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  1. Ok here are a few from Kentucky.
  2. KYBOB

    Carry on bag size

    We are scheduled to go on a Princess land tour before our cruise next year. In reading various accounts and the information from Princess the bag size is recommended to be 17”x14”x 4”. Then I have read others say 15”x14”x6”. Well the pack I have is 19”x11.5”x 6.5” so just how tight is it ? Or are they like the air lines and if it is over have to check it? I am willing to bet on the train the tables of 4 with two people facing the other 2 will be gone. But would be nice to still have the tables with just 2 people at one table.
  3. I second the Canon G7 Mark III great camera, even good for video. But get extra an battery or 2.
  4. Ours is the 17 Day Connoisseur Escorted UB1 so we will have to get together and compare tours when on the ship. We have also reserved some of the more popular port tours some were down to 4 and 6 people, we left the ones with 20 seats until later and I will check back on those. We were to have gone on this one this this year and they moved us to next year. This was our 4th canceled cruise since 2019 so hopefully 2022 will be the year we get to go. As to the previous post we have not had any issues with getting our money back on the canceled port tours, at least the ones we had to
  5. We have taken the same tour and it was one of the best tours we have taken. Being a Photo tour we took our time walking along a path to Mendenhall and then time at the glacier looking for good shots, and just enjoying being their and taking it all in. One of the most memorable photos we have from the trip is the guide took photos of each couple / group with the glacier in the background perfectly framed with their own camera. The boat was great with windows that opened up to allow perches for cameras. We had other tours on this trip where the "walks" are what I called a dead run through the fo
  6. We too are on a cruise tour! Ours starts on the June 16 with the gold dredge tour in Fairbanks. We are going to fly in a day earlier June 14th to give us the 15th to get acclimated some because our flight does not get in to Fairbanks until for our time zone well after mid-night / 10:00pm local time.
  7. We are booked on the same cruise (June 25th Majestic) and received an email on Wednesday. In looking at some of the offerings some only have 9 seats left, etc. Did notice that the largest group is 20 people unless COVID (had it) has wiped my memory I think before time (before COVID) the numbers we larger on the popular tours (lumber jack show, large whale watch cruises not the small boats, train rides)??? Or is that a tactic to get us to go oh no only 20 tickets we need to book now!!! or there really is only going to be 20 tickets because they are going to limit the number of people to allow s
  8. We were able to change our Alaska cruise tour from June 19 2021 to June 15, 2022 with FCC from 3 canceled cruises in 2020, all transferred over. Was not able to make the change until last Friday with out loosing the FCC now with the new extension was no problem. So now here is hoping 2022 will be a better year, this one is not shaping up so good so far.
  9. I second the WATERPROOF clothing and shoes, we learned on our trip the difference between them. I had a WATERPROOF jacket and my DW had a Water resistant jacket (was more fashionable I guess) well she was soaked to the bone in like 15 minutes of rain when were were walking around Ketchikan. The water "resistant" coat never really dried out enough for her to wear it again until we got home.
  10. I can remember when we first started cruising(late 1980 early 1990) the shore excursions were not in big buses. But they put 2 couples per car and pack of cars traveled from place to place. I can remember 4 people cramming into an old 1970's era Toyota Celica. But then the ships where much, much smaller. We met several people who have become life long friends on those excursions.
  11. I would check out Abes of Maine before you buy. If you have time for reading, Google abes site:uglyhedgehog.com. or https://www.consumeraffairs.com/homeowners/abes-of-maine.html?page=2#sort=top_reviews&filter=1 B&H or Adorama, Best Buy for that mater are reputable online retailers I have purchased equipment from B&H since 1981. I have had no issues with either.
  12. Great shots! For the Denali bus tour I was planning on having both cameras one with a 70-200 and the other the 500mm w/ 1.4 teleconverter. For just landscapes I have gotten good at taking multiple shots and stitching them together. This is hand held; no tripod, on the ship of 6 shots at 200mm stitched together. I have this printed on metal 24" x 72" hanging in my office.
  13. You have obviously had some bad experiences with photographers on your tours. I have taken many excursions and bus trips and I can usually get the shot I need and be gone before half the people are still trying to get off the bus and gone way before the idiots with cell phones take all their selfies. I am also one if not the first one back on the bus, a good photographer and professional one can look at what is there and knows what he needs to do for settings, which should be set before getting off the bus, take the shot and go on. I have like you seen a guy fiddle and fiddle with his camera o
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