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  1. I am considering booking a private photo session in the hopes that my loved ones and I may take pictures some place on the ship other than the backdrops and in front of the grand staircases. Has anyone else done this? What was the cost of your package? What locations were offered for you to take your pictures? Thanks! S
  2. I was wondering if any one would share their experience with having a wedding, booked through Carnival while ported in Nassau during one of their weekend overnights in the Bahamas. I wondered if the length of time you were permitted to hold the venue for the wedding and reception (Island Breezes Orange Hill, booked through carnival) were different since the ship doesn't have to leave until 7am the following day. Please Brides and Grooms, share your experience if you had the opportunity to get married where the ship stayed overnight in the port!
  3. I'm thinking about going to either the public beach or get a daypass in the Dominicus beach region on our cruise June. Does anyone have an idea about the cost of a taxi or a shared shuttle to Playa Dominicus or Iberostar Hacienda? I've searched the boards up and down and can't find consistent or recent information.
  4. CutestLittleEvil

    Minimum age for chefs table

  5. CutestLittleEvil

    Minimum age for chefs table

    Does anyone know i there is a minimum age to participate in the chef's table? I'm traveling with a large group and we have one 18 year old with us. We were not sure if the Chef's table would have a minimum age of 21 as alcohol is served (not that everyone is required to imbibe.) We were not sure if we would be able to have the young adult accompany us.
  6. We are visiting curacao early in Jan 2017 during an early day 7a-5p port stop. Has any one booked a biking excursion to see the island? What did you think about this as an off the beaten path excursion? We are considering using WannaBike to go mountain biking around the island. Thanks!
  7. CutestLittleEvil

    Best drinks you've found on ship "cheers" or no "cheers"

    Rum Beer Float - Ice cream from the Gelato Bar + 1 shot of Mt Gay Spiced Rum+ Coney Island Hard Root beer. Best root beer-ish float you'll ever have. The foam tastes like rummy goodness.
  8. CutestLittleEvil

    Sick room steward. What would you do?

    Wash your hands frequently, don't touch your face, and say a prayer.
  9. CutestLittleEvil

    Chef's Table vs. Winemaker's Dinner

    I just love the chef's table, I've been able to do it on all of the Princess sailings I've been on. I hate to have to pass on it if I also requested the wine maker's dinner. I'm happy to hear that some people that are on single voyages have been able to go to both.
  10. CutestLittleEvil

    Chef's Table vs. Winemaker's Dinner

    Has any one done both the Chef's Table AND the Winemakers dinner within the same sailing? We are looking to do both over out NYE sailing this year... I was curious if anyone has been selected or at least tried to do both.
  11. CutestLittleEvil

    Prices of mixed drinks, wine, and fruity drinks?

    Most of the listed frozen and/or mixed drinks on the menu were about 9.50 with gratuity added for a single. On my last sailings on the Breeze we were able to 'make it a double' ( how I love a Makers sour ) for $3 more. This was definitely the best bang for the buck.
  12. CutestLittleEvil


    On My first princess cruise were were offered a free up grade from an interior to the largest balcony midship they offered. pretty awesome.
  13. CutestLittleEvil

    Bitter n Blanc on the Breeze

    We had it on the Feb 13th, 8 day southern sailing. We did not have it on the Feb 21, 6 day western sailing.
  14. CutestLittleEvil

    Carnival warning about mosquito dis.

    There have been locally transmitted cases in Texas. Per Dallas Department of Health http://www.dallascounty.org/department/hhs/documents/DCHHS_Zika_HealthAdvisory_20160202_final.pdf & CNN News Story http://www.cnn.com/2016/02/02/health/zika-virus-sexual-contact-texas/
  15. I'm the only one in my family that is platinum. When we sail together and it's time to check in, we ask if we can all check in together in the priority area. Sometimes it is a yes and the desk agent will gather our boarding materials, sometimes it is a no. But we always board all together with the priority group first on the ship.