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  1. I got the official answer from the Mariner's Society today: "The 4 Star 50% discount for the surcharge only applies to the Pinnacle Grill, Tamarind, and Canaletto. Does not apply to already discounted dining packages, De Librije, Cellar Master’s Dinner, Aficionado Dinner, Rijsttafel, Nami Sushi, Pinnacle Gala dinner, all theme dinners (Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, etc.) and all "Pop-Up" restaurants. 25% Discount of $49.00 per person surcharge in Rudi’s Sel De Mer fleetwide." So the answer to my original post is: 25% discount at Sel de Mer and no discount at Nami Sushi.
  2. Isn't it cool how some of them you just LOVE? First time we got a monkey hanging from a hanger in our room, I was just floored! 🙂
  3. What a lovely message for your DH! And great towel animals too. 🙂
  4. I hope you're right twodjs and that it goes fleet wide. Sounds like a much better use of the space.
  5. From my understanding, it's a $5 difference if you book it before you get onboard. And that's only if you pre-purchase the package, not if you have the Have It All promotion. Then it's $10 per day and you can only do that onboard.
  6. kazu, I just read your post from 2018 about your issues with Sel de Mer. It's amazing how inconsistent HAL can be for years on end.
  7. Gotcha. If I get a response from the Mariner's Society it will probably state the same.
  8. Yet some people state that they have received a 50% discount at Sel de Mer. Hopefully I'll get something in writing from the Mariner's Society for confirmation.
  9. I got a response already, but just letting me know that it will be a while before I get an actual answer. But at least we now know which email to use. 🙂
  10. Thanks Barbara! I've sent my email and it hasn't bounced back. Hopefully I'll get an answer.
  11. The email bounced back and I can't find a different email address for the Mariner's Society. kazu do you know the proper one?
  12. Done. I'll let everyone here know if and when I get a response. "Can you please tell me what the Mariner's discounts are (if any) for Rudi's Sel de Mer and for Nami Sushi on the Nieuw Statendam? I am reading conflicting reports. I am a 4* Mariner with Holland America."
  13. I've now read two different things - 4* Mariners get a 25% discount at Sel de Mer and conversely that they get a 50% discount... Anyone know for sure? And I've read just one person's account of a 50% discount at Nami Sushi... ???
  14. Thank you so much for this AWESOME "Live from" !!
  15. Very excited to finally be 4* and get the 50% discount at the specialty restaurants on the Nieuw Statendam. Is the discount offered at Rudi's Sel de Mer & Nami Sushi as well?
  16. Pretty sure the only ships with the Free Style machines are the Koningsdam, the Nieuw Statendam, and the new Rotterdam.
  17. Here you go - https://rogerjett-photography.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Sommelier-Suite-2021.pdf And after taxes - https://rogerjett-photography.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/Wine-Cellar-Packages-2021.pdf
  18. I was pricing out the different "Sommelier Suite" choices. Interestingly the Cellar #2 six bottle package pricing is slightly more per bottle than the four bottle package.
  19. We'll have the Have It All perk on our upcoming cruises, but that doesn't include the mini bar or room service drinks. So I'll be taking advantage of our 50% off 4* benefit to order at least a 4 bottle package to enjoy on our balcony. Best of all worlds. 😄
  20. Yes that I know. I miss the days when you could bring on as much as you wanted.
  21. I'm counting on that being the case as we intend to fly home to Canada the day we disembark. And at this point, we need proof of a negative test to do so. Hoping by February (when we disembark) that will have changed.
  22. If you don't finish a bottle of wine in your cabin, is the fridge big enough to stand the bottle upright inside?
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