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  1. We bought a bottle ahead of sailing from carnival, took the opened bottle off at HMC, enjoyed our drinks at the cabana, and put it back in our beach bag, brought it back on board. As someone mentioned, discretion is key. never thought about buys one at duty free to drink at port... but we did stop at a liquor store in Nassau before heading to the resort we were enjoying...
  2. I used the electronic boarding pass when we sailed on Horizon last year. I brought the print out too, but never took I out of my carry on...until the end of the cruise to throw it away...
  3. Great trip report so far! Thanks for sharing! looking forward to more!
  4. Love reading your trip report! looking forward to more! thanks!
  5. Enjoying reading your trip report very much! So looking forward to our sailing on Breeze! thanks!
  6. Love the pics! Thanks again for sharing! We signed up for the excursion, looking forward to it!
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience! We just booked this for our next cruise on Breeze. Excited to see Mayan ruins! I hope you can get your photos up, would love to see them! How much time time was left at the port before having to get back on board? Was there much to do?
  8. We did the thermal suite pass on Horizon last summer. I was worried we might not get enough use out of it, but decided to go for it when a code came out. We endedup using it every day, twice a day a couple times. Loved every minute of it! Already have it booked for our Breeze sailing next summer! That coupon code in February helped us over that line again too...lol!
  9. Enjoying the trip report! Looking forward to experiencing Breeze next summer! thanks for sharing!
  10. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We are looking forward to experiencing the Breeze next summer! Did you do do any of the movies by the pool?
  11. I see the new one on an iPad, and the old one on the laptop! 😎
  12. Here are a couple pics of the nook the couch is in. Worked out very nicely! If we were cruising without our LO, I would think it is a very off place for the couch, and would probably not be used much except to toss things on. You can see in one pic, the tv is not even close to being in the sight lines sitting there...lol!
  13. I ordered the pasta dish as a side last June on Horizon, waiter didn’t question at all. Go for it! Sometimes it is better than the apps they are offering.
  14. We had 2497 last June, loved the room arrangement, and the balcony was great! Amazing views at sea, and loved listening to the wake. Having he couch in that nook made for a great space for our LO to bunk down. We brought the magnet hooks and a heavy black shower curtain, blacked the space out for his bedtime, while we had the rest of the room and balcony. Worked out well. Only issue we had with the location was some cavitation from the propellor underneath. Didn’t bother me much, nice rocking to sleep. It did bother my wife though, a bit more sway than she would prefer. Loved the family harbor lounge and amenities, free night owls babysitting one night, free kids meals at the pay restaurants. Would love to sail on Horizon again, 8 days were far from enough to experience even half of what the ship offers! Probably would choose a family harbor cove next time though, perhaps avoid the cavitation issues...
  15. Enjoying your trip report! Nice chance to relive some of our Horizon experiences from last year! thanks for sharing!
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