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  1. We are always travelling before we get on the ship, so sometimes we have given them a couple of bags the first night. No questions asked. Just remember to pack clothes that have been washed many times. Sometimes things come back as if they have been stone washed. After a couple of cruises, my blue jeans were paper thin. Not sure their washing process, but they do use hot water to do the laundry. With that being said, they iron even the handkerchiefs.
  2. Atlantic hurricane season ends November 30.
  3. We are on the 12 night 11/28 MIA to MIA which used to be the Cuba cruise. Booked with final payment coming 8/30. Penalties have already started. The next leg is MIA to San Juan. Seabourn just reduced the price that is too tempting. I would just book the open balcony, so probably won't get the same suite. Since it wasn't planned, would do the least expensive option. Flights from San Juan to Fort Lauderdale are pretty frequent, so getting home would be easy.
  4. I am looking at two cruises back to back. The first one ends in Miami, and the next one leaves from Miami. I have a suite assignment(currently booked) for the first segment. Haven't booked the second leg. Will just book an OB on the second one as it was not planned. I am assuming I would be assigned a different suite, but do you have to leave the ship? I am a US citizen.
  5. I am surprised the routes are not yet out. I have been checking daily as well.
  6. Being 5 star, we have found the itineraries we are now interested in are always on the mid size ships. Many times the Vista Suite, which is just a slightly larger verandah cabin, is cost prohibitive. Have started taking more and more on Seabourn. Sometimes, similar itineraries are less expensive on Seabourn than the Vista suites on the mid size ships with HAL.
  7. We are on the Sojourn 11/28/19(previously Cuba☹️ sailing), and St. Johns Antigua is listed as Dec 5 port of call. No notice yet.
  8. On the Ovation and Odyssey, it was 6:15 am in the Observation Bar. I was a regular.
  9. On my recent cruise on the Ovation, I picked my tours, then called Seabourn to see how many spaces were available for the tours I wanted. I booked the couple that were close to selling out, and booked the others on board using my OBC. Just another option. I booked on the TV day one and got all the tours I wanted. Just another option.
  10. We are on the 11/28 previously Cuba trip with a call to Carambola Beach. What time of day is the Caviar in the surf normally. The itinerary does say that is the day for the event. Interesting that there are 4 excursions that day.
  11. Tmobile. You get 2g speed and calls at 25 cents a minute. Most countries have a service partner with tmobile. You can get a high speed pass for 5 dollars a day. All I need to do is check email on my phone, so it is perfect. You also can have your family download the WhatsApp app, and call through that app for free via the tmobile signal. Have been around the world with tmobile and have saved many dollars.
  12. It happens on the HAL and Seabourn sites all the time. They use the same platform. I always just log back in and everything reappears.
  13. Having the Thomas Keller ribs in the Colonnade outside and watching the sun set while sailing out of Rhodes on the Odyssey in July 2018 with six of our closest friends. I thought, it doesn't get much better than this.
  14. Will be on the Zuiderdam 10/20/19 in a Neptune Suite. Will report back.
  15. Just off the Ovation for 15 days. Most evenings in the restaurant, people were fairly dressed. Probably 30 to 40 percent of the men had a sportcoat on. Not many ties. We found it enjoyable to people watch, as many of the women were very elegant. Didn't see many people that dressed down.
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