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  1. Truly appreciate the kind comments from everyone. I'm still in the travel industry, just covering a MUCH wider portion (ie all) of it now. Per cc guidelines I won't say where I'm at now but it is definitely a company with much more caring sr. mgmt and HR staff and support than my previous employer.
  2. Rather interesting as I know the chat agents at HAL and none of them go by the name George as none of them are named that nor authorized to use that alias (for clarification some may go by a middle name, etc)
  3. Hi Carol, Sorry to hear it appears you were given incorrect or mistaken information. I saw your post and did a quick double check of the policy and the information I provided in my post is indeed correct. If the word “Suite” is in the category name (so BC and up on S and R Class, SZ and up on Vista and Signature Class and SY and up on Prinsendam) get the double days for the Mariner program and the $12.00/pppd HSC instead of the $11.50/pppd HSC
  4. That's true of any ship... If "Suite" is in the title, it gets the double days. This rule also applies to where the line is drawn in determining if the Hotel Service Charge is $11.50 or $12 per person per day. S Class (Statendam, Maasdam, Ryndam and Veendam) and R Class (Rotterdam, Volendam, Zaandam, Amsterdam) BC and up (Note that BQ on Veendam is a Verandah STATEROOM because of the bathroom configuration and doesn't count but is priced accordingly) Vista and Signature Class SZ and up Prinsendam SY and up
  5. One of the more noticeable differences on this go around is the midship pool decking. If you think about the way Nieuw Amsterdam and Eurodam (after drydock) look, you should get the idea :)
  6. Definitely a great picture, but the deck crew and maintenance teams are not actually part of the HSC. That would be your room stewards, dining staff and some of the folks you don't see like laundry staff.
  7. Ship Services can best assist with this question as they have the full breakdown on these packages. And as some have mentioned, the ships have guidelines regarding trading the wines for liquor and vice versa so if you wish to deviate on that aspect, they can help you onboard.
  8. You have not seen another (newer) one, because there is not another (newer) one that has been released. If/when it is, it will be distributed to the ships and the ebrochure will be available on the website. In the meantime, the HAL website can assist with any cruise curiosities of released products after April 2013 as applicable.
  9. Hello Himself, Hope you are well. In my past experience, you would be better off taking the Quick Shuttle from the airport to get to Vancouver. This is the suggestion based on you not sailing the same day. The train station is in downtown Seattle, and there are only a few runs that are actually by train. The other ones are by motorcoach departing from the train station. If you decided to take the train option, you would need to either catch a cab to downtown from the airport (approx $35) or public transportation (approx $5-$10) as there is a little bit of distance. Hope this helps. DBA
  10. Hi Dutch46, HAL offers a program called Community Appreciation for active: full-time military, firefighters, emergency medical teams, police officers and teachers. These offers area on select sailings and proof must be sent into HAL to receive these rates. There are also a few other “terms and conditions” just like any other promotion, but our reservations staff can assist the guests or travel agents about it
  11. Hi Mightycruisequeen, :confused:I honnestly don't have any clue how they pick people to sit at the Captain's table. I could make my guesses, but then that wouldn't be the right thing to do. I know that I've asked a couple different Captians to join me and my traveling companions for a night in the PG, but it was on their schedule, not mine. Sorry I couldn't be of more help
  12. If "no upgrade" was properly selected this would not have happened. My guess is that this was not marked. OP, did you book through a TA or direct with HAL?
  13. 1) If you haven't marked "no upgrade" you might be moved. If you HAVE marked "no upgrade" only chance of you being moved is if you're in a wheelchair accessible room and don't have a physical need for it (and Access and COmpliance would be contacting you to check first) 2) It's possible. But much less likely if you say "No upgrade" And you would never be auto-moved on these as you would need to call and accept the offer.
  14. Yes, all you need is page 1. The rest is nice to have if you like to have EVERYTHING, or some of it can be good to give to friends or family not going with you (like the itinerary, etc) but you only NEED the 1 page.
  15. Really appreciate you posting these. Mind if I add them to my blog to show it off? Haven't seen it since they re-did it atthe last dry dock.
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