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  1. I just booked 14 days on the Encore in the Mediterranean. I thought I only got the $600. My TA told me after I booked I got 600 minutes per person of internet and a 500 air credit per person in additions. Was able to get business to and from MIA for a reasonable price.  Was surprised when she sent me the invoice. 

  2. We had a 100 dollar bill from the medical center several years ago. My insurance I had for the cruise which was non Holland America, required me to submit the bill to Medicare and get denied.  I then forwarded the bill to the insurance company I had for the cruise. Six weeks later, they reimbursed me. That's how it is done.

  3. 1 hour ago, kazu said:


    Great idea.  Thanks. 



    OP - I suspect this is a collector’s cruise?  Assuming I am correct (and I think I am), I have found that HAL often has cabins on both segments that are superior location wise IMO.


    If you check the 2 segments, you’ll be able to see available cabins and when you see the same 2 available on both segments in a location you like, give your TA/PCC/HAL a call and ask them to pull them from inventory and assign them to you.


    I’ve often found that collector’s cruises don’t have the cabins I want and have had my TA pull the cabin I want out of inventory once I have checked to see if it is available to book on the 2 different segments.


    Hope this helps.



  4. The first thing I would do is see how many flights leave from AMS to Venice on your airline or partners of your airline. 
    50 minutes is tight, and why be stressed out on your trip over.

    also, how many days ahead of your cruise are you leaving?

    worst case is you miss the connection, leave later or spend the night in Amsterdam. Not a bad case scenario. 
    if it were me, I would probably leave it alone. It could change again. 

  5. I booked the premium before boarding as it is at a slight discount.  Would have been 139.99 for the 7 days. I paid 111.99 for the 7 days. Was able to skype on board. Sometimes it was grainy, but voice was clear. Also did wifi calling. Device has to be in airplane mode and connected to the ships wifi. I found it to be sufficient as I wanted to communicate with family during my cruise.  I have tmobile which has data and calling at 25 cents a minute at most international ports, but never really used that. Good Luck

  6. We have a cruise at the end of December that we are unable to take due to health reasons.  My TA says it can be moved to another Non Refundable cruise at the same rate or higher as long as it is after final payment for the new cruise.   Meaning final payment was due.  I also called HAL yesterday and she said the same thing about moving, but said nothing about the new cruise being in the penalty phase.  Just curious if anyone has had to move a cruise and what the rules are.

  7. Just got off the Nieuw Statendam for 7 nights. Pre cruise premium internet was 111.99 for the week. On board it was 139.99.  I was able to skype, wifi calling, etc. Internet was out for one full day and two mornings. Digital manager gave me a 40 dollar credit. Only one device at a time. Found it to be satisfactory. Skype was grainy at times, but voice sound was fine. I would get it again on my next cruise.  

  8. My biggest concern was that having a cancer in remission would be a preexisting condition, but that is not the case. If your doctor says you were healthy when you made the initial deposit, and something creaped up later, it appears you are covered. I was pleased with the outcome, and that was the purpose of my post. Have one Seabourn and one HAL later in 2020. A blip in the radar . 

  9. If you get the discount and pay for the whole table, you(who pay for the bill will get the discount for your cabin only),  everyone else will be charged full price on the Nieuw Statendam. This is if you put the whole table on one bill and you pay for the whole table. 

  10. I know many of us have the Chase Sapphire card that offers the trip cancellation. $10,000 pp


    Here is my story.

    We put a deposit on a Seabourn cruise in January of 2019 for November 2019.

    My partner had NHL which had been in remission for many years.

    Final payment for the November 2019 cruise was at the end of July. Made final payment . 

    In October of 2019, his NHL reappeared to our chagrin.

    We cancelled in the 50% refund period just a day after his doctor prescribed treatment that eliminated our travel plans.


    Seabourn refunded the 50% four weeks after we cancelled. Not sure why it takes so long, but they credited our card. Hated to lose all those points. 


    We filled out the forms online with the Chase Sapphire card online with the following items. Scanned in the forms on the Ipad. 


    1. A detailed two page form that was filled out by his oncologist. He or she has to state patient was healthy when the deposit was made.

    2. Cancellation policy from Seabourn.

    3.Proof that you cancelled the cruise from Seabourn.  You must cancel within 5 days after you are told not to travel.

    4.Credit card statement. 

    5. Itinerary of the cruise.


    6 weeks after we filled out the form I got an email to provide routing number and account number for our checking. Remaining fifty percent will be refunded in 48 hours.


    Two big takeaways. 

    Must be healthy when deposit is made. Doctor must state this.

    Does not cover preexisting conditions. 60 day lookback from the deposit date.

    Trip must be cancelled within 5 days of the doctors recommendation.

    Patience is a virtue.


    My biggest concern was the preexisting clause. I thought they might decline it , but that was not the case. 


    Long post , but I went through much angst with this process. Thought this might answer any questions. 


    Out of commission for 4 to 5 months, but have our eyes on several cruises in mid 2020



  11. Had dinner with a group of five people at the Caneletto. 2 people were two stars. Two were 4 stars, and I am five stars.  My four star friends paid the bill thinking it would be 9.50 pp.  50% discount from 19. Caneletto billed him the whole bill, but each meal was billed at the legitimate discount rate. Two at full price. Three at 50%. He was a little disappointed ,but I am glad they are checking. I have read posts where it was said who ever pays the bill gets their discount on the whole tab. 

  12. I am on board and started with

    100 dollar shareholders credit

    30 dollar 5 star internet credit

    40 internet credit for internet being down two days

    i forgot I had free gratuities and now still have an 88 dollar credit.is this a use it or lose it situation?

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