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  1. On 3/3/2019 at 5:30 PM, DaveOKC said:

    Interesting in that the latest time was just before 5 PM Pacific while the earliest was 7:24 AM Pacific (I assume normal business hours).  My experience has been similar.


    On 3/3/2019 at 5:23 PM, wesport said:

    Upsells for my 3/6/19 11 day Koningsdam

    VH to best available VF to VQ

    wednesday 7:54pm est $249 3 weeks ahead

    wednesday 12:20pm est $199 2 weeks ahead

    thursday 3:58pm est $149 9 days ahead

    monday 10:24  am est $99 one week ahead

    Leaving tomorrow, and just got an upsell for a vista suite on Monday for $249.  That for the 11 day southern caribbean

  2. Got the email today. No itinerary or prices. Said call to find out more. Assuming they will do Antarctica as the hulls are reinforced for ice. There will also be submarines available. Sounds interesting. I called to get more information. Got disconnected once, and next time on hold for half an hour. 

  3. We have 489 mariner credits and will be taking an 11 day Caribbean cruise to reach  500.  Normally when we reach a new level, you get the pin in the blue velvet bag.  Not much advantage to becoming 5 star other than a free dinner at the Pinnacle on our next cruise.  Should we just expect to get a new pin in the bag, or something different than all the other levels?  

  4. From my experience, entrance fees are included in your tour price. Most tours have a cancellation window on the ticket. Most are 48 hours before the actual tour. You can cancel on board. I have changed the time of identical tours the day before. EXC seems in my opinion to be fair when cancelling. Tour busses are the standard large bus. Not sure of how many people. Sometimes we only had half of the big bus filled up. It depends. I remember we did the HAL all day to Ephesus. Did the Virgin Mary house, Ephesus(with terrace houses), and I think St Johns. Great tour. 

  5. In looking at Cuba, I discovered the following.

    HAL does one overnight and one day stop on the Veendam in Cuba. On some of the cruises it only does one overnight.HAL does 10 and 11 days trips.

    Seabourn does three overnights and one day stop in Cuba. Seabourn cruise is 12 days. 

    When I compare the vista suite on the Veendam to certain weeks in  the Verandah suite on Seabourn, HAL's pricing is only slightly less for a vista suite. 

    With that being said, not all weeks on Seabourn are comparable. Only certain weeks are close to  HAL.

    From what I can see, the ports are tender ports.  

    Just wonder why HAL does not have a more immersive Cuba experience like Seabourn?


  6. 1 hour ago, zelker said:


    Unlike some of the other higher end cruise lines (Oceania comes to mind) who give you some amount of credit should you opt not to take the "free" included airfare, Seabourn only deducts that $500 from air you book with them ($250 if one-way fare) but if you book independent air or no air at all (as in your case), there is no credit applied to the price of the cruise itself.  Hope that answers your question. 


    Edited to say that I have no idea how it works outside of the US but since I live here and so does the OP, then what I wrote above is currently correct for those of us who live in the States.


    When I went back and read it word for word, it does say air credit when you book with Seabourn air. Just thought I would ask to see if anyone got credit. I am happier to take Uber from Fort Lauderdale to port of Miami instead of flying. Cuba itinerary looks interesting.  11/28 seems to be the only one that is not selling well. 

  7. I am looking at the Cuba cruise out of Miami in November.  Fare includes $500 credit towards roundtrip airfare. Being that we live in Fort Lauderdale,and don't need the airfare,  would there be a credit towards the cruise fare, or is the $500 only available if you book air through Seabourn? Not a big deal, but just curious. 

  8. Currently on the Noordam. On embarkation day, I noticed a not so discreet notice on someone’s door.  Out of curiosity I did read the note. Upon inspection, items were detected in you checked luggage that are not allowed. Please report to guest services. Thought it was a bit bold, to post it on the outside of the door visible for all to see.  Assuming it was alcohol, but no one knows.  Better off to just go to Happy Hour🍷🥃

  9. I am not one to complain, but I did send in a share your thought cards and listed these deficiencies. Hours later, someone came up to look at the furniture. On a tour this afternoon, so we shall see if there are any improvements when we get back.  Have never complained over the years, but want a chair that’s not collapsed if I am on here for 29 days. 

  10. We are currently on the Noordam for 29 days.  Food at the MDR and Pinnacle grill have been excellent as well as the service.  Outside of ship is well maintained.  Common areas look like they have been refreshed recently.  All are nicely done. As usual cabin stewards are excellent.  Our Cabin is another story.  Small table in room  is cracked and faded. Balcony furniture is fraying badly. Cushions for balcony furniture are faded and covered with white paint.  Glass on balcony is filthy. Edge of balcony is rusting badly. This is our 18th cruise on Hal , have never complained once, but will send them comments on this. 





  11. We did that cruise in December of last year.  A trip of a lifetime.  The Antarctic peninsula cruise part was phenomenal. The first two days were blue skies, and the last two days were not as good, but what an experience. We did Santiago the Buenos Aires. The speakers on board were worth going to also. We actually had scientists from Palmer Station brought on board to speak. I highly recommend this trip.

  12. I booked two EXC tours last year and did the Best Price Guarantee form. Two days later, I got the email with the OBC for the difference plus ten percent. I figured the bookings would count towards my on board spend. I just recently did the same thing for an upcoming cruise. It has been over a week, and not word. I did get the confirmation email when I did the BPG one week ago that it has been received. . Anyone have similar problems. I figure I will wait till next week and call, which I dread. I would think that if it were denied, I would have got and email.

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