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  1. Are there a lot of shaded loungers on decks in yacht club. I am reading about the cabanas. What is different between the loungers and renting a cabana? I am not much of a drinker but will be trying some new drinks. Someone had a picture of a drink with chips of chocolate in it. Does anyone know the name of that drink? Looks like something I would like to try. Also what drinks can anyone recommend? I don’t care for really sweet or sugary drinks. I have tried a lemon and a strawberry martini and enjoyed them both. I do like fruity and chocolate if this will help. Don’t like anything minty. Any recommendations would be appreciated. How many cabins will one Butler have to take care of? Will I have to pay for laundry or if I need something ironed? We will be on the Seaside August 2020. Thanks for your help and I know I will have more questions in the future. Diane and Bob
  2. Wow! Sounds awesome. Thanks for all of the information. This is a splurge for my husband and I but I’m afraid it will spoil me so that I won’t be happy in a regular cabin after this cruise. Lol!
  3. Sounds awesome. So looking forward to it.
  4. Yes it is the Seaside August 2020. Thanks for the replies. Very excited.
  5. This will be our first time in the Yacht Club. How early can we arrive at port and how soon will we get on the ship?
  6. So excited. My husband and I have been on a couple of MSC cruises in the past and really enjoyed them. We normally stay in an inside or ocean view cabin on most of our cruises (33 and counting), but we have always wanted to try the Yacht Club once in our lifetime. We just snagged the last interior Yacht Club on the Seaside for August 2020 and am so excited. I am hoping some of you experienced Yacht Club folks can tell me what to expect. Is it as great as people are saying? How is the Yacht Club restaurant food compared to their regular dining room food? Is Spa access included and if so, what are the amenities in the Spa? I don’t even know what to ask. Please fill me in on what to expect and maybe some differences between the Yacht Club experience and a fantastica (what we usually cruise). Thank you in advance for your help.
  7. It has been quite a while since I have been on the Sunshine. Does the Red Frog have food and is there a charge? thanks
  8. Yes we are will be included in all of the events. It sounds like we have a very fun and active group. Can’t wait to meet everyone. See you in 15 days.
  9. It sounds like this will be an interesting cruise. My husband and I are both platinum so laundry won’t be a problem for us. We also have a spa cabin so looking forward to the spa amenities. This will be a first for us. Thanks for all the replies. Even though we have been on many Carnival cruises, it looks like this one will be different in some ways . 15 days and counting. Now I am really excited.
  10. My husband and I are taking the Splendor on a 14 day cruise to Hawaii next month. We have never taken a cruise longer than 8 days except for B2B cruises. What will be different about this 14 day cruise?
  11. Merry Christmas to everyone. Spent the day with family and looking forward to January 12th. Headed to Hawaii on the Splendor. Can't wait.
  12. Thank you all for the replies. It sounds like I need a combination of clothing. No matter what the weather, my husband and I will have a great time because We Will Be On a Cruise!!!
  13. My husband and I are cruising out of Long Beach next month. We will be doing a 14 day on the Splendor to Hawaii. We will have 4 sea days going up and 4 coming back. What kind of weather can I expect on those 8 sea days? Shorts and tshirts or long pants and jeans? Perhaps some of both? Also what will the weather be like in Hawaii? Will I need a jacket during the day or maybe just in the evening? Just want to make sure we have the clothes we need. Any other advise for this trip will be welcomed. We cruise quite a bit but I have never been to Hawaii.
  14. My husband and I will be doing a 14 day Panama cruise on the Star February 1st. We both cruise a lot but have only been on one other NCL cruise (Sky to Cuba). I know the Star just got refurbished. Can anyone give me any info. On what she is like now. What is new on her? We're cabins redone? How is the Star overall? We like the smaller ships so looking forward to our cruise. Any info. From cruisers that have been on her recently would be greatly appreciated.
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