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  1. Unless you are staying in one of the top suites, for an 11-day cruise you will have one reservation per restaurant. Because this is your first Oceania cruise, we would most definitely recommend making reservations in all the specialty restaurants. Then you should report back your own ranking of favorites. We would love the insight of fresh palates. Some don't have use for the Grand Dining Room. We raised a family of boys that were all in on sports. I have yet to calculate how many years I have given to standing in my kitchen. So for me, I have no desire to schlep plates at dinner. I enjoy being served and the GDR provides relaxed service in an elegant setting. Others want faster service. There is definitely something for everyone. Enjoy your cruise! Katie
  2. +1 and Ditto. I might also add to read the FAQs on the O website. And in the coming months we will be checking and re-reading the Sail Safe policy. It is being updated quite often. Katie
  3. I'm blaming this topic on shepherd really for his "Men's Haircuts" post. Here are my 2 questions: -How difficult is it to get a manicure appointment? -Did you like the service/manicure? -Is there an option for a dip redo manicure? Oops. That's 3 questions! Katie
  4. We are leaning towards Alla for St. Petersburg. Has anyone used them for other tours, i.e. Stockholm, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Gdansk? Any input would be helpful. Thank you in advance. Katie
  5. Here is a new wrinkle for our upcoming cruise. We are on a 24-day "extended journey" (pinot or flatbush insert correct terminology here). The first leg will be with friends, the second segment with family. Is it possible to book specialties and invite our acquaintances from separate cruises? We have not had this situation before. Katie
  6. You are so right. There is no schematic available for OS. However, the VS & OC schematics do appear to be without the hot tub. OS pics show a floor to ceiling window in the bath with a tub. I guess you could invite others into the bathroom and test the limits of the tub. 😵 I can only guess but it seems that maintenance on hot tubs constantly exposed to sea air would be quite significant. But that is only a guess. Katie
  7. Here are a few links to current posting re: the start-up cruise for Marina, a sister ship to Riviera. Katie https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2802700-oceania-start-up-has-anyone-been-on-the-start-up-cruises-what-is-the-capacity/ https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2772701-marina-august-29-2021/
  8. Excuse me. Should be STERN extended balconies.
  9. Correct me if my color detection is awry. I am thinking that the forward extended balconies on deck 7 are indeed A3 staterooms. However, as far as I can tell, the aft extended balconies are P1 and P2 suites. Agree, disagree? Katie
  10. One perk in Oceania Owner's and Vista suites that can be quite advantageous - 6 bottles of premium spirts and wines are included. Although the spirits are for in-suite consumption, the wines may be taken to any dining venue. Since the wines are from Oceania stock, they do not incur a corkage fee. Salute! -Katie
  11. Yes this is correct for B-1 category and lower staterooms. Only cold continental breakfast is offered.. However, this is one work around. On the room service menu available 24 hours, there is a Mediterranean Frittata available on the lunch menu. Works for us! There is also a smoked salmon plate that is great for breakfast or HH. And to AlexCherie: Welcome Aboard! Katie
  12. If we actually get to plan a trip to Meteora, I will come back asking for more details. Thnx Paul.
  13. We have been researching Meteora for about a year. It is absolutely fascinating and is currently on our top 3 of future destinations. Katie
  14. We left Holland for Oceania in 2009 and never looked back. We enjoy the opportunity to dine in Riviera's 4 specialty restaurants without an upcharge. You will also not see an upcharge on premium menu items, i.e. steaks, lobster. Riviera (& her sister ship Marina) do have a wine parings venue, La Reserve. This is a lovely room and the experience there is outstanding. La Reserve and the private dining room, Privee, are the only venues with an additional charge. All staterooms have a fridge that is stocked free of charge. Let your stateroom attendant/butler know what soft drinks and mixers you prefer. All non-alcoholic drinks throughout the ships are included. You may find that one of the drink packages suit your style. Just so you know, you are welcome to bring aboard bottles of wine and spirits to enjoy in your stateroom. A bottle of wine can be taken to any dining venue and opened for a one-time corkage fee. Any remaining wine is stored and may be called for at any other restaurant. Oceania takes a very civilized approach on this matter & it is quite to our liking. Welcome to Oceania! Katie
  15. This is an homage to Stan. He was always attuned to details and I am missing his acute observations. So I thought maybe we could collectively share our detailed views of the new Vista. Here are a few of ours. -To JVNYC: After looking carefully at deck 6, I truly do not see a promenade. -Could it be that the Library on deck 14 is actually a room and not part of a walkway? That would be so nice if true. -Also on deck 14, is the unlabeled room aft of the conference room possibly the smoking lounge? -If the photos are to be believed, the 4 tables in the Culinary Center dining room have 7 chairs/place settings at each table. The drawings in the Vista Lookbook have 8 seats per table. -The table in Privee looks slightly smaller and the chairs less bulky. Much more intimate seating. Like it. -Has anyone found the office of the Oceania Ambassador? -She spends an extra day in New York (Sept. 17-18), and 2 extra days in Miami (Oct. 14-16) and Los Angeles (Nov. 1-3). Assuming these will be Guest days for agents, VIP's. Will this prohibit B2B, extended voyages? That's all I have for now. Your turn! Katie
  16. Happy to see 2 Panama Canal transits. Could Vista/O ships take over ATW cruises in the future? DH will not consider ATW on an R ship.
  17. Or if you can spare one of the provided trouser hangers, simply clip the curtain panels together. The panels do have a heavy light-blocking lining.
  18. I am going to respectfully disagree. There are new travelers who find Cruise Critic every day. And truthfully we were all new cruisers at some point in time. There were and are many CC contributors whose insight has been kind and helpful. ( RIP Don Horner & Stan) And I have never understood those who are quick to take the time to post "Use the search feature" thus telling us that they are not going to answer the posted question. Besides, I find the CC search practically useless. It is not intuitive and can take you down trails that are years old. Most of us posting here have pre-March 2020 Oceania sailing experience. Almost everything posted prior to the pandemic are historical musings. As of today, NONE of us have any Oceania experience. Going forward we will all become "new travelers" as we begin to research the new protocols, modified onboard experiences, flexible itineraries, etc. of cruising not only Oceania, but all cruise lines in general. Many of us will lean heavily on those who sail first and are kind enough to post here and help us adjust our expectations. We are all starting over. Some not happily, some with flexible anticipation. The pool of "new travelers" just got a whole lot bigger! Katie
  19. Here is a question for speculation: Could the lounges reopen after September FDA vaccine approval for vaxed guests only? United is going forward with vaccinations for all employees. Could such a requirement be coming for lounge access?
  20. Or to save time/aggravation we could answer your question right here! Hopefully, pinolover, flatbushflyer and several others will speak up soon. I'll start by saying that Oceania has a very civilized approach to carry on wine/spirits. We typically bring 6 bottles of wine upon embarkation. (Some bring several cases) Depending on the part of the world we are traveling we replenish our supply with in port purchases. Never any limit. You may bring your bottle(s) of wine to any dining venue and pay the corkage fee. Any remaining wine will be held in the cellars and may be called for at any other venue. Wine and spirits may be consumed in your stateroom/suite but not in any other public areas. Hope this helps start up the conversation. Searching through years of posts can be tedious. Hopefully others will post here with more answers for you. Katie
  21. Make online specialty restaurant reservations as soon as available for your stateroom level. I would encourage you to select "share" option with the reservations. We have met and enjoyed new friendships with several singles, adding them to our tours, meeting for happy hours, etc. Many couples are not adverse to sharing with singles. We would welcome you.
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