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  1. If you pre book the Pinnacle Grill online ahead of your cruise, do you get the credit on board for the two dinners ?
  2. I changed it back then changed my password. We shall see.
  3. When I logged into my Seabourn account this am, I found my telephone number was changed. I changed it back. I live in Florida , and the number in my account was a man in Missouri. Anyone have this happen. I know they were doing maintenance over the weekend.
  4. I believe they have only offered the 10 percent this year due to the pandemic. I think it has been on their website for a few months. Holland America has the same offer . Both end on 9/30. It truly is a personal decision. We shall see if they extend it after 9/30.
  5. I have been watching the 7 day Caribbean cruise on 12/5/20. Seems like the 7 day cruises have been eliminated, but the 14 day are still available. I know Seabourn is still reviewing the Odyssey caribbean season. Any thoughts.
  6. Both HAL and Seabourn used to do a top 10 sale periodically. These are flash fares for sailings that are leaving soon. Not called standby though. However, I haven't seen these sales lately as there are no current sailings.
  7. Also assessing the Odyssey Caribbean season.
  8. Listening to Arnold Donald on Bloomberg. Every interview he emphatically states he won't cruise in the US until its safe to have social gatherings. Doesn't bode well for a restart in the US.
  9. The word that caught my attention was we have to be patient.
  10. Wondering if the Odyssey will do the Caribbean as it does not touch US soil?
  11. Yahoo finance. Under CCL stock quote news. Just came acrosss. Odyssey not mentioned.
  12. Just released. New pause in operations. Encore through 11/25/20 Ovation through 12/20/20 Sojourn through 5/24/21 ( this seems strange)
  13. Does anyone think HAL will replace the 17 day in and out of Boston that went to Greenland on the Rotterdam. I noticed Princess does a similar 16 night itinerary on the Caribbean Princess. Not as good of the HAL itinerary.
  14. I am sure HSC will go up with all the additional cleaning
  15. The actual cruise is no longer on the website, just shows up under my bookings.
  16. I was booked on the 7/26/2021 Rotterdam Greenland cruise. Got the notice it was cancelled, got my deposit back as an FCC. Used the FCC already to book another cruise. The cruise is still showing up in my bookings. Called and they said it has been cancelled. Can still go in and book excursions, etc. Not sure why the delay in removing it from my bookings.
  17. You also have to take into consideration all the new safety and health protocols that will be in effect. All that will increase the cost of a cruise.
  18. I noticed that this am. Our Mediterranean cruise in October went up by 500 dollars pp. we did have that booked thankfully. Veranda suites in Alaska went up 1000 dollars pp. Supply and demand.
  19. At this stage of the game, I think I would feel safer on a cruise ship than living in Florida.
  20. So, yesterday they got the casino rate of $100 for an oceanview cabin with $100 in casino play.
  21. So I emailed the club. Three days later my preferences were corrected. Then today, all links say opted out. I corrected the preferences, and to my surprise, it worked. HAL and Seabourn need to improve there web platform.
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