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  1. 2 minutes ago, Gigi1977 said:

    Have insurance, but seems like it would be easier just to take the same itinerary at a later date. 



    2 minutes ago, Gigi1977 said:


    You need to contact HAL or your TA, people who know about your booking.  Explain the circumstances and see what happens.  You will receive the best advice there- not here where there will be many conflicting opinions and not facts.  I do hope you have travel insurance.  Happy Cruising. 


  2. We have a future cruise coming up that we may have to cancel for health reasons. Not a done deal yet.  Its the 10 day panama canal in and out of Fort Lauderdale.  Not a done deal yet, but may happen next week. Has anyone been able to rebook the identical itinerary or new itinerary at a higher rate in the future?  Have all the paper work organized just in case, but its like writing a book. Would be easier to just to take a later cruise and pay the additional monies, but rules are rules. 

  3. That previously was one of the Cuba itineraries.  Many cancelled when the itineraries were changed due to the Trump administrations travel ban. One of the reasons the stock plummeted yesterday. Carnival loosing many millions of dollars across all lines. 

  4. 3 hours ago, raphael360 said:

    I will be very interested to hear how your TA makes out on this issue.  I'm assuming you've made final payment and are in the non-refundable period.

    Final was end of August for the 11/28 12 day. No expectations. When I stayed on, v4 was $3999( reduced to 3799 for staying on). Now v4 is 3299, and v5 is 3799. Prices reduced further from my original post.   Best scenario will probably be upgraded to a v5. Most v5 and v6 cabins are still showing as available.  Sent email to TA over the weekend. Should hear from her today.  Have a 5/5/20 also scheduled, so maybe something will be added to that one.  If nothing happens , I am fine. No big deal.  

  5. We always rent a clamshell shade. Swim, Walk, Have Lunch, then leisurely head back  to the ship. A lot of our friends stay on the ship, but the beach is so wonderful, you would be missing out on the beauty. Have a $13 pina colada. 25% tax on drinks when on the island. Relax, you are on vacation. 

  6. Just reaching out to see what one would do in my situation. 

    Booked one of the Cuba cruises over a year ago. V4 cabin.  When we got the email with incentives to stay, we got a 5 percent discount on the published fare $3999 down to $3799.  Also got additional obc of $500  per cabin.  

    Now of course two months before sailing the v4 rate is $3699 with a $600 obc.

    In addition, the OB is now $2999 pp.  

    So someone booking now is basically $300 less per person with $100 more in obc. 

    My gut is to just let it go and enjoy the cruise.



  7. 3 hours ago, Isklaar said:

    I sometimes forget how lucky we are to be in South Florida.




    3 hours ago, Isklaar said:

    While you're enjoying your Uber back home after disembarkation, we'll embark that day. After a 13 hour flight to Miami (including connections) from our home base in the UK a couple of days before! At times I'm very envious of Floridians.


  8. Being a five star mariner, and having done many HAL cruises, I find myself transitioning to Seabourn.  HALs intersting itineraries are on the mid size ships.  Liking a balcony or higher on the mid size ships can be very expensive on HAL. When you price a Vista Suite with HSC, wine, and on board expenses, Seabourn can sometimes be cheaper. The larger ships do give HAL pricing power. Still sail HAL when the itinerary and pricing are good. 

  9. I have found lately, after final payment HAL won't budge. I recently booked a neptune suite for a ten day cruise. After final, price drop and free internet.  My TA called not for any price adjustment , but for the internet. Told New bookings only. It doesn't affect how much I will enjoy my cruise. Ten days in  Neptune suite will be heaven. 

  10. We live in Fort Lauderdale, and do a lot of last minute cruises.  We did an interior on Princess just to see if we would like it. I will tell you, I will never do an interior again unless I don't have the money to cruise.  Have done two ocean view rooms.  Not bad, but now my threshold is a balcony or higher.  Even an obstructed balcony is OK.  Just will never do an interior again. Once the door was closed, you felt like you were in prison. 

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