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  1. Thank you all! JB- yes I meant the coach tour with International Friends so thank you for the very thorough reply and the heads up that it is only the day of departure for a cruise line! I read that but then forgot it as I was trying to reorganize. markeb-Good idea to check out where the jubilee events are occurring. Basically we were going to be in central London so I appreciate your experience. The BI cruise and London visit is part of a bigger trip. So now I am switching my itinerary around. We will fly to Paris, spend 4 days there then go to Normandy for 3 days then take th
  2. Thanks Cruiser Bruce, I read both of those but they do not address my question. My question is regarding the crowding in London and what is affected by the Bank Holiday!
  3. We are planning a trip to London for 3 days prior to our cruise of the British Isles out of Southampton. The cruise starts June 2, 2022. Our days in London would be May 30 - June 2, then a car hire with International Friends to Stonehenge prior to boarding ship in Southampton. I just discovered that June 2 and 3 will be a Bank Holiday and this is a very special celebration weekend for the Jubilee. I imagine that London will be mobbed, reservations for hotel and restaurants difficult and sightseeing venues packed with long lines. Is this a fair assumption? I realize this celebration has not hap
  4. Thank you for that information. I have been working on a hotel for May 30-June 2, 2022 and have been experiencing difficulty in both room availabilty and costs in my preferred hotels, all of which are near Westminster and St James. Now I understand why. If June 2, 2022 is a Bank Holiday will public transportation be operating? We need to get to Southampton for a cruise on June 2, 2022. We were looking at a tour company to take us with a side trip that day to Stonehenge. Maybe we need to change our cruise dates! Although with the Jubilee if we can get a hotel it may be great people wa
  5. Thank you DJVKN and Cruise Wonderland. I think the cost of a lost night and day on board is a wash if we can disembark in Le Havre and save the hassle and cost of getting back there from Southampton! I have looked at the fast ferry, Britany Ferry, from Portsmouth to Caen as a back up plan. So it would be train from Southampton to Portsmouth, cab to Britany Ferry, fast ferry to Caen then cab to Bayeaux. Too far out to see times and cost but at least an idea of what is required.
  6. Thanks for that info. I will prepare for both the option to disembark in LeHavre and be prepared to continue to Southampton and get back to LeHavre area. I loved Brugge on our Baltic cruise so that would be a pleasant surprise!
  7. Thank you All! I could not find any BI cruise on Princess that offered any alternative boarding or disembark. All the cruises appear to start and end in Southampton. I realize they did have Le Havre as a boarding/ disembarkation in previous years. I wonder if the occasions they missed the port caused too much financial/ bad press so they stopped offering it. I learned on here I can contact Princess for a port deviation request. I will try that as we plan to stay in Normandy for 3-4 days before going to Paris. I guess plan B is figuring out a high speed ferry from Portsmouth to
  8. Thank you! For some reason all my searching of the forums revealed nothing, then when I searched for transportation from Southampton to Le Havre I found a 2018 thread about this exact subject. The ship missed the port and there were a lot of stranded people caught unaware as at that time it was listed as their embarkation/disembarkation port and Princess was of no help! Yikes. So yes I will need a plan B if I decide to take this cruise and hope to disembark at Le Harvre, as our follow on plans are a land trip of France.
  9. Hi we are looking at a British Isles cruise in 2022. We would like to get off in Le Havre the last port before returning to Southampton. Will Princess allow us to do this and how do I request this ahead of time so they are aware. We have not booked it yet and will do so on line. Our last 2 TA's retired with the Covid. Also I notice on the excursion list for this cruise there are a lot of very overpriced options for booking a car and driver through Princess for port excursions to DIY, some are half day some full and the options are for small car and vans. I think this may have somet
  10. We are also booked with Uniworld for the end of May. Our insurance policy does not cover epidemics but it does cover cruise cancellation. Since our cruise has not been cancelled or postponed as of yet, I think if we cancel now with Uniworld we will lose more money than if we wait and see. At 30 days out from our cruise we can cancel for a penalty of about $400 plus a couple which I believe will get rolled over to a FC. So I want to wait and see how Uniworld handles things going forward as I may want a full refund and not a FCC. If Uniworld has to postpone further into May or June we stand a b
  11. Thank you for that info! I will try contacting them in a few weeks. Have a wonderful cruise.
  12. Hello all, We are taking a Uniworld cruise from Lyon to Avignon the first week of June2020. I am interested in information regarding the Masterpiece Collection excursions. I can view them on the Uniworld site but they do not describe what is included or how much they cost. Has anyone here done this cruise in 2019 and can share dailies or personal experience with these tours and approximate cost? I have read some nice reviews but the info is old. Just trying to figure out which included tours and which extra tours to take and if we need to plan for DIY touring in addition to what is offered.
  13. I am also interested in any information regarding Masterpiece Collection options but for the Burgundy & Provence cruise on Uniworld. The Uniworld site only shows information for 2018 Masterpiece options for this cruise. Does anyone have personal experience with these options for 2019? Our cruise is for early June 2020 Lyon to Avignon. Do we need to wait until boarding to discover what the added tour options will be? For example it looks like the included tour for Avignon is the Palace of the Popes in the morning, and in 2018 they also offered an afternoon trip to Pont du Gard. W
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