel: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/coronavirus-covid-19-cruise-ship-travel?fbclid=IwAR0-lohKnidFLQEC-faGWdG-tfGN5fY9eVDzMztOo2wy4WsHDElSrbWPDQg#international-cruises
  2. Dear BlueRiband, I'm inclined to agree with you ...on all the points that you make. (particularly about the "...sparks would fly if one person...meticulously folds their clothes...etc"😆 No doubt the onboard laundry and pressing service will be busier than usual!
  3. Have just seen the latest Cunard announcement at https://www.cunard.com/en-gb/contact-us/travel-health-advisories, and that "Queen Mary 2’s current programme of departures up to and including 12 November 2021 are cancelled." I'm obviously hoping that things will be OK for the Southampton to New York crossing, departing 15 December. A general thought has just occurred to me - I’ll be really interested to see how the future social distancing issue is going to be dealt with in relation to the relatively narrow corridors/hallways in the cabin areas. And another
  4. Hello everyone who responded, Thanks for your comments. Much appreciated.
  5. Hello everyone; Can someone settle an argument between my husband and I, please?😄 Is the Britannia restaurant on QM2 open for breakfast on disembarkation day? I know that the Britannia Club and Grills restaurants and the Kings Court are open for breakfast on disembarkation day. However, one of us reckon that the main Britannia restautrant will be closed and the other says it will be open. (I'm not saying which of us states open vs closed! 😏🤫😉 Thanks.
  6. Ah...the unkown factor that comes with Brexit - (I was VERY pro-remain/VERY anti-Brexit)😉 Your comment "whisking him right aboard so we can start his indoctrination ASAP" makes it sound like an induction into a religious order...which I suppose for some QM2 fans, it is 😅. When my hubbie and I took our first QM2 TA...we couldn't wait to get on board and start exploring! Yeah...I'd get him aboard ASAP to begin the indoctrination! 🤣
  7. Thanks for this. Husband now converted to getting into Manhattan via ferry!😜😁
  8. Will have to chat with you on our 15 December crossing then, to hear what cabin # 6147 was like. Daft question... will you have to disembark at the end of the Dutch Markets trip on 15 Dec and then reimbark for your TA to NYC?
  9. @Chart Room Princess @Chart Room Princess - I spoke with Cunard this morning...and have "downgraded" to cabin # 5126. (I prefer getting a good night's sleep to having a picture window 😁)
  10. Good afternoon Frankp01, Thank you so much for this really helpful comment and advice...particularly the pic of your luggage on the ferry. I'm a great fan of river ferries in cities (e.g. the Thames Clipper service in London https://www.thamesclippers.com/... we often use it when we're in London) Ironically we took the QM2 from Brooklyn Cruise Terminal on May 15 2017 - just a few weeks after the NYC ferry had first started operating...but didn't think to make use of it at the time. I'd really like to try your suggested NYC ferry solution of Red
  11. Many thanks for your insights. Between yours and Frankp01's comments, you'ver really sold me on the ferry! 🙂(Just have to persuade my husband that it's a good idea too! 😉😁)
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