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  1. Thanks! The airport here seems to be only getting the ERJ 145 planes any more and I used to take a Think Tank Airport Advantage without issue but lately have begun to hassle me about gate checking it just because it has wheels. I took them off once to get my bag on. I remember we used to get larger planes, seems those days are long gone for some reason.
  2. The Coral is best for Alaska as mentioned in the above post. We did a B2B and loved the entire voyage but this was our second time on the Coral. We have sailed twice on the Royal and twice on her sister ship the Regal. The Royal class is better for the Caribbean it has really no Promenade deck what there is of it is uncovered not to great for Alaska and no really forward facing viewing area. Plus getting off and on the Coral in port is much easier than the Royal class ships. The crew on the Coral have always been the best.
  3. I do not know if this will influence your decision but you will be on the wrong side to see the Statue of Liberty as you sail out of New York Harbor. It is on the odd number cabin side (Starboard). We were in B409 and had a great view of the statue as we sailed by was an amazing sight. Also the night skyline of New York.
  4. Sorry this was not shot with the Sony but the concept should be the same with any camera. I spot metered right on the statue. These three below where taken with a Nikon D850 with 500mm/f5.6 from our balcony on the Caribbean Princess this September. I set the ISO to 1600, F stop to F6.3. The camera was set to aperture preferred so the camera automatically set the shutter speed. the VR was set to active to adjust for the movement of the ship. All hand held. The light is fading fast along with the moving of the ship past everything so have to shoot fast. I then used the Exposure Compensation adjustment to quickly modify the exposure. I will admit we stayed in several days before in New York just down from One World Trade (Conrad great hotel) and practiced with exposures the night before to get the exposure right on the statue from land so I had a starting point, then on the ship checked my exposure quickly in the camera by zooming 100% on the statue to see if correctly exposed then adjusted the exposure compensation down. Hope this helps. 1/80sec, EV-5/3 1/125sec, EV-7/3 1/30sec, EV-7/3 Here is another great sight you can see sailing out of New York. Nikon Z7 -24-70mm/5.6 set to 70mm, ISO 3200, F/8, 1/25sec., EV-4/3 EV-5/3
  5. NY 2019_25213.jpg Caribbean Princess in Quebec
  6. I use Ultra Dry Premium Waterproof Bag 20L it is available from Amazon runs about $18.99. I have used it in the Caribbean for the beach and Alaska rafting down a river and RIB boat in a driving rain with water splashing into the boat. Kept my camera, spare socks dry. It also includes a bag for an iPhone that worked great on a float. This one has a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry. I have also seen a similar bag at Cabela's.
  7. Tried a different search and found a few reviews of this. But nothing specific.
  8. Has anybody taken the Louvre tour from Princess? It reads that is is a 3 hour bus ride into Paris, lunch at a restaurant at the base of the Eiffel Tower and then 2 hours at the Louvre. My question does the guide take you inside and lead you around are are you "on your Own". Also do you 'skip' the lines for tickets? I know 2 hours is not enough time to really see everything, but we have a list of the the things we want to see which we think may involve a bit of 'running'. Thanks for all replies! PS; have tried search this topic and nothing comes up.
  9. We take a small fan to help move the air that fits into our checked bag. It helps a lot! We plug it into the outlet behind the TV.
  10. Sunrise Maui - Haleakala Hawaii 2019_02882.jpg Hawaii 2019_02471.jpg
  11. We are doing a S2S in April out of Port Everglades and wonder if there are any good laundromats (coin operated laundry) or a place to drop off clothes and get them cleaned before we get on out next ship? We will have a car. I remember a while back reading in a review of people doing a b2b getting off and doing their laundry. Thanks for any recommendations.
  12. Just returned a week ago and just now uploading. NY 2019_20427.jpg NY 2019_20576.jpg NY 2019_22329.jpg NY 2019_23134.jpg NY 2019_22463.jpg
  13. Which Z lens did you find you use most on your trip? We are going a trip soon, not as exotic as the Amazon, New York for a few days then jump on a 10 day New England cruise up to Quebec.
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