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  1. When you look at my cruise online, it lists the amenities . Pretty straight forward . 500 dollar air credit. Etc etc. two days ago they added the 5% club member savings, but the price is the same. May just be a marketing idea???
  2. I called Seabourn today, and the rep kind of stumbled when I asked the question. I felt sorry, and said thank you for your time. My question was whether the price in the brochure included the 5%, or whether you would get if for 5% off the published rate.
  3. I have a 14 day cruise booked on the Encore in July. I received the Signature Savings Amenities with the cruise. As of yesterday, the 5% club savings was added to the amenities. When I do a mock booking, no 5%discount shows up. The price is the same as when it didn't have the club savings. Is the 5% club savings built into the price ? Or, do you get that when you book. When My TA called Seabourn, they said they don't see that on their end even though its on their site under my cruise. Just curious.
  4. Citibank has also added HAL gift cards to their thank you rewards. Bought them and purchased OBC on our last cruise.
  5. We had one night, the first night out of Nassau where the seas were rough. Had noises behind the walls from the motion. Ship never figured out where the clanging was coming from. The rest of the entire cruise was great. We lived primarily on the balcony. Seems like for a Neptune suite, the closet storage was limited, but for a week in the Caribbean it was fine. I would do it again, no problem. Never heard much noise from the lido deck above.
  6. I use several travel agents. I ask for quotes before booking to determine who I book with. Sometimes with Seabourn I have received a $300 obc from my TA, and sometimes not. Depends on the cruise.
  7. I have noticed on my internet banner ads, Princess and HAL are advertising Alaska on the same banner. Synergies.
  8. Only book pinnacle suites. Wow. Nice.
  9. We were offered an upsell on the 12 night in and out of Miami. We had a v4, and we were offered a v5 or v6 for $999 per person. The offer for a penthouse suite was $1599 pp. This was for twelve nights.
  10. You do need to have a booking
  11. Just another comment. On HAL's website, you can research air fare, but with Seabourn, you have to have your TA look it up. I know they use the same web platform. Curious why you can't research flights on Seabourn's website.
  12. We are flying MIA to BCN in July RT. We received a 500 dollar per person air fare credit. We priced Seabourn vs booking ourselves on American. Business with Seabourn was 2000 pp with the 500 dollar credit. Booking it ourselves was around $5000 pp. Booked with Seabourn. Don't have to pay until final payment. You just have to do the research. On some occasions, Seabourns pricing was more expensive that booking yourself.
  13. This post was helpful. We are doing the 27 day in 2021, and need a visa for China. Vietnam and Cambodia visa I believe will be available through the ship.
  14. We always stay at the Hotel JL76 in the museum district. Much quieter, but can walk to central city in 10 to 15 minutes. Many nice restaurants very close. It is a boutique hotel.
  15. This am when I was surfing for cruises on the Seabourn website, when I clicked on an individual cruise, the perks for that particular cruise are listed on the page. Not what you MAY get, but what you actually get for each individual cruise. What an improvement. Makes shopping so much easier.
  16. We did 21 days on the Odyssey last July in the Mediterranean. Greece, Italy, Croatia. Only did Seabourn tours as they were moderately priced and didn’t leave too early. We took mostly am 4 to 5 hour tours. Doing the Encore in July, and will again use Seabourn .
  17. I think the tide pen is an excellent idea. This past week, we were on the nieuw Amsterdam. One cotton polo came back with blue ink on it. Almost as if done by a pen.a three inch line. Will have to take rubbing alcohol to the pen mark. One powder blue dress shirt came back with brown spots on the pocket. Luckily that came out with just water. Would love to see the process. Maybe next cruise I will ask the question at the Ask The Captain q and a😐
  18. Being 5 stars, we get the free laundry. We always take things that HAL has washed before. Definitely nothing delicate. After several HAL washings, clothing will be noticeably a bit thinner. I also prewash any food stains as if you don't they will get permanently etched in your clothing. For some reason small food stains don't come out in their laundry.I sometimes wonder if they use soap. I just do a little shampoo and water to get anything out before I throw it in the bag. I check each piece before I put it in the bag. With that being said, shirts and slacks come back delightfully pressed and creased. Over all they do a good job with a few caveats.
  19. It really was a normal cruise. Still only one wake on the back of the ship.
  20. I would, but the ships internet is down and I am losing my T-Mobile signal as we are leaving the Bahamas. Don’t know if this will posr
  21. Just checked with the Neptune Concierge, and club orange does not get to use the Pinnacle for breakfast. My apologies for upsetting you. Not my intent.
  22. I am in a Neptune suite this week in the Nieuw Amsterdam. We and Club Orange get to use the Pinnacle for breakfast every day. In the future If I were not in a Neptune, I would pay the difference just for the pinnacle breakfast benefit. Have not been to the lido once and don’t miss the crowds. Could use room service for breakfast, but don’t like the dishes in our room.
  23. I am on this ship this week. Arrived on time at HMC as scheduled. No problems.
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