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  1. We are thinking of booking Britannia re-positioning cruise to the Caribbean October 2021, any opinions if this cruise will go ahead - covid etc?
  2. Just had a cheque from Cunard for Cape Town to Southampton cruise. Did send numerous emails/telephone calls over the past weeks. Just need to get the remainder of the holiday reimbursed from UK travel agent (hotel/air fares) they said up to 90 days seems along time seeing Cunard has refunded already?
  3. What a lovely video by the Cunard president showing us how good the scones are and the recipe will be online soon, and the crew are enjoying themselves doing Zumba and fencing. Come on man what about all the money you have not returned for the cruises you cancelled, no mention what so ever, except look at the website which is pathetic. Can I please have my money back for the cruise you cancelled Cape Town to Southampton, I paid you deposit/full fair on time as per the contract - your obligation is to return it in 14 days as per the contract? If I contact your website I can book
  4. Hi All Just had a email from Cunard offering me 125% future OBC or a full 100% refund (60 day wait) on my two trips that I had booked for my cruise from Cape Town to Southampton 1st April, I have just filled the online form in for a complete 100% refund. This is where Cunard let themselves down - I spoke two weeks ago to a lady at Cunard for a refund for my trips booked, she took all my details and said it will be sent to accounts to be processed. Last week I noticed on Cunard site a request to fill in online form if you wanted a complete refund on trips already booked,
  5. I should have been boarding QM2 today in Cape Town, obviously all cancelled my TA has said I will get a full refund flights, hotel etc once they get refunded by Cunard. I have told my TA I want a full Cunard refund and I have also filled the request form in via Cunard site, as of today no refund has been returned to my cc. My question is: To date has anyone received any refunds to their cc? I have heard rumours or 60 day wait?
  6. Just had the same email 1 hour ago - now onto the travel agent to get full refund I am under 70 but have a underlining health problem, and have a letter from my doctor. I spoke to Cunard during the week and as the wife is on the booking under 70 and no medical problems she will also be refunded full amount its all about the booking and who's on it. Not going for future cruise credit, as nobody on this earth knows if/when this virus will cease, I can see cruise lines going bust, very sad if it happens for crew/shore side staff.
  7. The Cunard information showing here is now out of date - updated today with various cruises now NOT having the $900 onboard credit that is promised on their site.
  8. Cape town - Southampton Cruise M009 I also had another email from Cunard today saying that the $900 will now not be credited to my OBC after saying yesterday it would be credited. I commented yesterday how it was a goodwill act - Ha Ha I called Cunard today (20 minute wait) and the girl I spoke to knew nothing about it, she had to speak to a team leader to confirm - unbelievable, their own staff do not know what is happening. As a shareholder I embarrassed. Having just watched the PM on TV surely Cunard now have to cancel all cruises with immediate effect, advising everyone
  9. I think this a fair offer from Cunard, I am on the Cape Town - Southampton on April 1st 2020. I like others will decide nearer the date to see if we go ahead, it will depend what countries/islands get infected. The problem I have is we booked via a cruise agent in the UK, they booked flights and have four nights booked in a hotel, one day safari booked, we have also booked by ourselves Robin Island and Table Mountain. Our travel agent said we would lose the flight/hotel money that's £1500 british pounds if we cancel, plus train/coach fares, so decisions need to be made.
  10. A review is very subjective as it is some ones personal opinion. I am on the cruise 1st April Cape Town to Southampton, I will make opinions known on our return. I have read the ship looks rusty and some cabins look tired, not surprising for a ship about to go into refit. Having cruised on QV in October I have noticed the general standard of Cunard had dropped, my upcoming cruise will be our sixth with Cunard, I will reserve judgement, if five star service is not applied I will think of moving to Silverer seas / Regent etc. Have booked direct for Table Mountain and Robben Is
  11. Hi Everyone, We are booked on QM2 cruise MOO9 joining in Cape Town April 1st 2020, anyone else booked on this cruise? My wife and are concerned regarding this cruise on two accounts, recent reviews and Coronavirus. I have contacted Cunard regarding their duty of care for passengers, and what procedures are in place, received the standard reply which did not re assure us, I am thinking of cancelling but Cunard will not refund a penny, as per their T&C's. Having read recent reviews on this forum, if you booked via a travel agent as we have peop
  12. I am on the QV at the end of October, I will be removing my auto gratuities, the main reason being Cunard is owned by Carnival, P&O are also owned by Carnival auto gratuities have been removed by the company on all P&O ships. The QV is a vista class ship the same as Arcadia the standard and quality I have found is compatible, P&O charge far less for drinks 15% add on. Carnival have made healthy profits for the past five years, perhaps some of this profit could be channelled towards a crew bonus. Question - If P&O staff do not receive auto gratuities have their
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