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  1. There will definitely be men in tuxes, so they won’t be alone. Even on the most informal cruises I have been on people will get dressed to the nines. The only thing about my particular cruise is that formal night is the first evening, and sometimes luggage arrives late, so getting ready may be a hectic proposition, especially if you have an early seating or dinner reservation. Whatever you do I hope you have a great time and a great cruise!
  2. I’m on a NYE cruise on Anthem and as of now the men in our party are just wearing dark suits, with ties. The ladies will have dressy dresses, but not gowns. That other site has a page dedicated to our cruise, and I haven’t seen any men post they are wearing a tux. Hope me that helps, Paul
  3. We had a similar experience yesterday; the associate on the phone was very patient, went through everything in great detail, and we ended up having all our future cruise credits (from a 2020 Oasis cruise RCL cancelled) applied to a 12/31/2021 Anthem cruise and a July 2022 Oasis cruise. As it turns out we got the equivalent of trading the 2020 Oasis for a 2022 Oasis, and as a bonus got a 9 day Anthem for about $1,000 bucks (balcony) for the two of us. The 125% FCC really worked well for us, and I hope it works well for all you all!
  4. I wouldn't pay the extra fee; if I were you I would stay home regardless of what Carnival does.
  5. We are sailing with friends and kinda have the reverse; we are scheduled to leave on 12/31/2021 out of NJ on the Anthem. Not sure what to expect because it's the first day of the cruise. We've done a cruise with NYE sandwiched between sea days, and that was great!!
  6. Hi all, just my two cents. If we are sailing from an Eastern US port, we just try to pick the newest ship on RCL, NCL or CCL. We did that with the Oasis class, the Breakaway class, Quantum class and Vista class. We are now booked on Mardi Gras and will book Prima when that comes on line. We know there are differences between the lines, ships, pricing models and itineraries, but to our small traveling party, things seem to even out. Our personal favorite ship is Breakaway, but we had a great time on Horizon; you just can't beat Grand Turk. Finally, we have homes in NYS and SC, so our next three cruises will be out of NY Harbor and Port Canaveral, allowing us to drive, avoiding airlines and hotels. That saves us mucho dollars. Whatever cruises you select, we hope you have a great time, and smooth sailing!!
  7. We're in Bluffton, and we'll probably just drive down the day of the cruise........
  8. So far our traveling party is happy with the clarifications coming from Royal; we are all vaccinated. Under the current Royal Policy (which will evolve and change) we will sail on Anthem this coming December, on NCL next May and on Carnival in Sept 2022. For us, no need to change anything.
  9. BTW, in this instance a 95% efficacy rate means that in a group of 1000 vaccinated people, 950 will be Covid free for at least 3 months, and 50 people would test positive for Covid at some point during the 90 days. Later her reports are that the efficacy was still very high at 9 months, Dr. Gottlieb a CNBC contributor said he expects the published number will be higher than 85%. That means on Ship with 4000 crew and guests vaccinated exactly 9 months ago, you could have 600 people who had Covid at one time during during the prior 270 day period. The odds of running into one on a ship and catching Covid is remote even for an unvaccinated pax.
  10. No problem for me; although I’m vaccinated, if I have Covid I’d sure like to know before I get on a ship with three days at sea.
  11. Correct; and the Yankees have many staff members, so when you factor that in, they probably had about a 5% infection rate; the good news was that it was reported 7 had no symptoms and 2 had mild symptoms. The vaccine doesn’t promise immunity to all, just very low risk of hospitalization and death.
  12. I believe you made a significant omission; John Rahm was vaccinated after he was alerted via contact tracing that he was exposed. He tested negative for five days, and positive on Saturday forcing him to withdraw from the tournament. Other golfers have been allowed to continue, and fans are attending without masks.
  13. Okay so this is a poll, I stated my opinion. I’m not asking you not to be worried, I said I’m not worried, and I’m not worried. I trust the data that says vaccinated people have about a 5% chance of getting Covid, and no chance of serious illness requiring hospitalization. For the most part I like the strangers on a cruise ship better than the ones at Kroger’s. 😉 I don’t know how things are by you, but here, nobody is wearing masks unless a facility specifically requires it, and we’ve been closer than six feet for months now. Anyone concerned about the risks of cruising can stay home; I got the vaccine so that I don’t need to. I’m sailing baby!
  14. We are booked on Anthem December 31, 2021 out of Bayonne. Our decision will have less to do with allowing unvaccinated folks on the ship (our family is fully vaccinated), and more to do with RCI's approach should Covid infiltrate the ship. I intermingle with unvaccinated people all the time in stores, restaurants, etc. so I'm not worried about getting Covid on a ship any more than I would be worried anywhere else. The issue for me is how RCI will handle a positive case, should it appear on board. Pre-screenings don't always work: Golfer John Rahm was contact traced last Monday as coming into contact with a Covid positive, and he was tested every day until Saturday when he finally tested positive (twice), disqualifying him from a tournament. The other players will be allowed to continue the tournament and spectators will be allowed, without masks. As long as RCI has a plan that meets my expectations should a case arise, I'm going to sail; if they don't I'll cancel and re-book. It would be unacceptable to me to: force me to wear a mask when I'm vaccinated and have proof via NYS Excelsior Pass; quarantine an entire ship because of a case or cases; force me to stay in my stateroom for 14 days because I came in contact with a Covid positive; abandon ports of call or dis-embarkments because of a case; etc. If RCI has a plan to handle cases on the ship that doesn't disrupt the sailing, I'll go; if not, I'll cancel, even if they claim 95%, 98% or 100% covid vaccinated.
