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  1. Best of luck teacherman. Hope it will be a positive outcome on the vouchers.
  2. I would too. I don't hold out too much hope for our May 3rd cruise but if they go we'll be there with them!
  3. Unfortunately we did not. Someone from another post has been very helpful in explaining the LUV voucher sometimes issued by SW. We have to wait for the expiration date [October] and then have 6 months to make the request for the voucher. These requests are granted on a case-by-case basis so we are keeping fingers crossed.
  4. Thank you so much, you've been very helpful. I will do just that when the time comes. Nothing to lose by asking for it.
  5. Is this on the SW site? I could not find reference to that 6 month extension. Definitely worth the $100.
  6. Obviously they are different...sorry to have bothered you.
  7. Have you heard of the "luv voucher" from SW? I had not, but when someone mentioned I may be able to get one I checked SW site. It only mentions getting one when you get bumped from a flight. Still no reply from SW. Thanks
  8. I had never heard this term "luv Voucher" before you mentioned it. In checking Southwest site I can't find out how I'd be able to get the voucher in this case. It mentions being bumped from a flight and being issued one by SW. Have you got any info. on how it would work with Travel Funds that will expire before the date of the new trip? Thanks for telling us about this.
  9. True if you are able to travel within a year. When we cancelled Southwest put the money in a Travel Funds account. The expiration date is Oct. 29,2020. It states "travel must be completed by expiration date". Since we re-booked for March 2021 we are past the allowed time. I have emailed Southwest to see if exceptions are being made due to the Virus being the cause of the cancellation but have not heard back. There are 3 of us so this is a substantial amount {$1,109.88} plus loss of Early Bird fees. Oh well, I guess we are all losing something.
  10. There was a form letter sent out by Carnival about this to people who had cruises cancelled by Carnival so it seems like the offer went to many people. Option 2 was a full refund. I would say that Carnival did right by it's people. The Airline [Southwest} may be a different story. I think we are out of luck there.
  11. Not at all. Cruise, tax, fee, port charges for a total of $3,025.56 in a 9B balcony on the Pride. There are 3 of us in the cabin though. We are re-booked for next year and the $600 is showing on our itemized charges. So $200 each...not hard to take.
  12. We were booked on a Southwest flight for our cruise. The cruise, obviously, was cancelled and we re-booked for next year. Flights are not yet available so the fare is being held by Southwest in Travel Funds account. When we do fly on the next trip it will be after the funds have expired. I'm trying to find out if Southwest has made any exceptions due to the virus causing the cancellations. I find nothing on the website and have emailed Southwest but have not got a reply. Can you or anyone shed any light?
  13. We are scheduled to cruise May 3rd and will wait. The reason for this is that we had to cancel for 3/22/20 and Carnival gave a 100% Future Cruise Credit as well as a $600 On Board Credit. The second option was a full refund. We took the FCC and OBC.
  14. When visiting Turks and Caicos on the Pride the ship casino is open for slots. Not sure if this is true for all ships.
  15. We will be on the Legend late October from Venice. If we can't see Ken on the Pride it's good we'll see him on the legend. Spirit class is my favorite. Thanks for the info.
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