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  1. Or to save time/aggravation we could answer your question right here! Hopefully, pinolover, flatbushflyer and several others will speak up soon. I'll start by saying that Oceania has a very civilized approach to carry on wine/spirits. We typically bring 6 bottles of wine upon embarkation. (Some bring several cases) Depending on the part of the world we are traveling we replenish our supply with in port purchases. Never any limit. You may bring your bottle(s) of wine to any dining venue and pay the corkage fee. Any remaining wine will be held in the cellars and may be calle
  2. Make online specialty restaurant reservations as soon as available for your stateroom level. I would encourage you to select "share" option with the reservations. We have met and enjoyed new friendships with several singles, adding them to our tours, meeting for happy hours, etc. Many couples are not adverse to sharing with singles. We would welcome you.
  3. This is our sacrifice of choice as well. -Katie
  4. dogs4fun Thank you for your informative post. Should we get to cruise next June, we will be in STB 2 nights. I have printed off approx. 25 pages of tours offered over the 2 day period. I will be looking through the offerings to find the Cottage Palace. Didn't even know that should be on our radar! We may be coming back with more questions. Stay tuned and thank you again. -Katie
  5. This topic is on the Ports boards. There seems to be quite a bit of helpful info. Simply telling you that staying in Rome is the way to go is really not addressing your question. We all have our preferences but they may not suit the needs or desires of others. Hope this link helps. -Katie
  6. I have been looking for St. Petersburg tours for our May 2022 cruise. I printed off 15 pages of tours offered over the 2 day period. According to the offerings for our itinerary, yes, you could do tours morning and afternoon. There are even shorexes that are evening ballet, music, & dinner experiences. So theoretically, you could possibly do 3 in 1 day. But that may repeat your previous "exhaustive" experience. I started a dummy booking of excursions. The booking site is quite intuitive and will give a pop-up of conflicts in the schedule. That could be helpful in your decisi
  7. When I see these inquiries it brings back memories of Stan (StanandJim). He would have us all informed with photos, deck plans and memes. I do miss his posts.
  8. Y'all have been so helpful. Welcome more info. Gives me a good start. Thank you! Katie
  9. Hello Mrs. f Would you be able to expand on who the private tour operator was and what sights you enjoyed recommend in Tenerife? What is the port situation - walk off or shuttle into town? Katie
  10. I like the way you think. One of each please!
  11. I questioned our TA about the Oceania policy. She told us that O fully intends to hold to the 100% vaccinated policy through December 2022. This policy will allow us to sail with Oceania and we fully expect O to keep their word on this matter. The subject of antibodies is of little value. Antibodies from the disease are continually diminishing. Even the antibodies she has today may not be at a significant titer level to protect her and by October that titer will be even less. But here is the final problem with antibodies. The antibodies you both currently have of
  12. This link will direct you to the La Cuisine menu with the explanation of the term on the left hand side of the page. Jacques Pepin made it sound charming. https://www.oceaniacruises.com/Documents/Menus/81604440389/La-Cuisine-Bourgeoise-Menu.pdf
  13. This video is of VS 6002 on the sister ship Insignia. Although the suites have been updated, you will see a view from the veranda overlooking the bow. You can make your determination going forward. -Katie https://www.cruisedeckplans.com/DP/deckplans/youtube.php?id=3231
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