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  1. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/passengers-norwegian-cruise-line-stage-205945947.htm This is disturbing. We are hoping and praying these trends don't seep into Regent, Oceania. However, all three lines have the same board of directors.
  2. IME more wine is never too much trouble. 😄 There will be a corkscrew in your stateroom and wine glasses, ice bucket on request. Makes for a nice pre-happy hour on the verandah!
  3. Ditto to Mr. Flyer. Bring your own and pay the corkage. You will be ahead of the game. The wine pricing begins at approximately $50 PLUS the 18% gratuity. We also bring a 4 or 6 bottle canvas bag to restock our supply in ports. One of the reasons we sail Oceania is because they have a reasonable policy with bringing alcohol on board. They treat passengers as adults and most passengers reciprocate.
  4. BTW you can book Privee even before your scheduled booking time for specialties. If you have a specific night in mind, you (or your TA) can secure the booking online as soon as if appears. We booked Privee 2 months before our level opened for the other specialties. Oops. Just gave away our "insider tip"!
  5. IF you should choose Privee, have your TA contact Oceania in advance to advise them of the milestone. Chefs will make it special. 😉 For our anniversary our DIL's spoke with concierge (I think) and had our stateroom decorated while we were at dinner. Whatever you choose, ENJOY! -Katie
  6. Privee! It does carry a fee of $250 (for the entire room, entire evening) but the atmosphere and attentive service is memorable. Privee offers the menus of Polo & Toscana so there is more than enough to choose from. Add some champagne/wine - perfection! We celebrated our 40th anniversary there with our sons and their wives. Memories for a lifetime! Another option is La Reserve. Also a beautiful venue and fabulous evening. But you will share the room with others and the fee will be per person. It is not difficult to add others with your reservations. You will need their booking numbers and enter them at the time you make reservations. Have a wonderful cruise and Happy Birthday! -Katie
  7. Being in the South Pacific should afford great weather for pool time which usually results in a good night's sleep for everyone! The sports deck should also offer some activity for them. Our kids always enjoyed collecting foreign currency/coins. Even played checkers/board games with different nationalities. Of course there are maps of the islands that they might color. The fact that you all are preparing now will be to the advantage of your entire family. Have a wonderful cruise. You will be creating memories for a lifetime. -Katie
  8. https://www.oceaniacruises.com/media/2019/OCEANIA+CRUISES+TO+ELIMINATE+PLASTIC+WATER+BOTTLES+IN+PIONEERING+GREEN+INITIATIVE+-+Partnership+With+Vero+Water+Will+Save+More+Than+Three+Million+Plastic+Bottles+Per+ Maybe this will help. The phase 1 implementation has been completed. Phase 2 apparently has not been initiated. Stay tuned?
  9. Riviera embarkation in May we were having lunch at Waves with sons and DIL's. We were approached at the table and asked if we would like to dine in a specialty that night, table for 6. We accepted the offer. This was in addition to our previously booked 4 reservations. Only time this has ever happened to us. However, we have requested additional reservations and have obtained them approximately 50% of the time. YMMV Katie
  10. In May on the Riviera our DIL ordered the sliders. She left most of the dish, not memorable, her words. That was just a one time experience. You might order the sliders for the table. A sampling for everyone. If they are "yummy" per msn123, you can always order a second serving for yourself. Just a thought. -Katie
  11. We asked our room attendant. Later in the day when we returned, it was done.
  12. Hmmm. Our request was granted in May of this year on Riviera.
  13. Hello vicsd1. I just realized I responded to someone else on this thread thinking she was the OP. I do hope some of the suggestions here have been helpful. There are a number of things to enjoy onboard Marina. We always blow through our OBC rather quickly and make wonderful memories while doing it. Enjoy your cruise! -Katie
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