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  1. Hi could anyone give me any advice on cruising with a one year old? My son and his partner are thinking of joining us on a cruise with their baby, would they have to pay full price? Has anyone on here taken a baby with them any advice on your experience would be appreciated.
  2. Thank you that’s really helpful
  3. Thanks everyone our plan is to fly to NO to be there for my sons birthday on 29th Oct and Halloween followed by the back to back so would be beginning of Nov
  4. Hi we are from the U.K. and would like to book a back to back from NO Nov 22. Can anyone recommend a good itinerary for this? We would prefer to stay on the same ship, 10, 12 or 14 days at the most. Thanks
  5. I didn’t use a TA, I just booked it myself, do you think I’m better to give them a call? Thanks
  6. I booked my cruise on the website which has now been cancelled, I’ve opted to take the credit with $600. How do I rebook, can I do it online again? Will I receive a code to use? Thanks
  7. I would love for that to happen but I’m afraid to get my hopes up. This would have been a huge holiday for us, first time to New York, New Orleans and then a cruise. I will rebook when it feels safe to do so
  8. Our cruise out of NO on 1st Nov still showing, we are from UK so can’t fly to US if it does go, I’m hoping it will cancel soon
  9. I was due to go Nov 1st from New Orleans, so was hoping that would be cancelled to, I’ll just have to wait.
  10. Thanks everyone we booked well before Covid, it was a big holiday, we were going New York for a few days then NO followed by the cruise, we have already paid flights and waiting to hear from them as currently we cannot enter US, even if the cruise goes it’s unlikely we can fly. I have paid $500 deposit for the cruise so was hoping they would cancel although I wouldn’t mind taking credit to book in the future, such sad times for the travel industry
  11. We are booked on the above from New Orleans, we would be coming from the U.K. but it’s very unlikely to go ahead. We are due to pay in full next week and don’t know what to do, could anyone advise on our options? Thanks
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