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  1. We do have one of the larger balconies (bump out on the slant) and would just have the other chair on the lanai removed to accomodate. These are fairly compact when folded so could even slide under the bed when not in use. But good points.
  2. We are on a Transatlantic for 13 days this April. We have a balcony room but not Concierge so it will just have regular chairs on the balcony. My wife has sciatica and since the cruise is so long, and I'm thinking of ordering a folding zero gravity chair on Amazon, keep it in the box (we just got one and it's folded up for shipment so the box isn't too large) and put a luggage tag on the box and just have it delivered to the room (similar to a case of water). Has anyone done this or something similar? We'd just leave the chair since we then go sightseeing in London. Is that possible? I checked the Celebrity website and there's really not much info on luggage restrictions. We are only bringing two small suitcases between the two of us. Thanks for any experience in the area.
  3. Michidoeme is right. It's sort of "buried". If I hadn't gone into the Cruise Planner and clicked on the Beverage package, I would never have known. No email notification or banner or anything. So I posted it here to alert everyone of the sale.
  4. Sale is happening again right now. I'm not sure if it's just for our cruise specifically, but I just purchased the Premium beverage package for 50% off (they are doing a BOGO offer). The DW doesn't drink much but at that price, even a few Latte's and a glass of wine a day makes it worth it. Not sure when it started. I posted it on our Roll call just in case it's "cruise specific".
  5. We've changed cabins in the same category too (side of ship, hump cabins, etc. that weren't originally available when we booked). And like Luvcrusn said, if there's a price drop (especially after final payment), call your TA or Celebrity if you booked directly thru them, and you can request an upgrade (free if the new price is the same or less than you had paid). It's worth checking.
  6. I agree with the "observations" of other posts here. The abusers of the system need to be stopped. TRUE service animals do not behave in the manner you stated (fed at the table, bark for no reason, etc.). And the worst part, that behavior can prevent truly disabled people from going places because "pets" (who obviously aren't trained) will "approach" a true service animal and it can turn ugly. I had a neighbor who was partially blind from an illness and during "season" here in Florida, he has had numerous times where people's "pets with vests" have lunged at his service dog, who then sees it as a threat to his owner and it causes huge problems. So other's people's selfishness keeps him for going to certain restaurants, etc. I also have a friend who got a doctor to fill out a form saying her dog was needed as "emotional support" so she can take her dog everywhere with her and not have to pay for boarding or a service to watch it. It's becoming rampant. Selfishness is what it is and I've told her I am very ashamed of her and it's affected our friendship. Because it's WRONG. It's got to stop. And I'm glad Florida and other states are attempting to stop the abuse. Some people only think about themselves. I'm hoping that changes for the better.
  7. Thanks EatonDoolittle. Yours looks very lightweight but we'll likely just leave it on the ship if it's under $50. Not worth dragging to London (we are flying home). Great idea to just buy one.
  8. Where did you find a portable footstool? We were in concierge last cruise and had them, but went with a regular veranda on the “hump slant” that has a bigger balcony. We didn’t see a huge advantage to concierge last time (the sail date lunch is great though) but will miss the footstools. I’d love to take a portable one.
  9. There's an option for Balcony rooms for the bed by the window or by the bath. Advice and preferences please. Pro's and con's. From the pictures, it seems like bed by the window would feel less cramped. But up for suggestions for anyone who has done both and has advice. Thanks!
  10. Is the Porch still on the Silhouette? I called Celebrity and the person I spoke with couldn't confirm (said there had been changes to restaurants like Quisine to LePetite Chef etc and wasn't sure if the Porch was still an available option for dining. It's not listed under Dining options when I go into Cruise Planner on my reservation, but on the main Celebrity website, it shows The Porch as one of the restaurants, but when I click on "make reservation" and put in my booking #, I'm taken to the Dining options that only list Tuscan Grill, Murano's, Lawn Club Grill, and the packages. Anybody been on the Silhouette lately that knows? Thanks in advance for the info!
  11. Thanks everyone for the suggestions, advice and info. It was very helpful.
  12. Agree with most of the posts about Celebrity having MUCH better food in the main dining (if you don't want to do the specialty dining that's a plus), better staff ratio, and a more chill atmosphere. Nothing stuffy or pretentious by any means. Just not the boisterous party feel we've seen more on NCL and Carnival. We've been on a short 4 day and longer week one with Celebrity now. Both on the Silhouette which we really liked. Been on all the most cruise lines at this point and sticking with Celebrity. But it's a personal choice on what you are looking for in a cruise.
  13. I am really confused on how reservations are handled on the Specialty Restaurants if you do a "package". It looks like the only way to make reservations in advance is to purchase each date individually. But if you buy a package, you can only pick one day?? What if you buy a 5 night package and then when you are on the ship, all the times are booked for the restaurants? Can that happen?? If I'm doing something wrong when I try to purchase, please let me know. My wife and I are on a 13 night Transatlantic and thought we'd do at least 5 nights in the specialty restaurants and the packages are cheaper, but worried about the reservation thing. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  14. I just saw a post on my Roll Call for an April sailing where someone mentioned a 50% off beverage package sale. I asked about it on the roll call post, but so far no reply. Does anyone know of this sale?? My wife's not a big drinker (glass of wine at dinner) but at 50% off, I'd sure make up for what she doesn't drink and it would pay for itself.
  15. We are staying a few days in England post cruise so decided to fly out late in the day on Tuesday. Westjet just has new 737 Max8's (putting into service this month) so figured standard first class (2 wider seats) would be better on a 10 hour flight than any airline in coach (and buy the time we added extra cost to get exit row, etc.), the $607 we paid for FC on Westjet on a new plane seems good to us. I used to fly every week as part of my job, so two bigger comfy seats is all I care about. Since we get into Toronto after 4pm, we are doing a layover in Toronto instead of rushing to another flight (missed connections not withstanding). Then took a standard coach back on AirCanada late afternoon the next day (nonstop for $145). Looking forward to extending the trip in a slow easy pace. I'll post how the flight turned out on Westjet on the new planes.
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