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  1. Maybe someone can answer this question. If My 4 day cruise is cancelled, I know I will be offered $300.00 obc to move to another cruise. Can I transfer my cruise credit from that cruise to another cruise that I already have booked? Also, will they put the $300.00 obc on that cruise also? Thank you
  2. If I book a cruise using the fcc that was given me, how far into the future will Carnival let me book? Is there a cutoff date?
  3. This may be a dumb question but can I do a lift and shift on a cruise that has not been canceled. We have a cruise booked for January with great price and perks. If the cruise does go, my husband and I are a little nervous taking this cruise with virus numbers still rising. We would rather move it to a later date. We don’t want to cancel and reschedule because the prices are so much higher right now. Do we have to wait until Celebrity cancels the cruise? Lift and shift deal will be over by then.
  4. Yes you are right. My cruise is an 11 day cruise and there is no 11 day cruise next year. We are trying to decide if we should just go ahead and cancel this cruise or wait this out to see if the cruise is even going to go. I am a little worried that if the cruise goes as scheduled, we may be asked to wear masks. Also what other changes would be made that will take the fun out of cruising. We enjoy the shows, music and dancing, getting off at ports etc. Maybe we should cancel and rebook for 2001 or 2002. Geeze we just got such great price on this cruise (which we booked last year) and the
  5. That’s right. Had the $200.00 obc but no perks. The new cruise is offering $50.00 obc plus 2 perks but the price jumps way up. I understand now that if I switch I do not gain any new perks that is offered. Hmmm I think my original cruise is a much better deal. Just not sure if it will go in September. Guess I will just hold out and see what happens
  6. Thank you. That’s what I figured
  7. Maybe someone can answer this question for me. I have a cruise booked on the Equinox in September. They are giving me $200.00 obc. Let’s say I move this exact cruise to next September. The new cruise is offering 2 perks but the price of the cruise is quite a bit more. Using the lift and shift I can take this same cruise at my price with the $200.00 obc correct. Now my question is will they also give me the 2 perks offered in the new cruise. I am sure they won’t but thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Thank you
  8. Sorry if this has been asked before. If I have a 4 day and 5 day back to back cruises and the cruises are canceled by Carnival, can I take both of those $300.00 obc and put them on one longer cruise. Or do I need to take 2 separate cruises and put the $300.00 on each? Thank you
  9. My husband and I have snatched up 3 really good deals on Celebrity within the last few weeks: 9/14/20-11 day Southern Caribbean cruise on the Equinox. Inside room, total price for 2-$1485.00 to include $200.00 obc. 1/2/21-6 day cruise Caribbean on Equinox, inside room, total price for 2 &1820.00 with 3 perks plus $100.00 obc. 10/19/21-15 day from Barcelona to Fort Lauderdale or Miami (can’t remember which), total price-$2548.00 ocean view, to include 3 perks plus $50.00 obc. I could not believe we got perks on a transatlantic cruise.
  10. Thanks for the reply’s. We will probably bring a 12 pack on board with us and buy more at ports as needed. This is a 11 day Caribbean cruise on the Equinox.
  11. My husband and I will be cruising in September and will be spending a day in St Croix. We really enjoy small quaint towns for shopping and eating, especially if on the water. Which area best describes what we want to do: Christiansted or Frederiksted? Any other areas with shopping and restaurants we need to know about? What about restaurants on the water? Any recommendations? Thank you.
  12. Is there a way to order like a case of water on a cruise or do we have to buy the water package. All other cruise lines I have been able to order water to be delivered to my room. If not, can I bring a 12 pack of water on the ship?
  13. Thank you. I would never sneak wine on board. I was just wondering if maybe they charged a corkage fee on extra bottles like they do on some other cruise lines.
  14. Just booked an 11 day cruise on the Equinox for September of this year. Got a great deal. I have been on the Equinox one time before quite a while ago so can’t quite remember. Are we aloud to each bring one bottle of wine on board? Can we bring more and if we do, what is the charge for each bottle? Can we bring cans of soda? What about cases of water. Not sure we will bring soda or water but our friends probably would like to. Thank you
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