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  1. Tired of having to follow this. I am cancelling my February Celebrity cruise out of Florida and going to do a 14 day Celebrity Cruise from Singapore to Tokyo later in February. Flying Japan Airlines. Good job DeSantis. US airfare, Florida hotel, taxis etc. now going overseas. My recent viewing of Crazy Rich Asians reinforces this as the correct move.
  2. What about my choice to go on a cruise with fully vaccinated passengers? Don’t confuse snowbirds going to Florida for the warm weather and support for the politics. As a shareholder I will be proxy voting against the chairman of RCL who caved. I also won’t be on a cruise that doesn’t require vaccinated passengers.
  3. Vaccine is 91% real world effective around unvaccinated people. Not 100%. Why would I take any risk when there are so many vacation options? If I really want to cruise I will just do it where fully vaccinated is required. (Europe?) Probably will just go to Hawaii this year in the winter for my break.
  4. And that is why the threshold is 95% and not 100%. If those who can get it do then those who legitimately can’t should be safe. I have gotten the vaccine to protect people like you. I can’t imagine that you are considering getting on a cruise with unvaccinated passengers if you have a condition prohibiting you from getting vaccinated.
  5. I was wondering when the deniers would start in. Only 500K died seems a little callous. (597K at the moment). 14th amendment is not applicable. Please see Jacobson v. Massachusetts. I will only cruise with fully vaccinated passengers. If I can't do it out of Florida I will do it elsewhere. I have my CDC card.
  6. Yes. Just yes. I have no desire to cruise with the unvaccinated. If they want to do cruises for the unvaccinated then that is fine by me. I can’t wait to see how that works out although I don’t think it is fair to the crew. I should be able to take a cruise with other vaccinated passengers. In fact I won’t cruise with the unvaccinated. (Exception for those not eligible for the vaccine.) Plenty of other places to vacation and spend my money.
  7. Biden signed the law allowing cruise ships to skip Canada so sailings to Alaska can go ahead this year. Pretty strong evidence that he does not hate cruising. The CDC just significantly lifted the masking and social distancing requirements for 95% vaccinated cruises. Seems like they don’t hate cruises either. They just want them to be safe. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Celebrity Edge out of Ft Lauderdale on a paying cruise with 95% vaccinated passengers. We will soon know who believes in the free market and who does not. As a vaccinated individual I believe I have a right to purchase a ticket on a fully vaccinated cruise.
  8. Guarding my health means only cruising with vaccinated passengers. I believe I have that right. If not I I will not cruise out of Florida. Simple as that. Testing doesn't work as it is only valid for a moment in time. There are many options for vacationing. I can cruise else where, go to Hawaii, Europe, all inclusive, etc. I will not cruise with unvaccinated passengers.
  9. Norwegian has a number of cruises out of San Juan this winter. I will be looking into those cruises and suggest others who have gotten their vaccinations do so as well. Cruising with people who refuse to get vaccinated is not something that I plan to do.
  10. My husband will not cruise out of Florida if vaccination status is not allowed to be taken. A flight, a movie, a concert is very different from a cruise. If Florida does not allow vaccinations to be required we will either not cruise or cruise out of a state that allows the cruise line to require vaccines. I have taken a number of excellent cruises out of San Juan. I have a cruise scheduled in February out of Florida but I can cancel up to October. I very well may.
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