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  1. It will be legal across all of Canada in July of this year, so that wouldn't be an issue. However, it won't happen unless/until federal law changes...and I don't see that happening within the near future.
  2. Ruth, as usual, you are the voice of reason and amazing knowledge. It's nice to hear from you. Thank you for confirming that, at least in this situation, I'm not going crazy :).
  3. I stand corrected....orange is the new red :). Anyway, I thought that during code orange one couldn't fill water glasses, salt and pepper shakers weren't on the tables, the natcho bar wasn't available, etc, the first 24 hours ? It's been over a year since I've been able to take a cruise, so I'll be the first to admit my memory might be off :).
  4. I just got off the Oosterdam this am. There was no code red the first two days....passengers could fill their water glasses, select food under the sneeze guards on the Lido deck, etc, from the start of the cruise. When did HAL relax their earlier 48 hour hold on that ?
  5. Pier 91 by itself is not exactly exciting. It's about two miles north of downtown....which means you have an EXCELLENT view of downtown and the Space Needle. But that's just my opinion....and I don't consider myself a cruise geek. I have the extreme fortune to work on the waterfront BETWEEN downtown and pier 91, so have a view of both. For that I am very grateful :).
  6. I live about five miles north of pier 91 (where all of the HAL ships dock). There are quite a few relatively inexpensive motels in my area, and Uber is wildly popular, in addition to pretty good bus service. If you are willing to stay a couple miles from downtown, prices for lodging are significantly lower.
  7. I just looked at a recent sample menu for the Pinnacle Grill and don't see Creme Brulee listed ! Say it aint so ?
  8. Last year was the first year since I've started cruising in 2009 that I wasn't able to go on a cruise. I was not a happy camper last year because of this. I'm off to Alaska on The O on the 14th...yeah !!! I haven't been on the Oosterdam in two years and am curious what has changed, both physically and other, since then. For those that have had the good fortune to sail her recently, what is good, bad, different, etc, with her within the past two years ? Thank you in advance. May we all be fortunate enough to enjoy future trips and realize how lucky we are :).
  9. No desserts ? What planet are you from :) ?
  10. just got off the Amsterdam from a week- long cruise. I walked 113 laps in the seven days, which at 3.5 laps to the mile equals over 32 miles. It got me to thinking.....does anybody have any tales of excessive exercise habits whilst cruising to justify all of the food we are "forced" to eat :) ?
  11. Does anybody know if there is a spot on the HAL website (or does anybody just have this information) on how many laps equal one mile on the promenade deck of the various HAL ships ? Gracias in advance.
  12. I totally agree with this. IMHO, people that are incapable of picking up their trash/filth/dirty towel/candy wrapper/cigarette butt/whatever and putting it in the nearest designated container for the same item were not trained well by their parents. Yes, the stewart is to clean up your room...that is their job. However, common sense and COURTESY has me trained to pick up after myself for other things. Common sense and courtesy here, folks.
  13. it's the same obnoxiously-long address, so you have it :).
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