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  1. We were on the Eurodam 11/30, and met a lady who also got a free cruise. She got a letter for a free inside cabin on specific dates. She also was a gambler and used the casino. Seems like there's a connection between these free cruises and the casino!!!

  2. In reading Princess's loyalty program, you get 150 minutes of internet after just 6 cruises. With Hal you only get a 50% discount on 100(one time only) minutes after you reach 5 star status!!!!!!!!! Go figure. I sent a nice note to the Mariner Society and was told the Mariner Program is designed with what Mariners want. Such as picture of the ship??? Advance information on Itineraries??? 10% off on HAL clothing???? I will like HAL, but one 5 day Caribbean cruise on Princess will get me 150 minutes of free internet. Sounds good to me. I'm not addicted to the internet, but like to stay connected with family whey on a trip. Just a thought.

  3. Faster internet at sea is a big win. I think we need to communicate to HAL that wifi should be included at some point in their mariner benefits. They only give a 50% discount to five star mariners. Princess gives 150 minutes after only 6 cruises. I would rather have internet included or at a discount rather that a picture of your ship. I am three stars and only use the discount on specialty restaurants and wine packages. No other benefits are on interest to me.

  4. Just got back from a 5 day Caribbean cruise on the Caribbean princess. Having done 10 cruises on HAL and 3 on Princess, we decided to try Princess again. The food was excellent. Main dining room, Sabatini's, and Crown Grille, were all outstanding. Food on HAL has always been good, but this cruise, princess outdid themselves. Thoughts.

  5. We achieved 3 star Mariner Status after 10 cruises with HAL. The only thing we ever use out of about 15 items would be 25% off specialty dining and wine packages. Hardly worth taking 10 cruises. Will be taking a 5th on Princess, and they give you 150 minutes of internet after just 6 cruises. I think cruising to get Mariner status is a waste. Thoughts.

  6. We had a European cruise for 13 days last year. I booked 1 year out. After the final payment, the price dropped substantially. I called my TA, and we went from a verandah to a signature suite for $150 per person. Then, two days before the cruise HAL upgraded us to a Neptune suite. Best cruise ever. Nothing ventured , nothing gained. However, I have been on cruises where they did nothing.

  7. I have travelled on Holland many times, and wifi should be available on all ships, but its expensive and slow. Have done two trans atlantics, and it almost not worth the money as most of the time there is no signal. With that being said, I get the smallest package, download email and read it offline. Make sure you down load the emails you want to read so you can read them offline. Sometimes you can get it in the room, but its best if you go to the explorations café for the strongest signal. Remember, time is money!

  8. I have booked a 28 day cruise next May 20th on the Prinsendam. Cabin reserved is #202. From what I understand, these were added during her drydock period. The deck plan states these cabins have no walk in closet. Just wanted to see if anyone has ever stayed in one of these cabins, and how much different they are in relationship to the rest of the Vista Suites. First time on the Prinsendam. Don't know what to expect.

  9. Just checking to see if anyone else will be on board this cruise. Looking forward to experience fall weather being from Fort Lauderdale. Richard and Theo


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    HAL/Zuiderdam/Eastern Caribbean/2008

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    Celebrity/Equinox/Southern Caribbean/2012

    Celebrity/Solstice/Western Caribbean 2012

    Princess/Crown Princess/Transatlantic/2012

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