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  1. We are sailing with friends and kinda have the reverse; we are scheduled to leave on 12/31/2021 out of NJ on the Anthem. Not sure what to expect because it's the first day of the cruise. We've done a cruise with NYE sandwiched between sea days, and that was great!!
  2. Hi all, just my two cents. If we are sailing from an Eastern US port, we just try to pick the newest ship on RCL, NCL or CCL. We did that with the Oasis class, the Breakaway class, Quantum class and Vista class. We are now booked on Mardi Gras and will book Prima when that comes on line. We know there are differences between the lines, ships, pricing models and itineraries, but to our small traveling party, things seem to even out. Our personal favorite ship is Breakaway, but we had a great time on Horizon; you just can't beat Grand Turk.
  3. We're in Bluffton, and we'll probably just drive down the day of the cruise........
  4. So far our traveling party is happy with the clarifications coming from Royal; we are all vaccinated. Under the current Royal Policy (which will evolve and change) we will sail on Anthem this coming December, on NCL next May and on Carnival in Sept 2022. For us, no need to change anything.
  5. BTW, in this instance a 95% efficacy rate means that in a group of 1000 vaccinated people, 950 will be Covid free for at least 3 months, and 50 people would test positive for Covid at some point during the 90 days. Later her reports are that the efficacy was still very high at 9 months, Dr. Gottlieb a CNBC contributor said he expects the published number will be higher than 85%. That means on Ship with 4000 crew and guests vaccinated exactly 9 months ago, you could have 600 people who had Covid at one time during during the prior 270 day period. The odds of running int
  6. No problem for me; although I’m vaccinated, if I have Covid I’d sure like to know before I get on a ship with three days at sea.
  7. Correct; and the Yankees have many staff members, so when you factor that in, they probably had about a 5% infection rate; the good news was that it was reported 7 had no symptoms and 2 had mild symptoms. The vaccine doesn’t promise immunity to all, just very low risk of hospitalization and death.
  8. I believe you made a significant omission; John Rahm was vaccinated after he was alerted via contact tracing that he was exposed. He tested negative for five days, and positive on Saturday forcing him to withdraw from the tournament. Other golfers have been allowed to continue, and fans are attending without masks.
  9. Okay so this is a poll, I stated my opinion. I’m not asking you not to be worried, I said I’m not worried, and I’m not worried. I trust the data that says vaccinated people have about a 5% chance of getting Covid, and no chance of serious illness requiring hospitalization. For the most part I like the strangers on a cruise ship better than the ones at Kroger’s. 😉 I don’t know how things are by you, but here, nobody is wearing masks unless a facility specifically requires it, and we’ve been closer than six feet for months now. Anyone concerned about the ri
  10. We are booked on Anthem December 31, 2021 out of Bayonne. Our decision will have less to do with allowing unvaccinated folks on the ship (our family is fully vaccinated), and more to do with RCI's approach should Covid infiltrate the ship. I intermingle with unvaccinated people all the time in stores, restaurants, etc. so I'm not worried about getting Covid on a ship any more than I would be worried anywhere else. The issue for me is how RCI will handle a positive case, should it appear on board. Pre-screenings don't always work: Golfer John Rahm was contact
  11. NCL Breakaway RC Allure Disney Magic Carnival Horizon
  12. September 2022, and looking forward to being able to drive, not fly, to the port!
  13. Anthem of the Seas, December 31, 2021 out of Bayonne!
  14. CDC guidelines for travelers by air, bus, rail, auto, bicycle, foot, rickshaw, motorcycle, roller skates, skateboards, jet skis, mopeds, hover boards and ships with less than 250 passengers (with no limit on distance, travel time or passenger count), but not cruise ships with 250+ passengers. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/travel-during-covid19.html Updated Information for Travelers: Fully vaccinated travelers are less likely to get and spread COVID-19 (ed. note: I should hope so!) People who are fully vaccinated with an FDA-authorized
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