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  1. Thanks - I forgot about that site! So much great information!
  2. II was looking at that one too... I've never stayed in a Lanai Cabin... that makes me a bit hesitant. Thoughts on that anyone?
  3. No noise issues at all - but we were on 5th level. I did not like the movement of the ship. I won't sail in another Aft. It was a short cruise, thankfully! But worthwhile trying - I got the urge to try it out of my system! 🙂
  4. The captains of those ships must be under so much pressure! Trying to get those critically ill people to shore...
  5. Yes, I think it does! Thank you Jacqui!
  6. Exactly! I'm having a difficult time figuring this one out! We should have $100 ea FCD, plus loyalty shareholder OBC of $100.00 I had wanted to use that for the $15 pd gratuity.
  7. Yes, looks like my VB is as deep as the Aft cabin was. We’re ok with a bit less cabin space, love the larger balcony!
  8. Fortunately we received a VB cabin assignment - those balconies look pretty big too!
  9. Hello, I went to look at my account and saw this entry: Onboard Credit$150.00 Miscellaneous CreditCA$-150.00 Would they have used my OBC for the beverage card purchase I made on-line? Thanks!
  10. Blech! Booked an aft once - and hope to never sail in another aft cabin again! (Unfortunately it might happen - as we usually book a Verandah GTY) The motion of the ocean was not good for me! The type of wave action is just different back there. We did have strong winds and had to cancel HMC. I also felt like I was in the rear facing seat of a train. I like to see where we're going, not where we've been...
  11. Are any unused $$ left on the beverage cards reimbursed to your credit card, or to your onboard account?
  12. Thank you Kazu. I think that's what we we do. I plan on bringing on 4 bottles of wine, 2 for in cabin, and 2 for dinner... and yes, we have 3 port days and one day at Half Moon Key where we will not be "enjoying" the privileges of the SBC. As fellow Canadians, it just seems very pricey - especially with an additional 32% for exchange. Much appreciated! Trixiee
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