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  1. I noticed in my itinerary there was one black tie optional night.
  2. When I called HAL, the rep said refunds have been taking 21 days. Not too bad considering it used to be 60.
  3. We are on the 10/7 Barcelona to Athens. We did the requirement for Barcelona and Greece, but an email from Windstar says no additional paperwork from Italy as you can only get off using a Windstar excursion.
  4. After doing the Serenity in August, I jumped on this rate. Am doing the one from San Juan to MIA in December. JetBlue, Southwest all fly from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan. Many flights from MIA to SJU on AA.
  5. In the press release yesterday, there is a link for view replacement cruises.
  6. It seems our 12/5/21 18 night HAWAII cruise has been cancelled. Still waiting to hear. On the HAL site it gives the replacement cruise in 2023. In previous cancellations, when a replacement cruise is offered , did you still have the refund or FCC option also. Oh, we all just made final payment.
  7. When we were on our Bahamas cruise in August, we ordered one of the cookbooks for $59.95 and had it sent to a friend for his birthday. Anyone have any experience as to how long it took to ship. Has only been two weeks, but concierge had no idea how long it would be until it ships.
  8. This is not related to Seabourn, but Seabourn has done Greece over the summer. We are on a cruise that ends in Athens. Prior to the end of the cruise, there are three ports of call in Greece. We will only be at port for several hours each day. Do I list my entry point as Athens as we are getting off the ship at that point, or use our first port of call?
  9. We were just in a P1 balcony on Serenity. We found no outlets in the Bathroom. Was sort of a problem. One outlet in the main cabin. Crystal had a plug in it that made it three outlets by the desk. There were two USB ports for our phones on the desk, but we had an ecletric toothbrush, shaver, two iPads and a kindle to charge.When the two iPads were plugged in, it took up all the space with no space for a third item. Kept rotating what was plugged in. There were two european outlets by the bed with an adaptor would give you two more outlets. We kept meaning to ask if there was an outlet in the Bathroom, but kept forgetting. If sailing again on serenity, we will bring two European outlets that convert to a regular outlet . Or a power strip.
  10. We also stayed at the British Colonial Hilton. Had dinner our first night at Bullion and found it surprisingly good. We also were first time on Crystal. Found ourselves hanging out to the bar in the Palm Court. The two bar tenders Dennis and Jasmine were great. They said the next several sailings are very light.
  11. We were on last week, and there was no mask policy. It seemed at times, that we were the only ones wearing a mask. We actually got questioned by some guests at the Palm Court bar why we wear masks. Duh?
  12. Oh, and yes I miss the veal carpaccio .
  13. We are now home from our beautiful Bahamas cruise on the Serenity. It went off without a hitch. Just wanted to thank @Keith1010 and all the other seasoned Crystal cruisers that chimed in when I posted a question. Nothing snarky or sarcastic like on other forums. Just helpful information that made the trip so smooth. Nassau airport had TSA pre check and Global entry, so from start to finish at NAS was about an hour and fifteen minutes. We even got the last two seats at the Graycliff Divans lounge with Priority pass. Not the ritz, but the airport was packed with people lying all over the floor. We’re able to stay in the lounge for 2 hours, have lunch and head to the gate. Had fun flying the prop plane on Silver. Hopefully this will be on on many Crystal cruises in the future. We do have a river cruise next April scheduled on the Debussy. Can’t wait. Cheers, Richard from Fort Lauderdale.
  14. This am all crew wearing tightly fitted n95 masks. Turning people away from breakfast for not wearing their tracelet. Other than that pretty normal.
  15. Currently on the Serenity. Got a memo three crew tested positive.
  16. After research, I have found out the canal has been closed since January. This did not. Just happen. Makes me wonder why they would sell a cruise knowing this. New itinerary is much less interesting.
  17. We are on the October 7th and really disappointed. We lose Corfu(never been there), and Delphi(never been there), and the Corinth Canal(never been there), and get Katakolon(have been there), Chania)have been there). Seems like the canal has been closed all year. Can cancel, but why loan Windstar the money in a form of FCC. Will probably go, but not getting excited with the new itinerary.
  18. About 2 hours start to finish. Bottom line of letter said get off with group 5 if you are getting back on the ship. Should have read the whole letter.
  19. So far Miami has been confusing. people getting on the ship. people in transit. people going on tours. people just doing face to face and getting back on the ship. That’s us. Will report how long we sit here. we were in group 1. Only ones here so far.
  20. Thanks. The show last night was fantastic. Crystal in motion.
  21. Thought I would post this while its still fresh. Arrived at the Bond Club(BAHa MAR) at 11am. Embarkation is 1pm to 3pm, but the notes said to get there two hours earlier. First table. Quick check passenger locator form, and health assessment questionnaire. Second table. Scan of Bahamas health visa. Cruise ticket, and passport. Then TESTING. Although we had been tested twice before leaving the wait was grueling We got tested then moved to chairs while we waited for the results to come on email. Longest 15 minutes of my life. Test results came back on the email you used for the Bahamas Health visa. I got mine back in fifteen minutes, and my partner was a few minutes later. Both negative, we move to the disco where there were croissants, sandwiches , soft drinks, ETC. From the time we entered to finish was maybe 30 minutes. At 11:30, we got told first shuttle will leave at 1pm . Some Moaning , but we used this time to fleet fellow shipmates and have a small snack. 1pm shuttle to ship, checkin, dropped off bags, went to lunch on 12. Now unpacked and ready to enjoy the beautiful ship.
  22. I applied on July 30th when no test was required. Got the health visa within the hour after application. Will have my negative test with us just in case.
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