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  1. We were booked on this cruise too, until last night. We decided to move it Sept 24, 2022. We were able to secure a more favorable location on the ship (same category), saved 300 bucks on the fare, and just rolled forward our deposit. We have a European cruise in the Fall, and we’ll be moving that to 2023; we don’t feel like sailing this year will work out for us, but we hope it works out well for you and all our CC friends.
  2. Hi all, we have a party of four booked for May 8th and I'm not feeling too optimistic at this point. Fortunately we will be able to drive to the port from SC, so I don't need airline tickets or hotel reservations. Keeping our fingers crossed! Paul
  3. That's a great question. The way Cuomo's new rule lays out a person needs to have a test and get a negative result no more than three days before returning to NYS, and then again no less than four days after returning. I guess a person flying would need to get a test before boarding the plane. The rapid testing will help, but will insurance companies even pay for multiple tests in order to vacation?
  4. Good morning everyone!! Paul and Virginia from Long Island along with Rich and Rose from Staten Island just booked this cruise!!! We are so excited given 2 cruises this year had been cancelled. Hope to see you all soon, Paul
  5. Say hey everyone. August trip to Bermuda was cancelled; received notice from credit card company today that the refund has been completed, and fully credited to my account. Refund request was made on July 6th. I hope you all secure your refunds as quickly, if not more so. paul
  6. We have two cruises, an NCL seven day Med in Sept 2021 and an RCL 9 day Carib in Dec 2021/Jan 2022; we also have a land based vacation in April 2021. We’ll look for opportunities on last minute cruises too; we’d like to try MSC if we can. And of course we’ll have a back up plan 😊
  7. If anyone knows, is post # 72 an actual post on this thread by NCL?
  8. I'm a little disappointed with the announcement, but that's on me. The announcement did provide some peace of mind details, so that's a good thing. I was hoping that we'd actually see something that would let us know which ships (I believe 3 NCL branded ships) would be first to re-launch, from where, to where and when. That would allow for better planning going into August.
  9. Interesting; we're booked on Encore in August out of NYC and I'm wondering whether NCL would think about originating the cruise out of VA if NYC won't be ready?
  10. I'm not a legal expert, but I understand that the expiration of the no-sail order is July 24th, and I wouldn't be surprised if the CDC issues new guidance in May, once they've reviewed the plans from the operators. We have cruises out of NYC and Bayonne in mid-July and mid-August this year; because of the impact of COVID-19 on our region, and the aggressive actions of the tri-state Governors to curb the spread of the virus, it's my belief (only an opinion, no facts to back it up) that they will hold cruise operators to additional standards that may go beyond the focus of the CDC Or
  11. I wonder if some folks are booking in hopes that a cancelled cruise will get them a 25% future cruise credit.
  12. This more than anything I have read on CC has prevented me from booking on MSC. We tend to book far in advance, and have cruises booked into Sept 2021; I have never had a reason to believe that Disney, RCL, NCL or Carnival would look to change the deal after the booking is made and the deposit is paid. And for all lines we've cruised we have found on-ship guest services to be very helpful, and always polite even when they couldn't help us. I do see that many folks are reporting that MSC honored YC booking perks even after they made changes to their packages, so that gives me hope
  13. Thanks for the wonderful review and photos; I’m not on the cruise but I’m feeling sad that day four is already over 😉
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