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  1. At our first gala night, we had our picture taken and went down to the photo gallery to see how they looked. They are now only available on the navigator app or at a terminal in the gallery. At no point when we had them taken did we give them our stateroom number, so I guess that means they use photo recognition. We haven’t cruised in two years….did that start pre-Covid ?
  2. On our current cruise (Venice-Athens on the Eurodam), we went to the MDR at 1:30 and it appeared totally closed…..there were no staff or passengers to be seen, but the doors were open. We went to the Lido instead and somehow managed 😉.
  3. Our check-in on our current cruise (Sept 12 Venice-Athens on the Eurodam) went relatively smoothly , but I want to share a VERY small glitch we had at the initial process. We checked “yes” to the question of whether we had taken any international travel in the past 14 days. Being that live in the US and had just flown in from there, that would be correct. A person behind the counter asked why we had checked yes to that question. We explained that we HAD just flown internationally. Am I missing something….or was he just confused ?
  4. We were assigned to the first group to be checked in for the Sept 12 Venice-Athens Eurodam cruise ( currently on our first sea day and having a wonderful time). Check-in was scheduled for 1pm, but we arrived at 11:50, fully expecting that as we were early, we would be waiting to start the process ( which went very smoothly). We were ushered in early to start the process with no issue. As no one was scheduled ahead of us, we didn’t complain:). I would guess that approx 100 other passengers were ahead of us.
  5. We are on a train from Zurich to Venice…via Milan. We crossed the border about an hour ago…..our passport was maybe glanced at for less than one second. Our CDC card was maybe glanced at for less than that. The border control person appeared very familiar with the CDC card when asking for the green pass.
  6. Who knows why, but it’s working now :). We just landed in Lisbon….I’ll give credit to the Portuguese Internet Goddesses 😉.
  7. I’ve not been able to access my upcoming cruise in the Roll Call section…or any other cruise . This started about 5 days ago. Has anybody else had this issue ?
  8. Yes, have done that and it worked…we just reconfigured it to the new WiFi. we would just use it to play music :).
  9. We understand we are limited in number of devices:). That’s not my question: I’m asking if an Amazon device could be used in this scenario :).
  10. We will have internet on our 12 day Eurodam cruise. If we were to bring one of our Amazon dots, would we be able to configure it to work in our cabin ?
  11. I’m sure it exists: what is a good site to go to for comparison of two specific suites on a specific HAL ship ? We will be on a 12 day honeymoon cruise soon and I want to surprise my new spouse :). thanks much in advance !!!
  12. A friend of mine (we are both in the Seattle Men’s Chorus) will more than likely be staffing the kiosk at the market . Good excuse to wander down there !!!!!
  13. You are correct…my error 🙂
  14. I didn’t say it would be free. We often are offered the “opportunity” to upgrade…..for a fee.
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