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  1. Thanks to all for your help. I was so busy packing I just had a minute now to respond. Looks like I will be taking a bit of laundry soap with me and doing it as needed. Appreciate the information!
  2. I have in the past used the laundry service on a Celebrity sailing but have tried to be careful with items I include as most of my clothing does not go in the dryer. It seems that everything is put in the dryer and returned folded. Would it be possible (or unusual) to request that items just be washed and then returned wet to be dried in our stateroom? Is it possible for just a few items in the bag to be handled this way or would the whole bag have to be treated in this same manner? Not even sure this is a good idea given you would need to be there when it is returned or you might have a wet soggy mess greet you upon your return! Advice or experience?
  3. Thanks for that info. Worked great as you mentioned. Then I gave a call and booked it with the cc discount no problem. Thanks so much!
  4. It’s really strange as I know I saw it previously to be able to know what the price was. It now only appears if I select 2 devices. I will have to give them a call and I hope the 1 device is still available!
  5. Yes I just tried again and the same as you, as soon as I filter to one device this surf option does not appear. Hopefully I can call and get it arranged. So strange.
  6. It is a basic internet package for a single device. Something you would choose to just check emails and use internet, slow speed for sure. I don’t believe it had any restrictions on minutes but the speed was much slower so less money. It was $176 CAD when I saw it last week. Hoping it will return or as mentioned I will call and request it that way if necessary.
  7. So I had posted earlier regarding how to book this basic single device package using my cc discount and thought I would go ahead and call cc to book on the phone as was suggested to me. Prior to this I thought I should just log back into my cruise planner to pull up the amount that the package was so I could see the discount applied correctly. All of a sudden the single device basic package has disappeared and only the unlimited single device package is available. Has this happened to anyone else? Is it a glitch and will reappear in a few days or do they really only sell a limited number of them ahead of time? 😳
  8. We will be embarking on our cruise in June from the Barcelona cruise port. We are staying in a hotel for a few nights before and I am just wondering the best way to travel to the cruise port. We have actually done this before, many years ago, and I believe we took a taxi there but I can't recall if the taxi can enter the cruise port area or if they have to drop you off outside? I believe then you can take the dedicated bus to the correct terminal. I also see an option to catch this bus up by the Christopher Columbus monument. We may be able to take the metro to the close stop on La Rambla and do that also. Can anyone advise who has traveled either way as to the the convenience either method? Thanks so much.
  9. Thanks to everyone for their responses. I believe I will call as suggested to ensure I get the cc credit I am looking for and to avoid any possibility of the VAT. Thanks again!
  10. Thank you for the information. Do you know if purchasing onboard while in Barcelona (for example) would incur any VAT? Is that an issue to consider or not?
  11. We have just become Select on Celebrity and will be enjoying our first cruise as such in June. I have a question about purchasing an internet package using the 25% discount that seems to be offered at this level. Do I have to purchase this ahead of time to use the discount or can it be purchased on-board? Also, can it be purchased through the cruise planner using the discount? We leave from Barcelona so I was wondering if the VAT would have any effect on purchasing this on-board? Your help is greatly appreciated!
  12. Thanks so much to everyone for the information. I apologize for not coming back to check for your words of wisdom sooner but you know life gets in the way of holidays! I will take all your great advice and do further research on specific ports and the highlights we might choose to see. I think writing things down is a great idea, I will get my pen at the ready. Once again thanks to all for the information!
  13. We have a cruise upcoming in June and we have a number of ports in France that are very close together. Specifically Sete, Nice, Provence and Cannes. My head is spinning trying to figure out what to do/see in these ports. The cruiseline seems to offer crossover tours so, for example, you could visit Monaco from several different ports as well as Nice and such. Also the cruiseline pricing for the excursions is out of this world expensive. This is seriously adding to my confusion and difficulty in prioritizing what to see in each spot. Can anyone offer any insight on what the "must dos" would be overall (we are not beach people) or a go to list of how we could organize a plan for this itinerary? HELP I have a headache....😳
  14. I am hoping some veteran Disney cruisers can give me some info. I am planning a Disney cruise in the fall of 2020 and treating my daughters, hubbies and kids. We would need three cabins and theirs would have to accommodate 3-4 people. Looking for a Caribbean itinerary maybe 6-7 nights. For best pricing would I book as soon as they announce these itineraries? What is the chance of getting a Canadian Resident type of deal after booking? Not sure if Disney really has many price drops, if any. Also opinions on if a balcony would be necessary or advised given the children would be infants and ages 3-5. Just wondering if safety would be an issue at all. Any and all help is greatly appreciated and most welcome!
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