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  1. I called this am, and got pricing on the 10/9 14 day. $10499 pp plus port fees of $435. Only perk was 600 minutes of internet pp. Deposit was the standard 25%.
  2. Can’t see any pricing in the US. Just got an email, but when I clicked on it, there were no prices. I guess you have to call.
  3. Checked this am for pricing. Nothing on Greece yet.
  4. I guess you can do the PCR from between 5 and 3 days prior and then fill out the form. We will be using Walgreens, so I am sure we will be given proper information. That I understand. Did you also get a rapid test 48 hour before arrival to St. or just the PCR? Just want to make sure I understand before booking.
  5. When I wrote to EHAS, I got information that stated the following. PCR 5 days prior to arrival. Then EHAS form. Then 48 hours prior to arrival a rapid test. Did you have to do the rapid test 48 hours prior?
  6. I also have record of what was run through my health insurance as backup.
  7. Hoping by June July time frame proof of vaccination will be all we need.
  8. When I read the website, I see if you are coming from the US, you can do a pcr 120 hours or 72 hours prior to departure. AND alternatively #2 just do the rapid antigen test 48 hours before departure. I sent an email 5 days ago with no response. I glad I am the only one who thinks the website is as clear as mud.
  9. On the second page of the EHAS form the page top says PCR. So if you do the antigen test, can you fill out the EHAS form correctly. ?
  10. I know things might change between now and when X sails in June, but when I read the St Maarten website, I find it very confusing. If you were flying in one day early today, according to the website would you? 1. RtPCR test 120 hours prior to arrival and the EHAS insurance form. 2. Antigen test 48 hour prior to arrival and the EHAS form. Website say if you originate from the US this is what you need. 3. Antigen test 48 hours before and no EHAS form. 4. Wait for instructions from Celebrity. I noticed on the EHAS form it only says P
  11. I recently cancelled a Princess cruise that I used the Amex offer of spend 500 get 100 statement credit. Princess refunded the 500 in four business days which I thought was great. Has anyone cancelled a deposit like this, and how long did it take for Amex to charge the 100 back to the card?
  12. Just received the email for our June 13th cruise from X directly. Requested refund. Nothing from TA so far. I also had a cancellation on Cunard. Heard from them first, then the TA the following morning.
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