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  1. We recently moved a cruise from 10/20/19 to 12/28/19 due to my partners recurrence of cancer. We started his treatments immediately.  The original cruise was booked during his stable remission period, so it would not be considered a pre existing condition. However, we moved it during the look back period.  We are hoping to still go, but if something happens, is there anyway to cover this trip as it was moved during the look back period. My chase sapphire card would have covered it if we cancelled it during the initial re diagnosis by the doctor. We can try to move it later, as the cruise line was able to do so before. We just had to find another cruise with in the final penalty. However, I am not sure they will do it twice.

  2. We did Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale several years ago.  Missed Newport because of high wind. All ports were freezing. Coming to Fort Lauderdale we hit hurricane Sandy and ended up in Jacksonville Florida. The next day we had to get on a bus at 5AM to go to Fort Lauderdale.  Got to Fort Lauderdale at around noon.  Luggage went on the wrong bus and ended up at the Miami airport. Sat in the port until 6pm when we finally got the luggage. Other than that, it was a great trip.  

  3. 9 minutes ago, richwmn said:

    If you notify HAL in advance, with no insurance, they will refund your partners fare according to the schedule published and included in your cruise documents. You will then be re-fared at the solo rate. Most likely this will end up costing you extra.


    If you don't notify HAL and he just doesn't show up, you will be refunded his port fees, but no other adjustment will be made.


    When I had the same situation a few years ago I ended up saving a couple hundred dollars by using the "No Show" method.


    This is a situation where we wont really know until we are into the 100% no refund stage, so I have read about the no show method.  People do get sick the day before a cruise.

  4. I am booked on a 7 day cruise with my partner for a future cruise.  If for some reason he is not well enough to cruise, what is the procedure if I go without cancelling. Would he cancel and apply those monies to a single supplement for myself, or would he just not show up for the cruise?  I will still be going as we have friends on board.  Never had this situation, but it may happen in November. Didn't get insurance since it was so inexpensive. Just curious if anyone has dealt with this. 

  5. We flew Norwegian air from Copenhagen to Fort Lauderdale. Price was the same direct as was Seabourn's price. Booked through Seabourn as the financial state of Norwegian was in question. When you book a flight like that, you have no control as far as changing seat, etc on your own.  

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