  15. NCL Breakaway RC Allure Disney Magic Carnival Horizon
  16. September 2022, and looking forward to being able to drive, not fly, to the port!
  17. Anthem of the Seas, December 31, 2021 out of Bayonne!
  18. CDC guidelines for travelers by air, bus, rail, auto, bicycle, foot, rickshaw, motorcycle, roller skates, skateboards, jet skis, mopeds, hover boards and ships with less than 250 passengers (with no limit on distance, travel time or passenger count), but not cruise ships with 250+ passengers. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/travelers/travel-during-covid19.html Updated Information for Travelers: Fully vaccinated travelers are less likely to get and spread COVID-19 (ed. note: I should hope so!) People who are fully vaccinated with an FDA-authorized vaccine can travel safely (ed note: on any of the aforementioned modes of travel, but not cruise ships with 250+ passengers) within the United States: Fully vaccinated travelers do not need to get tested before or after travel unless their destination requires it (ed note: even though the cruise lines will require it before boarding) Fully vaccinated travelers do not need to self-quarantine Fully vaccinated travelers should still follow CDC’s recommendations for traveling safely including: Wear a mask over your nose and mouth Stay 6 feet from others and avoid crowds Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer
  19. I may have this wrong but I think the mandatory vaccine is only in effect through October; I don't think this will affect a lot of actual cruises. While it could be extended, based upon conditions later on this year, it may not be. I'm hopeful that the FDA will be able to approve a vaccine for those younger than 17 shortly, but in the meantime I believe that giving adults the opportunity to sail in an environment in which guests and crew have been vaccinated is a positive. My concern is still this: what will the cruise lines, US and non-US cities, states and countries do if someone (vaccinated or not) contracts covid while on a cruise. While setting a standard for reducing risk is a great start, there is always going to be a risk of someone getting the virus; NCL and the ports of call need to have an agreed upon mechanism to handle sick crew and guests without creating disruption for the remaining guests. I'm vaccinated, and I won't get on a ship if there's a chance we'd be stuck on board while the cruise line and governments bicker about how to handle infected and non-infected guests and crew.
  20. My family and I received our first Pfizer dose, and will be fully vaccinated at month's end; we are booked on Anthem for a New Years Ever cruise out of Bayonne, and if it goes, we'll be on it, even if I need to wear a space suit for everyone's protection.
  21. Thanks gizfish for a fuller explanation of Cuomo's action. 👍 Here's a link to an article that I found, although the two-week period for the vaccine to be "fully effective" is not mentioned. The CDC guidelines are based upon exposure to covid once vaccinated, as opposed to traveling while vaccinated (during which time you may or may not have been exposed). My hope is that the 90 day exemption is a first step until further data is available on the persistency of the vaccine defending against covid; if the infection rate for those fully vaccinated stays within the range of the clinical trials for more than 90 days, the CDC may be inclined to increase the time frame of exemption. For me the message is that the CDC and NYS is treating vaccinated people differently than un-vaccinated people, and I see that as an acknowledgment that officials are taking a bifurcated view regarding travel restrictions. Regarding international travelers, the term is not fully defined; I can see why the CDC and NYS wouldn't want foreign nationals coming to the US to have an exemption because we can't independently verify whether the traveler was actually fully vaccinated. For US Citizens who travel abroad and return after full vaccination in the US, it really doesn't make any sense to have harsher restrictions; the vaccine either works or it doesn't. Finally, if a sufficient number of people are vaccinated, and stay free of the virus for 90 days after full vaccination, the spread should slow significantly, meaning even unprotected people will be less likely to contract covid. That will be better for all of us. https://www.natlawreview.com/article/new-york-state-announces-new-covid-19-travel-guidelines-fully-vaccinated-individuals
  22. Hey all, one bit of positive news for NYers; Governor Cuomo had fairly strict travel restrictions in place for people leaving and entering NY State. Yesterday the travel restrictions were loosened in that people who are fully vaccinated can travel in and out of NYS without the need to show a negative test and or quarantine. Hopefully as post-vaccine data is accumulated, those vaccinated can travel in and out of the USA without severe restrictions; I hope that would make cruising a possibility for us this year. I hope 😃
  23. We have one cruise booked for Dec 2021, two more for 2022 and are looking to book Spring 2023 as soon as Alaska cruises open up. We've had four cruises cancelled already, so I'm numbed and resigned to my fate 😃
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