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  1. I don't mind supporting San Juan, but having been there three times in the past, not interested in that as a substitution. Paying premium for Seabourn to go specifically to Cuba, a vanilla Caribbean cruise would not be worth the premium.
  2. Article states the ship belongs to the church of Scientology. Interesting.
  3. Ditto. Payed the premium for the itinerary and the Seabourn experience. Not worth it for a regular Caribbean cruise. This will be interesting.
  4. We achieved five star Mariner status three months ago at the end of our cruise. Status is updated on our online account. Will we receive our pins only on our next cruise, or might we get them mailed to us. Thought that as a milestone award, we might get them after our last cruise. Obviously not a priority for HAL. Next cruise is over six months from now.
  5. Live on the beach in Fort Lauderdale. Many friends with kayaks. Good idea to try it out. Thanks
  6. Am looking at some of the Ventures excursions on my June 7 Norway cruise. Would like to try one of the Ventures kayak excursions in the fjords. Both my partner and I are in good physical shape for our ages as we work out everyday . Has any one kayaked before and how difficult is it?
  7. I am looking at two of the current cruises that end today. Both cruises are showing 65 plus balcony cabins left. Will the prices automatically be raised tomorrow or do they have a window where you can still get the sale price?
  8. When you combine all the lines that are going to cuba, you are talking about a hit of millions of dollars to the industry. I am going on Seabourn only because of the four stops in Cuba. Take that away, and its a Caribbean cruise only. I am sure most will cancel if Cuba is eliminated. Called Seabourn yesterday, and it a wait and see answer.
  9. Between now and the end of the year, there are hundreds of cruises with potentially thousands of cruisers involved. Cruise lines are not responsible for itinerary changes. This one will be interesting.
  10. We are doing the 11/28 12 day. Great itinerary. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Just thought Seabourn was a great way to see Cuba. Especially with three overnight stays. Holland America has 40 cruises to Cuba. Was so much looking forward to this one.
  11. New policy by the Trump administration as of May 2 only family visits to Cuba . No veiled tourism will be allowed .
  12. There has been a tragic bus crash in Funchal. Just thinking how many times we have been there on transatlantic cruises. Hearts and prayers go out to all affected. The article states they were German tourists. Really shocking when you think about the many tours we all take.
  13. My reservation gives me the option of J and B or Dewars for in suite bar set up. Single malts are definitely available at the Observation Bar.
  14. I have a V4 for my Cuba cruise on 11/28. Just checked with my travel agent, and changed it to accept a comp upgrade. No chance of getting the funky balcony attached the the GR winter garden suite, as those are v4. All v 5 and 6 are similar. Who knows. I was told you don't have a choice if they move you.
  15. I remember it was a wonderful show, but when 1500 people get back to the port and are waiting for tenders, it was a long wait to get back on the ship. We got in at 2am and had another tour at 9 am. Keep that in mind.
  16. I believe it's done by the TA or the individual on the seabourn site, whoever is booking.
  17. During the reservation process, there is a button that gets clicked whether you want a complimentary upgrade or not. I noticed on the Quest, some higher balconies are smaller in square footage, and some have odd shaped balconies. Chances are you won't get those, but you never know. I figure I am on the side of the ship I want. If this particular cruise gets reduced, I can try and get a higher floor prior to final payment on the starboard side. I know HAL and Seabourn do this.
  18. I just booked the 14 day 5/5/20 on the Quest. As it is one year out, I booked the V1 closest the middle of the ship to get the lowest price. On my invoice, is states complimentary upgrade declined, which is fine. As I look around the ship, there are higher V categories with odd configurations that one might be put in. Being in the Med, Seabourn cruises are pretty full. Any thoughts.
  19. Stayed in 4043 3/6 11 night Caribbean on the koningsdam
  20. Don't know what the space is, but the balcony is huge. Might want to go to halfacts dot com , there is 4164 on the Oosterdam which I believe is the same room as on the Noordam.
  21. In Fort Lauderdale its five minutes with GE vs 2000 people in line. Well worth having.
  22. Why not just buy a couple large bottles in each port. I wouldn't be bothered carrying a case on board.
  23. From experience, if you see and exc tour that you really like, I would book it. You will get your whatever you spent as credit to your on board spend days. If there is one that your are not that passionate about, you could wait till you book on board. HAL also will have caution tags on certain tours. Limited capacity. 5 spaces left. etc. I had one that I waited too long for, and was waitlisted, and never got on. Its a personal decision.
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