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  1. Thanks for the video. I would have no problem in that cabin. Only use the tub to hang laundry on occasion.
  2. Having done 4 Celebrity cruises, I think the MDR on HAL is better. Specialty restaurants are equal.
  3. I have also been curious about these suites. Never using the tub, would they be too small for two people.
  4. I am thinking of buying it ahead for our Nov 10 on the new statendam. $111 for premium. Can you make wi fi phone calls over the premium package? Just curious. Should get my 30 credit when I board.
  5. If one person cancels after final payment, does the TA still get the commission?
  6. Caribbean Princess July 2007. Aloha deck. Baclony cabin. 1299 per person. I remember the travel agent scared us into booking the higher category cabin for less sway. Thats what sold us. 34 under our belt with 3 more scheduled.
  7. We did Quebec City to Fort Lauderdale several years ago. Missed Newport because of high wind. All ports were freezing. Coming to Fort Lauderdale we hit hurricane Sandy and ended up in Jacksonville Florida. The next day we had to get on a bus at 5AM to go to Fort Lauderdale. Got to Fort Lauderdale at around noon. Luggage went on the wrong bus and ended up at the Miami airport. Sat in the port until 6pm when we finally got the luggage. Other than that, it was a great trip.
  8. This is a situation where we wont really know until we are into the 100% no refund stage, so I have read about the no show method. People do get sick the day before a cruise.
  9. We recently received nonrefundable OBC for an upcoming cruise due to a price reduction. Can the nonrefundable OBC be used for future cruise deposit?
  10. We were on the Ovation in June, and it was fantastic. No complaints here.
  11. I am booked on a 7 day cruise with my partner for a future cruise. If for some reason he is not well enough to cruise, what is the procedure if I go without cancelling. Would he cancel and apply those monies to a single supplement for myself, or would he just not show up for the cruise? I will still be going as we have friends on board. Never had this situation, but it may happen in November. Didn't get insurance since it was so inexpensive. Just curious if anyone has dealt with this.
  12. Doing 7 days on the New Statendam in November, so I think I will wait till embarkation day and book internet then rather than booking it ahead.
  13. Does anyone have experience with the $30 discount for five star mariners? If I order unlimited for the week, will a statement credit automatically show up, or do I have to go the the front desk.
  14. We flew Norwegian air from Copenhagen to Fort Lauderdale. Price was the same direct as was Seabourn's price. Booked through Seabourn as the financial state of Norwegian was in question. When you book a flight like that, you have no control as far as changing seat, etc on your own.
  15. Have insurance, but seems like it would be easier just to take the same itinerary at a later date.
  16. We have a future cruise coming up that we may have to cancel for health reasons. Not a done deal yet. Its the 10 day panama canal in and out of Fort Lauderdale. Not a done deal yet, but may happen next week. Has anyone been able to rebook the identical itinerary or new itinerary at a higher rate in the future? Have all the paper work organized just in case, but its like writing a book. Would be easier to just to take a later cruise and pay the additional monies, but rules are rules.
  17. As far as the internet cafe, I have never seen more than one or two people using the actual desktop pcs. Agree with the Lido lines. We always look for other venues for lunch. Dive in, Pinnacle, NY deli on pinnacle ships, lunch in port, etc. HAL could address this issue I think with more signage.
  18. You could also read the NYT on your ipad via the HAL navigator app. Hope this isn't true.
  19. That previously was one of the Cuba itineraries. Many cancelled when the itineraries were changed due to the Trump administrations travel ban. One of the reasons the stock plummeted yesterday. Carnival loosing many millions of dollars across all lines.
  20. There have been certain nights where they advertise a discount, but I have never asked for a discount.
  21. The 12 night 11/4 and 11/16 sailings were just reduced again to $2699 for an ob. The 12/10 11 night that ends in San juan is now $2399. Most Carnival lines are slashing the previous Cuba itineraries to fill cabins. Cuba change is definitely not good for the bottom line.
  22. Travel agents can give you additional on board credits in addition to the cruise line. Best thing to do is shop around. OB is a balcony guarantee. Can be a v1or higher unless you do an oceanview suite. Over the years, I have tended to go back to the same agency.
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