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  1. My middle school teacher glare beats your high school teacher glare!
  2. ...and now, according to marine traffic web site, 16 hours later (at 2:30pm. 9/18) , the ship is just off the coast of Calif. at Vandenburg AFB/Santa Maria. What's up? A kid could ride a bicycle and get there faster.
  3. Has anyone had any experience getting their money the left in their casino account refunded after their cruise? I found the Ocean Player's Club website for all Carnival Corp. lines has a link that might work: https://oceanplayersclub.com/contact/balance-request/
  4. 1. Go to Casino. 2. Empty pockets of all money, credit cards, ship cruise cards, ship medallions and anything of value on the floor of the Casino entrance. 3. Leave further ahead of what you would have if you had stayed.
  5. If it's exercise, i HOPE so...
  6. We look at the notice they send us about our disembark time, and note the latest group. Other than that, they will kick you off when it your time!
  7. This clearly shows where they are hiding the barrel chairs!
  8. From Renmar's Obstructed View Cabins Website: https://sites.google.com/site/cabinviewbyrenmar/crown-princess/cabins-601--633 Ruby Cabin E631
  9. Sorry... What'sa "WFM" as in "WFM food" ? oops! - Found my own answer... WFM = World Food Market
  10. ...sooooo... Enquiring minds (not that I have a mind, just intellectual curiosity) are wondering what the plans are? An extra sea day today?
  11. See the article at: https://guardianlv.com/2019/02/jeraldine-saunders-creator-and-author-of-the-love-boat-dies-at-96/ and more at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jeraldine_Saunders
  12. Our names were not on the door display.
  13. Baja deck has standard balcony cabins. Dolphin deck has mini suites. Not sure about couch.
  14. Princess Theatre shows were at 7:45 and 9:45. Rugs the same on both sides. Remember, LEFT/PORT and EVEN numbered cabins all have FOUR letters. Wheelhouse had Robert Deans and Guitarist and Vocalist Mary Simon (not sure if they played dance music). For other dance music, Los Tres/Quatro/Cinco/Seis/Siete/Ocho Brilliantes were ALWAYS in the Piazza. They are very good. Dance music is usually available in many venues each evening. Medallion? For cabin doors, yes. For wifi/internet, kinda. For everything else, no.
  15. Almost forgot! On the 14th, when we left San Pedro, we were in port with the MV Artania which was the original Royal Princess from 1984-2005. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MV_Artania
  16. We were on this cruise too. Internet - We've been on the Ruby 3 times in the past 4 months. The internet was as slow as molasses until this sailing. Much improved for us this time. We were actually able to stream the broadcast of the Daytona 500 NASCAR race on Sunday. Setting up the account to use the internet was not so "user friendly" and some people may find it confusing. Ocean Ready/Princess@Sea - It was awkward at first to figure out how the new system works. After getting it set up it was just like Princess@Sea used to be. Onboard account, Events, etc. all there like before. On Demand TV - Live TV was MSNBC/FoxNews/CNN/BBC/ESPN International/ESPN2 International. On demand TV shows were 3 to 5 old episodes of The Good Place, Big Bang Theory, and The Middle. Other older series were available too. Movies were available (some Oscar contenders) and luckily after a movie was shown on MUTS (it was cold outside), it became available on TV the next day. Plumbing - No issues.
  17. Heard Natalie Costa is leaving Ruby. Who is her replacement?
  18. Two tin cans and a tight string in between will give you better internet than the Ruby.
  19. Many users in many forums cannot stay logged in. Have to log in on every time we check in to followed forums/topics. What's up?
  20. Nice jeans have been accepted on all our Princess cruises lately. Embarcation dinner even has allowed a t-shirt too! (No shorts) I also have worn a knit shirt with slacks for formal nights (no tie) for the last 2 years. No problems. As for coffee - I always bring Starbucks VIA instant packs from Costco. I can't speak for the coffee on the Royal class ships - haven't been on one yet. Have a GREAT trip!
  21. It was "on demand" on our Ruby cruise 2 weeks ago. Only 3 - 4 episodes though.
  22. On METv network. "The Kissing Bandit; The Witness; Mike and Ike" 10/21/1978, Season 2 / Episode 6 , Comedy, Romance A quiet guy puts on a mask and makes it his mission to kiss every woman on the ship; a woman follows around a guy who she knows witnessed something that happened to her friend and urges him to come forward and talk about it.
  23. How about letting us choose our font size/style?
  24. I can live with the giant avatars, but the tiny text in the postings is difficult to read.
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