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  1. I posted this question an the Azamara Facebook page, but it was deleted. Will the dates in the "Cruise with Confidence" policy change now that they have added the 2023 cruises? "You have up to 48 hours before you sail to cancel and receive 100% of the amount paid in a Future Cruise Credit to be used for a new or existing Azamara booking departing on or before 30 September 2022. The credit must be applied toward the cruise fare by 30 April 2022."
  2. My TA contacted Azamara. They would not give him any info.
  3. New to Oceania. Could not find info about Gratuities & beverage package on the website. Are gratuities included & what's included in the beverage package?
  4. I wonder why the price went down on your second try. I noticed the wording is "Up to 20% off". Usually, this means only on the most expensive cabins.
  5. Are refunds given thru your credit card or via check?
  6. Not interested in the beverage package.
  7. The 60% off for second passenger has been replaced by 20% off total plus $1,000 OBC. This increases the Feb. 22 Quest cruise by over $1,000 for ocean view cabin.
  8. I assume you know who John Phillip Holland was.
  9. Godspeed. Can't wait. https://www.facebook.com/AzamaraVoyages/videos/1041037203382098
  10. How long does it take to check in 650 passengers (if full capacity)?
  11. It helps convince ports to open to the ships.
  12. "U.S. judge says Florida can't ban cruise ship's 'vaccine passport' program" - https://www.aol.com/norwegian-cruise-says-u-judge-003608127-092412991.html?fbclid=IwAR0z8q7ZaK6zlnAZKGsj6pqkcYI51SJYFsIkCCe6I1BqlxiExgDEk2jzNQo
  13. This was on the Azamara Facebook page today. "Now here's a view you don't get to see every day! While dry docked in Cádiz our ships are undergoing updates and improvements prior to their first sailing. When will we be welcoming you aboard?"
  14. Final payment for the Nov. 24 cruise is today. I wonder if they will discount it in the next few days?
  15. https://www.facebook.com/LeeHetherington8/videos/412526430136136
  16. We are on the Quest Dec. 23 cruise. One port may have 13,000 cruise passengers. A good stay on ship day!
  17. Maybe Azamara will do the same to contend with requirements of the state of Florida. https://insurancemarinenews.com/insurance-marine-news/unvaccinated-cruise-guests-in-us-treated-as-second-class-citizens-report/
  18. I saw somewhere, on this board, they may require reservations for MDR due to Covid.
  19. Can't afford it anymore. During the above trip, in the early '80's, it was 10 Francs to the dollar!!! Brought a case home.
  20. One of my hero is the "beloved" Dom Perignon!!!
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