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  1. It looks like they started with day 7 on the link, then went backwards to day 1. lobster is on the first elegant night.
  2. I did not make note of it in my two separate requests. There is a note in both bookings they are B2B so that we are included with the B2B process rather than checking out, and checking back in. i don’t see the note on my side of the booking, it is only on Carnivals side. just give a call to Carnival, tell them the two bookings are B2B, and they can add the info and connect the two bookings.
  3. I have two different booking numbers. but, there is a note that we are a B2B. so they say...
  4. I sent the email request in May for our June and July 2022 sailings. we got the approval a couple weeks ago. on a side note, it is a B2B sailing, ( 7 days each) and they combined the number of days for the higher OBC for $250 total instead of $100 per week.
  5. The Havana pool is just on the side, quite small compared to Horizon fI r sure. the two aft pools are for all, looking forward to being on board so much!
  6. Cant believe that totally worked! thank you so much!!
  7. Plan B for sure - I'm glad I kept plan B moving - two weeks WDW - will be a fun filled time, and we shall find some relax time at the pools as well, without having to worry about masks... We had the same sailing reserved for next year on the Mother's Day sale too - big OBC coming our way! Glad I put that deposit down!
  8. That is how I read it too. two OBC's - one for $600, and one for $100. Or was the second one for $100 just if it sailed and was not canceled... Good question!
  9. Just checked on our 7/3/2021 Mardi Gras sailing...officially cancelled. Glad I put a deposit on the 7/2/22 sailing last week! Got the same room, one year later. That is now 4 rescheduled cruises...
  10. Some of you have free cheers offered! That would be great!
  11. We received a similar email a few weeks ago about our July sailing too. The weeks following we checked daily doing a mock booking, and more and more rooms became available. Looked like many took advantage of the offer to cancel without penalty. Hoping they were trying to limit bookings, then all July sailings disappeared. When we spoke to our PVP to reschedule our June sailing to next June, we asked about the July ones being removed from the booking engine, they told us July is happening and it was sold out at a lower capacity, that July 3 was the t
  12. We had 2497 on Horizon. It was me, my wife, and our LO5. Loved having the aft balcony, very private, almost seemed like there was no one else near us when we were in our room, and on the balcony, ever. If you have had a standard balcony on CCL before, it will feel the same as far as space is concerned though. You will feel the aft azipods, every time the run, much more than on upper decks. You are quite close to those. Nothing unexpected or disconcerting though. loved the convenience of the family harbor lounge. Made port day breakfast quick and simple. Nice to have the extra ice c
  13. Bring your own extension cord - one of those cheep 15 foot ones from Walmart, and a small roll of duct tape to tape it across the floor to eliminate the tripping hazard and having to reset it all every night. The outlet is always across from the bed... Also, when you get a new humidifier chamber, keep the old one and bring that. Use the water from the sink for the trip, then toss the old humidifier chamber when you get home.
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